Why Veronica Scott Wrote MISSION TO MAHJUNDAR

Thanks for having me back on the blog! I really do feel as if it’s an official part of publishing a new science fiction romance to visit you and explain why I wrote the book…...more

The Great Bra Fit Adventure Part Deaux

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission.Houston, we have a winner! Okay, I’ll admit that don’t have any, um, of her stuff, including the bills, but I am not posting a photo of me in the new, um, purchase....more

Close Comments on Old Posts to Keep Out the Spammers

One of the things that makes me happy when I check my blog statistics is that visitors to my site often come to me through an older blog post. It is kind of fun to “see” (through site stats) which posts have caught someone’s attention. And it makes me sad that they can’t comment on that post and tell me why it caught their attention. Thank you, comment spammers. ...more
Yes and that's exactly why.more

I Still Love You - Why I am “Reading” The Corinthian

Holy cow, look at that price. Could I have read this book anymore to pieces?...more

Booking a Time Travel Vacation

  I'm excited that author, Jennifer Jensen is taking you through the wormhole this week! So fun to find an author that loves time travel as much as I do, so here she is!!...more

My Adventures in Bra Fitting

What would do with them when you're done???I suppose it is possible that there are women out there who walk into the lingerie section of a store and easily find a bra. Or several bras....more

It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, It's a Bird....

"Don't mind me. I'm here for the bugs."...more


A girl. A guy. A bad something. And a great big storm....more

Honoring My Dad and Other Korean War Vets

My Dad. July, 2014 On Saturday, my dad participated in the dedication of a Korean War Memorial in Cowley, WY....more