Releasing a New Book into the "Wild"

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Do I Have a Favorite Character?

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Two Grandmas. Two Lessons

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He Fell From the Sky

The Bad Guy Got to Live

Or, Why She Wrote Farryn’s WarAt the end of my third novel, there...more

Going Home Again

Street fair in Cody, WY.I know “they” say you can’t go home again, but actually you can. You buy a ticket, get strip searched at the airport, and many painful hours later, you walk off the plane in what used to be…Home....more

And Then He Opened a Door....

He opened the door….I was trying to explain to my mum that writing science fiction romance is far more challenging than writing most other types of romance, because everything you write involves a decision you have to make that can affect the rest of the book....more

Why She Wrote BAD KITTY

I blame and thank my husband for my new science fiction romance Bad Kitty, and indeed for the entire Chronicles of the Malcolm series....more

Planting the Seeds of Love - An Excerpt

Torn between two men, Sally must follow her heart and decide if love will lead her to the city or the countryside.[/caption]...more

Her Bold New World

I’m not a newbie. Far from it. I’ve been writing romance for…counts on fingers…takes off socks…almost 14 years now. As with all writers, the writing – and the business – hasn’t been easy, and it hasn’t moved quickly. There have been ups and downs as I figured out what it was I needed to do.I actually started out trying to write Historical Romance.It was not my niche, to put it delicately. I loved doing the research, but there was always something off. It turns out that my voice is entirely unsuited to historicals. shrug Live and learn....more