On Anniversaries: KG Stutts

I'm excited to find KG Stutts in the wormhole today! She's celebrating, so it is SAFE to go in. And to have fun! Take it away, KG...It's been a year since KG Stutts came onto the independent book scene with Mirror Image. She later went on to publish five more book during 2014, all but two in her beloved sci-fi romance genre....more

In Her Down Time She Wrote THE VISTA

Think back to the days of video stores. I'm not kidding. In 1998 I was managing a couple of video stores in the middle of Michigan. Busy in the evenings and weekend, but the middle of the week not so much....more

The Super Things About Female Friendships

A friend who will go green with you is a friend indeed.(Orion Slave Girls and Star Fleet Crew Members at the 2014 Houston Con in the Greenspoint Area, Houston TX) Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

Forty years? Wha-aat???

We really must have been that young! O.OI don’t usually post on Sunday, but today is a rather special day for the hub’s and I. Forty years ago today, we were married. Yup, those two painfully young people are we. Us? The happy couple....more

Don't Do It! #Wormhole

Sugar Skulls...more

Couldn't Let That Bad Guy Get Away

Cover for Part 1 of Steamrolled....more

Hoping for....Something

Just lay in the grass and dream....Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission....more

What "Hooks" You into a Book?

Truth by magnet....more

How Did You Play?

This is not the doll I played with. That one doesn't want to appear on my blog....more

Have You Ever Been a Fool for Love?

I think we’ve all been fools for love, even if it was only in 7th grade. Falling for the wrong guy who breaks your heart. Falling for the gal who doesn’t know you are alive. Falling.Love really is a leap into the unknown. Sometimes the landing isn't too bad. Sometimes, well, we all know about leaping and crash landings....more