Those Hot August Nights

Copyright by WyoJones. All rights reserved. Used with permission. In my memory, every night in August was a hot August night....more

Why J.B. Hawker Wrote A Corpse in the Chapel.

Thanks for this opportunity to talk about my book. If there’s one thing an author likes better than writing, it’s talking about what we write....more

Why Cara Bristol Wrote Destiny's Chance

What if you loved someone but didn’t think you had a chance with him or her. But then you did, only he didn't know it was you?...more

Why Seven Steps Wrote THE SLAVE PLANET

I was the kid who scared her parents. I wore my jeans backwards, drew flowers on my face, told people I was from planet Venus, listened to rock music while sitting in my bedroom closet, and read entire books in a day. It didn’t surprise me that I was labeled as odd....more

Why Tess Rider wrote Bring Me to Ruin

It’s a pleasure to be your guest today, Pauline. Thanks for having me....more

Why Marie Andreas Wrote Warrior Wench

Vaslisha Tor Dain is a mercenary starship captain with a few simple rules: A good ship is better than a great man, in case of confusion always err on the side of blowing someone's head off, and never fall for a telepath or a member of her crew. And it’s all about to go sideways in a very painful way.....more