Craft Projects for Decorating Your Home This Fall -- S Post

The advent of autumn means the simultaneous arrival of some of the best things in the world: beautiful leaves, sweater weather, belly-warming recipes, and baked goods. Fall is the coziest time of the year, and making your home reflect that comfy feeling is easy with fall craft projects. Try any of these crafts to outfit your house with seasonal charm and ring in the changing temperatures ....more

How to make fried apple pies -- Fail Kitchen

An alligator is coming to get you guys....ah NO! ...more

How to make Unicorn Poop -- Fail Kitchen

"Okay, forget not getting my hands dirty, I'm just going to put my hands right in this." ...more

Why are we talking about immigration?

If you were lucky enough to miss the debate last night, let me sum it up for you quickly:BRAGGADOCIOUSREAGANW KEPT US SAFEHEY, I HEARD YOU SAID MEAN THINGS ABOUT ME, YOU JERK HEAD.SHUT UP, JAKE TAPPER, I AM NOT FINISHED YET. Got it? Okay, cool.During all this blahblahblah, however, the Republicans spent an inordinate amount of time discussing immigration ....more

Trainwreck was garbage

It's my own fault, really. I only get to go out to the movies like twice a year, and I knew...more

How to make sand pudding -- Fail Kitchen

"In this house all the shovels and pails are covered in dirt. Because that's what shovels and pails are for." ...more

Nicole Arbour: Jenna Marbles wants her delivery back

So, I've stayed away from that Canadian Youtube comedian who months ago decided to be really edgy (as in not edgy at all) and pick on women daring to post photos of themselves in a way they find attractive, and just recently decided to go so much edgier (as in not even close to edgy) and pick on fat people.Because it's stupid and boring and I didn't want to write about it. So, I'm not going to. I shared a great response by Lindy West, and an awesome video response by Melanie Greeke, and I'd hoped that would be the end of it.But alas.I cannot stand by while everyone talks about Nicole Arbour, and no one talks about how she completely lifted her entire persona from Jenna Marbles ....more

How to make that ridiculous cake with the tie-numbers inside -- Fail Kit...

"You could just make a freaking funfetti cake, and all the kids would be like, 'oh my god, you made a funfetti cake. You are a queen." ...more

Enough -- Guest Post

I was white until I shed my skin,Looked to depths of my cavern within.Same was I to the woman, child, man,Whose original shell was black, brown or tan.Blood, bones, beating heart, thinking brain.Walking Earth but a mere human stain.Members of an anthropoid evolving race.Sharing an overpopulated crowded space.Colour of hair, shape of eyes, no moreRelevant if only to start a war.Idolatry, false prophets, prayers to gods,Proselytizing ideology competing, at odds.Racist hatred blood shed, time wasted, lost.Eviscerated humanity, and for what cost?In end we return to dust, we disappear,Gone with corporeal, prejudices and fear.Equanimity achieved only in the ground.Past due, hope for the living to be found.History passes, time melts, into ether fades,Till marching men storm carrying blades.Cycle repeats, wounds unseal, hatred reborn,Nothing learned, for our souls we must mourn. (c) 2015. Naomi Elana Zener ....more

Birthday parties in the modern age

My kids are turning seven next Monday, and to celebrate, I'm throwing them a party at a local bowling alley on Saturday.Now, when I was a kid, we all still lived close to our extended family, so my network of aunts, uncles and cousins was virtually limitless. Because of that, my mother had extra hands on board, and extra friends of friends and siblings to help undertake this task. And at the very least, SOMEONE would show up to my party because they were related and their mom brought them.But it never got to that point because when I was growing up, the Internet wasn't a thing ....more