6 Tips for Sharing Child Custody Amicably -- Guest post

Parenting can be to navigate no matter if you’re doing it solo or with a partner. But with a divorce and joint custody, you’ll find a different set of obstacles to overcome. With the right mindset, some restraint and acting as a team player, you can make your joint custody and co-parenting tips a success ....more

Fueling your body for success -- guest post

Fueling Your Body for Success Achieving and maintaining your physique requires much more than hours in the gym pumping iron. In order to make strides and reach new fitness goals, you must treat your body as the top of the line machine that it is. This means not only preparing healthy and satisfying meals, but also nutritional snacks for when hunger strikes out of nowhere! ...more

What you can do for your country

So, a lot of people are scared this election cycle. They're not sure what they can expect, and they're praying Trump's ride is soon ending. But what if it isn't? ...more

Lemonade is not for us

In all seriousness, why is Matt Walsh still allowed to write stuff?...more

Lemonade is not for us

In all seriousness, why is Matt Walsh still allowed to write stuff?He is a walking, sniveling garbage fire. He has never written anything that had any merit at all. His greatest achievement is a white man golf clap ....more

Earning Supplemental Income: A DIY Approach to Renting a Spare Room -- Guest post

With the multitude of monthly expenses that we are responsible for, nothing feels better than earning a few extra dollars on the side. I personally love supplemental income and have been working on highlighting the different ways my readers can build a steady source of income leveraging their home as a money generating asset. While I recently purchased a rental property to build a new ‘landlording’ business, this post is a DIY approach to a fantastic way anyone can generate a stream of income through the renting of a spare room in the home ....more

How to make a gigantic s'more roll -- Fail Kitchen

"Look at that chip drop in slow motion. Boom." ...more

Kubitzi -- A clothing boutique you need to know about

A while back I was approached to try out some fabulous clothing from an up-and-coming boutique, Kubitzi.Of course, they say on their site that they're for the 20-something set, an age group I sadly passed years ago. But thankfully, there actually is no age limit to style, and if you like it, you should wear it. I'm firmly opposed to all those "stop wearing this if you're over 30" lists ....more

6 Tips For Parents Who Hate to See Their Kids Sick -- Guest Post

Copyright free image: https://pixabay.com/en/boy-cranky-sad-laying-down-couch-694763/ Having a sick kid in the house is no fun. It’s even more challenging when the sick child is not yet old enough to talk. I’m an Aunt of over a dozen kids from teenagers to toddlers and a Mother of one adorable princess ....more

A press conference as called by Donald Trump's penis

America, America, excuse me. Excuse me.I am huge, let me just tell you about it. Huge ....more