The Story of Boston's Stairwells - Guest Post

A friend of mine is a letter carrier in Boston. During his day-to-day, he began documenting the varied and ornate and sometimes downright odd stairwells he had to climb to get people their mail in the city. It's an amazing experiment that's given the internet dozens of pictures of stairwells as art ....more

Grad students studying motherhood

In my graduate program, there is a woman studying mothering and the communication and media messages around it.She's very interested in the portrayed roles of mothers versus fathers, who gets to keep more of their own identity in the media, if roles given by viewers create more or less sympathy for either the mother or the father.Sounds interesting enough. Certainly she'll be studying a lot of the articles I've shared myself on social media, as she analyzes the content, puts little ones and zeros into excel spreadsheets and runs statistical analyses to flesh out answers to her research questions.The paper she didn't present to the class was entitled:"Don't be a boob: Bottles have nipples too"She said the research looked at anti-breastfeeding campaigns.First off, I'd need to see a really specific definition of terms for anti-breastfeeding. Are we talking formula adverts or simply mothers advocating formula use in forums meant for support? ...more

Important Backyard Safety Tips Parents Need to Know - S post

(Photo Credit- With kids, parents can't help being as cautious as possible. We can go to great lengths to ensure that our kids are safe wherever they may be. While many of us may feel that our kids are safest at home, this isn't always true ....more

How I became a crone -- Contributor post

After two unexpected IUD pregnancies, my partner and I came to the conclusion that we'd need to take more drastic measures to ensure that our exceptional fertility wouldn't catch us by surprise again. Abstinence would have ended in divorce, so we looked at the other options and I discovered something called Essure.Essure is a hysteroscopy procedure that involves placing nickel coils in the fallopian tubes. Over three months, the foreign objects invite scarring, which occludes the fallopian tubes, thereby preventing ovulation (and any possibility of future pregnancy) ....more

Rasputin pwns the twins

Thought I'd pop in a movie for my poor, sick kids, so I could clean the kitchen and write this blog.Wrong. Instead, this happened:"Mom, is the bat a good guy?""He doesn't seem to hate Anastasia, he must be good?""How can Rasputin tear his whole body apart?""How is he bad?""If he can't die, like in the beginning, mom, how come he can die at the end?""How can bats come out of his body? I just want you to tell me why? ...more

Why the gumball scenario wasn't really equal opportunity

A recent essay I wrote has garnered me a lot of hate. About three thousand people have called me a lousy parent. That's okay ....more

Fail Kitchen -- Apple Crescent Rolls (NOT a fail!)

Go ahead and google 'shiny bacon vaginas' and you'll see what I'm talking about ....more

Ask a Teacher - What'd you do today?

We've all had that conversation with our kids. You excitedly pick your child up from the carpool line and the first question you ask is "What do you do at school today?" The answer most often is "Nothing."Why do they do that? You've been gone from them all day and you just want to hear what they did all day ....more

Raising kids who don't suck -- Guest Post

#GamerGate. MRAs. PUAs ....more

Recipe Monday - Easy and Incredible Lasagna

Cooking is generally hard for me, but one thing I've got down is lasagna. You really can't fail at's that easy. Lasagna noodles Sauce Shredded Mozzarella cheese Shredded Parmesan cheese Ricotta Cheese Ground beef Spinach 1) Start boiling a lot of water and cook 9 noodles 2) Preheat oven to 350 3) Brown the ground beef until cooked through 4) Add sauce to the beef and turn heat to low 5) Mix together all the cheeses, saving some of the mozz and parm ....more