How to make simple oreo truffles -- FAIL KITCHEN

"I feel sad that I bought sprinkles for this." ...more

It takes a village -- Guest Post

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think that in some ways, our "villages" are getting smaller as the years pass. Times are changing ....more

How NOT to make a melon cake--worst fail EVER: Fail Kitchen

"I'll be honest, if I wasn't filming, this is where I pack it in, throw it all out and pretend this didn't happen." ...more

How much should a freelancer make? -- Guest post

Last year, I wrote a blog for Parentwin about my experiences as a freelance writer. Looking back on it, it's still a good post with some useful information in it, but it barely scratches the surface on what freelancers really need to know to make a living. And for new freelancers, it likely didn't help as much as I'd intended ....more

Make Marshmallow Kahlua Shot Glasses! -- Fail kitchen

"I already set my oven on fire this week, and that's not a lie." ...more

So this is 33

I was going to make a list of presents a newly 33-year-old mother of six-year-old twins would actually want for her birthday, since presents are nice and all, but these days usually aren't what I really need.But I got it all. Seriously.Yesterday was my birthday, and yesterday:- The garbage disposal was fixed and the sink unclogged. Huzzah! ...more

I'm Coming Out -- Guest Post

“SURPRISE!” the gang of revelers shouted. My mother and grandmother practically barreled me over with tackle-like defensive hugs, forgetting that I’m a slight man without any athletic ability. I’d barely made it through the front door of my childhood home, to have my weekly Sunday night early-bird special dinner with my mom and grandma, when I was accosted by a group of casually dressed well-wishers, some of whom were already three sheets to the wind ....more

How to make a pinata cake -- fail kitchen


Just get off my back

Internet, I am being hounded.I first saw this article three days ago being passed around a writers' group. Then I saw it again. And again ....more

How to make your own goldfish crackers -- Fail kitchen

"Let's make some, out of flour and cheese and heartbreak." ...more