Christmas Giveaway -- Scentsicles

Christmas is coming. I know, I know, not even Thanksgiving yet, and not everyone is like me, listening to Christmas Pandora on repeat. But, but but! ...more

Starbucks and the Internet's Bogeyman

So, Starbucks. I know, I know, but this isn't one of those posts, okay? I want to actually attempt to explain at least some of this bullshit.As everyone in the United States has seen on repeat for the past news cycle, Starbucks replaced their red cups with snowflakes and doves on them with red cups.The first I saw of the news was the sudden arrival of 80 billion posts on my friends' list complaining about people complaining about this change.I saw not one actual complaint about the change.My guess is, hardly any of my friends posting backlash against the backlash actually saw any original backlash either.So, our knowledge of this "Starbucks controversy" comes in the form of replies to a complaint that, so far as I can tell, never really took off online ....more

Financial literacy should be added to school syllabuses -- S post

The need to accelerate financial literacy, as expounded and championed in South Africa by (perhaps most appropriately) an online loan vender, who have published their "Do you understand debt" initiative on their website, is rapidly gaining support all over the world. Even places like the United States, which are often seen as already being financially literate, are grasping the nettle too. Alabama, USA pushing for financial literacy to benefit future generations The based in Florence, Alabama, has recently published an article entitled “The push for financial literacy can benefit future generations;” an article which centres on the failure in the US to educate citizens and children about handling money ....more

Halloween 2016

Another Halloween come and gone. So many people had such amazing costumes this year!We simply went trick or treating around our neighborhood, then out for dinner, and it was really great.My husband dressed up for the first time ever (not at the restaurant, though, boo).Happy Halloween to everyone else!I went as "Hillary's Listening to Men Face" My husband and kids were a clown, a vampire, and a pirate. I have the best family ....more

How to be a successful writer in the online age

There are three very simple steps to becoming a successful writer online. (It helps to have a well-shared platform, but it can be done even with a small publication or a blog. You never know what's going to take off.)If you would like to be a successful writer on the internet, follow these instructions on repeat for the rest of your life:1) Write things people hate.2) Don't care that people hate them.3) Write more things people hate.So, as simple as these steps are, they need a bit of explanation, a bit of context, a bit of background.When I started out writing, I wanted to write things people loved ....more

So, who REALLY won the #DemDebate? -- Guest Post

Who won the first #DemDebate? Well, it sort of depends on who you ask, and I think that is the most interesting thing to come out of last night. If you look at almost any mainstream media channel or webpage (CNN, MSNBC, ect.) then you’ll come away with a pretty clear indication that Clinton won and that it wasn’t particularly close ....more

How to make a watermelon brain -- Fail Kitchen

"We're lobotomizing the watermelon right now. That's okay. It can just join the Republican Party." ...more

Craft Projects for Decorating Your Home This Fall -- S Post

The advent of autumn means the simultaneous arrival of some of the best things in the world: beautiful leaves, sweater weather, belly-warming recipes, and baked goods. Fall is the coziest time of the year, and making your home reflect that comfy feeling is easy with fall craft projects. Try any of these crafts to outfit your house with seasonal charm and ring in the changing temperatures ....more

How to make fried apple pies -- Fail Kitchen

An alligator is coming to get you guys....ah NO! ...more