How to make that ridiculous cake with the tie-numbers inside -- Fail Kit...

"You could just make a freaking funfetti cake, and all the kids would be like, 'oh my god, you made a funfetti cake. You are a queen." ...more

Enough -- Guest Post

I was white until I shed my skin,Looked to depths of my cavern within.Same was I to the woman, child, man,Whose original shell was black, brown or tan.Blood, bones, beating heart, thinking brain.Walking Earth but a mere human stain.Members of an anthropoid evolving race.Sharing an overpopulated crowded space.Colour of hair, shape of eyes, no moreRelevant if only to start a war.Idolatry, false prophets, prayers to gods,Proselytizing ideology competing, at odds.Racist hatred blood shed, time wasted, lost.Eviscerated humanity, and for what cost?In end we return to dust, we disappear,Gone with corporeal, prejudices and fear.Equanimity achieved only in the ground.Past due, hope for the living to be found.History passes, time melts, into ether fades,Till marching men storm carrying blades.Cycle repeats, wounds unseal, hatred reborn,Nothing learned, for our souls we must mourn. (c) 2015. Naomi Elana Zener ....more

Birthday parties in the modern age

My kids are turning seven next Monday, and to celebrate, I'm throwing them a party at a local bowling alley on Saturday.Now, when I was a kid, we all still lived close to our extended family, so my network of aunts, uncles and cousins was virtually limitless. Because of that, my mother had extra hands on board, and extra friends of friends and siblings to help undertake this task. And at the very least, SOMEONE would show up to my party because they were related and their mom brought them.But it never got to that point because when I was growing up, the Internet wasn't a thing ....more

You can mourn a loss while celebrating a gift -- Guest post

Okay, so I'm going to talk about something sad. You don't have to read it; I won't feel badly if you don't. But I deserve to be able to talk about it ....more

How to make simple oreo truffles -- FAIL KITCHEN

"I feel sad that I bought sprinkles for this." ...more

It takes a village -- Guest Post

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I think that in some ways, our "villages" are getting smaller as the years pass. Times are changing ....more

How NOT to make a melon cake--worst fail EVER: Fail Kitchen

"I'll be honest, if I wasn't filming, this is where I pack it in, throw it all out and pretend this didn't happen." ...more

How much should a freelancer make? -- Guest post

Last year, I wrote a blog for Parentwin about my experiences as a freelance writer. Looking back on it, it's still a good post with some useful information in it, but it barely scratches the surface on what freelancers really need to know to make a living. And for new freelancers, it likely didn't help as much as I'd intended ....more

Make Marshmallow Kahlua Shot Glasses! -- Fail kitchen

"I already set my oven on fire this week, and that's not a lie." ...more

So this is 33

I was going to make a list of presents a newly 33-year-old mother of six-year-old twins would actually want for her birthday, since presents are nice and all, but these days usually aren't what I really need.But I got it all. Seriously.Yesterday was my birthday, and yesterday:- The garbage disposal was fixed and the sink unclogged. Huzzah! ...more