Boys and their bits -- Guest Post

Donnelle over at The Never-ending Laundry has a funny and too-true post about kids...and their parents...and the things we all find ourselves saying....more

Fail Kitchen - Goldfish Frosting

My kids make this one. They GUARANTEE YOU my food is delicious. LOL ...more

Caring for Special Needs Pets -- Guest Post

Today, Jill Redding from Pianissamma shares a compassionate story about her new pet and what to do with a special needs animal.... Atticus the Cute! Photo credit: Tejaswi Kasturi Meet Atticus ....more

Model what you want to see

As my girls age, I notice that they sometimes work out their issues through role playing games. These are spontaneous. They occur basically out of nowhere ....more

Intuition in Divorce Court: Paying Attention to the Judge - S post

If your divorce requires you to actually go to divorce court, which is what happens if you, your spouse, and your lawyers can’t seem to agree, then it’s very important that you pay close attention during the proceedings. Knowing what’s going on at all times and being visibly present is important and could potentially help you win your case and get what you want. ...more

Moment of the Week - The Separate Day

We all survived our first separate day. I suffered a few injuries, but after that, everything went smoothly. I couldn't be prouder of the girls, who were pretty scared to try this out ....more

Kindergarten Kids - Separating the Twins

Problem:Even though the girls are in different classes in school, and have been for a year now, they still exist in a weird continuum where they don't feel as if they can be a full, unique person. Every decision must be passed through the counsel of the sister, and every treat must be evenly divided. Not one individual thing is allowed to pass, because both twins feel that individual things mean better things ....more

How much have I messed my kids up?

I want my children to reason like adults, and this is causing my entire family endless stress. One of them is full of attitude and contempt right now, and trying purposefully to upset me, so that from sun up to sun down, I must be in battle mode to make it through the day. She lobs bombs and shoots gunfire my way, and will sneak in at least a half dozen ambush attacks where she starts a normal conversation or shows a sweetness, only to lure me in before turning the whole scene into a mess of negativity.And when this happens, I first react calmly ....more

My autistic child is not your inspiration - Guest post

Originally titled: "She's no angel (but feel free to say something nice about her)"... My two-year-old scrunched up her face and frowned in concentration. She balled up her chubby fist, extending her pointer finger, and selected icons on her iPad screen ....more

Cutting grapes in half with a plate? LIES.

Yeah, no. Not as easy as SOMEONE made it sound.. ....more