Ten Activities That Can Increase Your Kid's Creativity -- Guest Post

Rev Up Your Kid's Creativity with Unique Activities! When it's time to focus your kids' attention away from video games and texting, parents often struggle with how to interest kids in creative activities. To rev up your kid's creativity, begin by considering your kid's age level, general interests and attention span ....more

Resolutions 2017

In keeping with tradition, I will make 10 resolutions for myself and 5 with regard to my children and never look at them again until nearly 2018. Here goes nothing.10) Drink 5 glasses of water a day.Upping it from 4 even though I've really stopped drinking at all again. This is important ....more

Resolution Check-In: 2016

Each year, I check back on the resolutions I made the previous year to see how well I've done. I only look at these things twice a year. Once when I make them, and once when I check them, 12 months later ....more

Freelancing numbers - year 2

This is my second year of freelancing, and while I did it full-time my first year, this year I ended up taking a teaching position at UF, and taught full-time last semester, so I'm going to show salary with that included and without it. It took up a bunch of my pitching and writing time, but also gave me a steady paycheck that I could (mostly) earn from home. And I get to teach students about journalism and how to do it! ...more

Why Does Western Society Not Value the Elderly? -- s post

In traditional societies, elderly relatives are cared for; revered even, despite the fact they can no longer contribute. Yet in our supposedly ‘developed’ western society, we routinely push our elderly parents into poorly run care homes or abandon them to a life of neglect, visited only by paid care workers instead of loving relatives. Elder Abuse The media is full of stories of old and vulnerable people being abused in care homes, or neglected by their relatives ....more

Finding fake news -- Breitbart (part 2)

When people look to back up their preconceived ideas of society, the internet has made it easy to find a website source stating any viewpoint as fact. How do we discern who is actually trustworthy?Yesterday, Lyle sent me a flurry of news meant to prove that 3 million illegal immigrants voted for Hillary Clinton, as put forth by Infowars and our President-elect.I went over his first link yesterday. You can find that story here.Let's move on to his second piece of evidence: .@parentwin https://t.co/2B7nUjL5H2 — LyleRuderburg (@BetterGemsToday) November 29, 2016 This is a link to a Breitbart story, entitled Illegal foreign voting in Virginia covered up by Soros-backed Democratic Officials, says report ....more

Debunking a conspiracy theory -- 3 million fraudulent Hillary voters (part 1)

Media are a wreck. In this day of opinion everything and cherry-picked facts, people are searching for ways to find their own information. We need to know how to source our own news, as most outlets aren't doing a good enough job for the nation ....more

How to Help Your Teen Pass Their Driving Test - S post

Passing your driving test can be a pretty momentous thing when you're 17, and most people who learned to drive as soon as they were old enough remember the experience with pride. If you have a teenage son or daughter who is about to start learning to drive, you probably want to support and help them as much as you can, so that they can get this big achievement for themselves without too much stress or frustration.Here are some ways you can assist your child in the process of learning to drive, studying for their theory test, and ultimately getting their driver's license:Make Sure Your Own Theory Knowledge and Driving Skills are on PointBefore you start giving your child advice or tips, or helping them to study their theory or practice driving, make sure that you yourself are fully knowledgeable about things like the Highway Code, and that you aren't exhibiting any bad driving habits that have developed over the years. The theory test may well have changed since you did your own, and there may have been changes to the laws of the road, so test your own knowledge at Toptests ....more

Hillary Clinton helps give life to cancer patient

Cold. Calculating. Ambitious. Dishonest. Self-serving. Hawkish. If a situation has no way to serve her purposes, she turns her back and walks away. She doesn’t love America or its people. She doesn’t care about their struggles. She cares about Hillary Clinton....more

Hillary Clinton helps give life to cancer patient

Cold. Calculating. Ambitious ....more