How to make your own goldfish crackers -- Fail kitchen

"Let's make some, out of flour and cheese and heartbreak." ...more

A privileged personal history of gay rights activism

When I was in high school in the late 1990s, a group of amazing students formed a club one day. They called it the GSA, or the Gay-Straight Alliance. Smalltown, Connecticut, offered an incredibly sheltered existence to all of us, back then ....more

Celebrating Your Teenage Daughter’s Birthday

Whether you like it or not, it’s about to happen. Your little girl is about to turn thirteen. You wonder how this happened ....more

Recipe: Vegan French Toast -- Guest Post

Photo by PianissAmma For years, I have been a fan of brunch. I love the idea of getting together with friends and family to commune with a tasty late morning meal. Perhaps a Belgian waffle, or a spicy potato quiche served up with juice and sunshine on a Saturday morning.One dish I have loathed since becoming an adult however, is French toast ....more

A freelancer's roundup

It's been almost exactly a year since I started attempting to freelance on a regular basis for actual money. This is not statistical data or anything, but I thought some people might be interested in the numbers of a first-year freelancer (who, admittedly, has had plenty of past writing experience, but never in the world of paid-for print). So, here are the numbers I can give you, based on my fledgling and not-quite successful career at this point:In the past year, I sent out 542 pitches ....more

My kids pretend to get along

My identical twins are getting better in their advanced age (almost seven now) at letting go when things don't seem fair. Up until this point, and lingering still, they have had huge problems with comparing what they have with what their twin has. They fight over turns, the television, who touches whose stuff, who said what in which other fight, how they're being represented by the other twin, really, anything they can fight about in terms of trying to have everything exactly equal is fair game.They'll even fight about who gets to tell a story about what happened at school ....more

Dating while married with kids

My husband and I rarely get a chance to go out. We moved to a new town five years ago, now, and in that time, we've made friends, but having little kids puts a cramp in the social calendar. It is extremely rare that our schedule coincides with that of our friends, given everyone has babies of different ages, or are working on dissertations, or are travelling, etc ....more

How to make a melted rainbow cake -- Fail kitchen

If anyone wants to know how to make a 392074390647 foot cake with rainbow colors, you've come to the right place. Almost ....more

5 ways a dog helped my kids

When I first got our puppy, Fletch, I was told in no uncertain terms by someone that it would be a huge mistake, that we weren't prepared to be pet owners and that my kids would literally kill the dog. (I swear.) Not only has that not happened, but I can say with authority that having this puppy has really helped the mood of our household overall, not least because he's there for my kids in a myriad of ways only a dog could be.1) He will always play with them.Mom working on the computer again and can only make bracelets with the kids for ten minutes? Don't worry! ...more

Dealing with change

Most people don't like change much, even when that change is pleasant. Something about routine disruption makes people uneasy. The same is true for children, except, unlike adults, they usually can't pinpoint the cause of their distress ....more