fall fashion trend // part two

there are so many different and amazing fall fashion trends that we didn’t want to clump them all into one post! each deserves special and undivided attention. so, without further ado, we present the second trend for Fall: mad for plaid ....more

WW: LuLaRoe

Have you jumped on the LuLaRoe bandwagon yet? These dresses are perfect: comfortable, stylish and just the right fit. And a little bird told me that TBM might be hosting a LuLaRoe party coming up verrrrry soon! ...more

fall fashion trend: dark florals

looks: the dark floral dress: bright stilettos and special bracelet. i love the turtle charm on this bracelet. my sweet grandma collected turtles so i might just have to collect this bracelet ....more

plastic surgery // open house

we’re not saying you need it but… there is a new Doctor in town. ...more

The Beauty Mark Girls Eat: guacamole

I love to cook, but I would say my signature dish is my famous guacamole. I probably make it once a week (usually at the request of my husband or family members) and always volunteer to bring it to family or friend social functions. In the past, every time I have been asked for the recipe I have simply just said the list of ingredients, because I am not the type of cook who measures or follows recipes that I know by heart ....more

inside scoop: extensions

natural beaded rows. beaded wefts. best extensions on the market ....more

weekend wardrobe: 10 year reunion

i was a little anxious going to my 10 year reunion. but but this dress got me there and it was so much fun! the dress and the reunion ....more

braids braids braids

i had the opportunity to teach some of the young women in my church how to do some hair styles. ...more

fall wardrobe updates

We all have those spring/summer wardrobe staples that we aren’t quite ready to get rid of for an entire season. I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to! Some of my favorite trends for winter can easily be incorporated into pieces you already have ....more

Best E.L.F. products

there have been so many times I wander the cosmetics aisle at Target and come to a stop at the ELF products. perhaps it’s the extreme frugality of the products, or maybe it’s the sleek packaging and bright colors, but I want to try something new each time! here’s a round up of the best of this cheap but innovative brand ....more