ww: chambray & floral

guys, I am soooo pregnant. hoping to pop this baby out in the next week or two! in the meantime, here’s been a go-to outfit of mine ....more

shop & apparel

Have you seen Shop & Apparel’s Holiday collection? DYING!! We were so lucky to be able to collaborate with Andrea (owner of S&A) and other local talents! ...more

How To: choose a cleanser

Did you know that most people are probably not using the right cleanser for their face type? A cleanser is the foundation of a good skin care regime and it is so important to find one that works with your skin. Many people self diagnose their skin as one thing and treat it that way with products (i.e. “I have one zit so I have acne ....more

let’s eat

oh tacos. i just love tacos. my dad has always joked that he wants a taco in each hand when he dies ....more

WW: flybird

a double weekend wardrobe. ...more

gift guide: BOYS to MEN

I feel like men are so hard to shop for. ...more

makeup skin finishes

One of the questions I always ask my clients when I am doing their makeup is how they like their skin to look. Usually I get a blank expression when I ask this so I explain by saying, “matte, dewy or natural?” These words are foreign to some people so I’m here to take the mystery out of it all! (sidebar: Hillary LOVES when I ask people if they want their skin to be matte because I really enunciate the “tt” at the end so they don’t think I am saying “mac.” for some reason she thinks its hilarious ....more

eats: 5 ingredient chicken chili

This recipe quickly became one of my favorites when I made it for the first time in the winter months last year. And then made it again less than a week later. Have you checked out our friend Adell’s Baked in AZ‘s recipes? ...more

ww & pregnancy talk

I’ve been loving comfy knit dresses that I can dress up or down. They’ve helped me survive these last few weeks of pregnancy when it’s still too hot to wear jeans all the time! lipstick: MAC Flat Out Fabulous blush: MAC...more


I have always been a believer of do whatever makes you feel pretty. ...more