The Countdown Begins...Ten Days until the big 4-0!

This ten day countdown will be about how I feel during my last days of being in my thirties in which I may add was a good decade, I only wish I would have appreciated those ten years more. ...more

Valentines Day Aftershock

Is Valentines Day more of a woman's holiday? I feel like we as women take this love day very seriously, it's that pivotal moment where the man has to really show how much he loves us. I try not to fall into that realm, but the woman in me cannot help it. I awoke yesterday to my husband not acknowledging Valentines Day and it really messed with me on an emotional level. You would think being together for twenty years, it would be more of a shoulder shrug on my part, but it cut deep....more

For Better or For Worse, I'm Standing By My Man

Twenty years of resentment just snuck up on me one day and I was flabbergasted at the realization of my unhappiness. For as long as I could remember, all the way back to my distraught childhood, I had a makeshift bubble around me inside of which no one could harm me-- mentally, physically, or emotionally. As I grew older, I kept that bubble-shield if you will- around me wherever I went. It was my protection. It kept me from getting hurt or witnessing the hurt all around me. I smiled big, looked people in the eye, kept my posture straight....more
I've been married nine years. My mom in law read from first Corinthians: "Love is patient; love ...more