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Watching My Child Grieve

I took my kids on our annual trip to see Santa. We make a production of it. We take the Unnecessary Train – we could drive there faster, but trains are fun – we see the Christmas show and do our holiday shopping.  The Santa bit is a twenty-minute experience in a magical workshop filled with colorful elves.  ...more

I Learned First Hand Why Title IX Still Matters

A girl tried out for our school's basketball team. She was strong, fast, and easily as good as the boys or better. She didn't tryout to become a poster child for feminism - she just wanted to play some ball, and she was damn good. Too bad the coach didn't agree....more
paulaink It must have been tough to be only one of two girls. I had a friend who quit track ...more

10 Things I Learned After 5 Days in the Woods with the Boys

1. Not all paddles float. 2. The longer one debates if the paddle is worth being rescued when it is 60 degrees outside and the lake is cold, the less likely the rescue attempt will succeed. 3. Diving into lake to rescue paddle 3 seconds too late is cold and futile. And wet. Did I mention cold? ...more

I went from Judgy Breastfeeding Mom to Formula Feeder

I breastfed my first child for twenty months.  I said that I was only going to do it for six months, but he was still little at six months, so a year seemed more appropriate.  A year came and went and he was still, well, little. I wasn't planning on becoming an extended breastfeeder, those odd women nursing kids old enough to ask for milk, but when it was my son making the baby sign for milk (he was on the late side of talking) it didn't seem weird anymore.  ...more
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Why I Commit Time to My Small, Personal Blog

I started my blog,, around a year and a half ago with hopes of going viral and making tons of money on ad revenue. I read something somewhere that said that you should wait to put ads on your blog until you have a lot of regular visitors, so I gave myself a year to build an audience. I still don't have enough regular readers to warrant adding ads to my blog. ...more
InstinctiveHOLLY I used  blog2print which was super easy, though a little pricey.  It came bound ...more

We Have a History of Cruelty

I was watching a PBS special on The Abolitionists  on the same day that the school stabbing in Pennsylvania occured, and I saw a connection. In the 1800's abuse, rape, and murder was condoned, as long as the victim was black, and preferably a slave, although many white people were just fine with torturing and killing freemen, too.  Also, wives were fair game for rape and abuse.  Children didn't fair much better. In the 1900's it was still totally OK to brutalize people as long as they were, again, minorities, women, and children.  ...more

Collective Motherhood

When my first child was born, he didn't know how to sleep and I didn't know how to help him.  Most nights he and I were up alone, rocking, walking, singing, nursing. The room was quiet and dark, but instead of feeling like I was the only one awake in the world, I could almost feel all the other new mothers out there, who were also up rocking and nursing and singing with me. ...more

Duck Dynasty: I'm Against Homophobia But Support Free Speech

[Editor's Note: Editor's Note: BlogHer is nonpartisan, but our members have a variety of opinions. For another viewpoint on Phil Robertson's suspension, read iamwoman2013's post Why I Think A&E is Unfairly Punishing Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson for His Anti-Gay Remarks.] "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it" - Evelyn Beatrice Hall...more
I like this post.  A lot.  I think what many are missing on both sides of this issue is the ...more

My First Single Christmas

I am afraid I did not buy enough Christmas presents this year.  It is always a struggle between not wanting to buy too much and over-spoil them: set the bar too high for the rest of their life, bring more useless things into the house that will be played with for five minutes and then forgotten - and the fear of buying too little and breaking their tiny, hopeful hearts.  I buy my kids too many toys as it is....more