Your Secret's Safe with Me. Is My Secret Safe with You?

We took solemn oaths. That’s how seriously we took a promise of sworn secrecy. The family bible, that large tome whose sole purpose was for pressing flowers, leaned ever so slightly on the fireplace hearth, its spine broken many times over. It would’ve been an ideal spot on which to place a hand and make a vow of verbal restraint. But we were young so we did what came naturally – we made a pinky swear. It was as binding as any contract, as any unspoken law. Our popsicle-stained fingers woven together in unity as we pledged to uphold each other's secrets....more

Confessions of a Super-Charged Sugar Junkie

No sugar or no credit card. Both sound equally horrible and equally impossible. But I feel it may come down to that. A choice I must make, some change to rid either my body or my wallet of those toxins. Because let’s face it: I’m an addict. If I didn’t find the thought so disgusting, I would dip my Visa in sugar, indulging myself in two vices with one lick of the tongue. I scoff at people who have no willpower - those who are overweight or addicted to drugs. From high on my perch, I glare down and mock them for their lack of self-control....more
I loved this. Thanks for sharing. And yes, Haagen-Dazs, is my heroin, too. We all have our ...more

Like My Car, I'm Usually Running on Empty

Most days I feel as if I’m running on fumes. Most days my car actually is. I am of the belief that people fall into two categories: those who play the cat and mouse game with the fuel light indicator and those who fill up as soon as the fuel gauge moves away from full. In high school we learned about dominant and non-dominant genes and how blue-eyed parents can produce a brown-eyed child or maybe it’s vice versa; I have never fully understood science....more

Being Sorry is Much More Than Just Saying "Sorry"

"No apologies necessary."I’ve said it a million times and I’ve usually meant it. When it comes to my husband, though, I would not only like an apology, but also some token of his remorse. His “I’m sorry you feel that way” is a pathetic attempt at placating me. So buck up, bud....more
rosalie.rotenberg  Rosie, I was this close to packing my bags and calling it a day on the ...more

The Best-Laid Plans of Helicopter Parents Often Go Awry

Join us for a graduation meeting at 7:00. Our topic for the evening will be “From Commencement to Commitment: Mental Health Professionals Parents Can Turn to Post-Graduation”. ...more

This Fairy Godmother Seems to Have Lost Her Wand

Growing up, my only vision of godmothers was of the fairy tale type, of kind older women who spoke with a ringing lilt and carried a magic wand.  Disney shaped my view of what it meant to be a godmother, the duties that the title carried, namely making wishes come true and creating ball gowns from rags. They had other-worldly powers which I guess was why I never had a godmother, because in my world, godmothers only existed on the big screen....more
farnamkid  I'm glad I'm not alone in my confusion and glad you never had to find out. Since ...more

Retirement Seems Like a Whole Lotta Work

I was never one of those little girls who dreamed of my wedding day, who cut out pictures from magazines and scribbled ideas in my diary. There would be a wedding and then there would be children. A boy and then a girl. That much I knew with certainty. The hows and wheres were always a bit vague. But as fuzzy as those details were, the post-wedding, post-raising-of-the-children years appear to be fuzzier still....more

Before You Take the Plunge, Enjoy Your Own Kiddie Pool

By anyone’s standards, I am fortunate - on many levels, really - but for one thing in particular:  My husband never travels for work. When I say never, I mean never. Well, perhaps in the 28 years he has worked for his company he has traveled two or three times for something work-related, but in general, St. Louis is his home base. And for many years that was a huge perk of his job, that and the flexibility being a salesperson afforded him. No travel, great hours. What more could I ask for? For him to leave....more

Wanna Feel Better About Your Body? Spend a Day at the Beach

Ask any woman and she will tell you that there are three things she hates to shop for: jeans, bras and swimsuits. Standing in front of a mirror, half-dressed, while cramming and tugging parts of your body into skimpy clothing better suited for someone half your age is no one’s idea of a fun day. And then add a D3 deficient, alabaster white body to the mix and you can see why I avoid the experience as long as possible. But then the promise of a soft sandy beach and free top-shelf alcohol beckon,s and I groan and make the dreaded trip to the mall. Time to put modesty aside and bare all....more

My Own Personal Rom-Com: Clueless in St. Louis

Valentine’s Day at our house is less like a Hallmark holiday and more like The Newlywed Game. For years, Barney has echoed the sentiment of other unromantic husbands and declared February 14th a greeting card sham, a scheme perpetrated and upheld by the female population. I think that’s a terribly unoriginal and narrow-minded view seeing as how just a couple of weeks prior football fanatics in this country thought the day after Super Bowl should be declared a national holiday. Give me a break....more