Win a bracelet supporting mental health from KNot Cause @EWBkNotCause

I was on Twitter one day when a company reached out to me. Their name was KNot Cause and they told me they created bracelets that supported mental health as well as bullying, cancer awareness and Multiple Sclerosis. Immediately, I was intrigued and I asked them if I could see a sample ....more

839 reasons YOU are buying the wrong lettuce

The lettuce is bruised. It’s the wrong kind of lettuce – Romaine instead of iceberg. You bought cabbage and thought it was lettuce because you are a moron ....more

For Cat Month – For Nana, (a.k.a. Nah and Neneh) – Guest Post

In 1999, I headed to Western Canada to escape the drudgery of small-town Atlantic Canada. In the hometown, unemployment was high and morale even lower. I was fortunate to end up in Canmore, Alberta where I boarded with a family who would have a major impact on my life ....more


There are some scents that remind me of times in my life. I was walking down Bergen Street and I smelled clove cigarettes. I was brought back to being 15 years old and just entering Performing Arts High School ....more

Dear @USPS Please Deliver My Packages And Stop Losing Them

Dear United States Postal Service, First I want to say thank you for delivering the mail. I am so grateful to you for being there to give me my important bills and sometimes even nice cards from my friends around the world. Sometimes you deliver checks with money for me to buy my family groceries ....more

Build People Up

Build People Up You know how to help someone? Motivate them. Tell them “you can.” The reason they haven’t achieved a goal is not because they are lazy or unmotivated but rather they don’t feel that they have the strength to do so ....more

Guest Post by K Williams – How did you come by such a hard decision?

Choosing to go your own way in life is not always an easy decision, and sometimes, I think it doesn’t always come about by conscious choice. There are so many things that occur to us during the course of a life, can we ever really account for all of them. Where do I start, to recount coming to this decision? ...more

Black Paint

There’s a deep secret part of me that I don’t show to people. If I open that door and let you look inside it means that I trust you. I don’t trust a lot of people fully ....more

This is NOT About My Book

Only it is! Because I wrote a book. I wrote an entire book and I want you to read it ....more

Free Associate

My foot is asleep. I am tired. I hope I’m not dying ....more