Frog and Toad are NOT Friends

The classic children’s book “Frog and Toad are Friends” had us all believing earnestly that these two creatures enjoyed one another’s company. ...more


Faith is jumping before you know if there is soft ground to land on. It’s leaping hoping that someone will catch you in their arms. Faith is knowing that ultimately, things are going to be all right ....more

Write What Scares You – I Let Other People Determine My Worth

I’m taking a prompt from Rachel Thompson...more

Guest Post: Two-Timing Eric Gets What He Deserves by Karen Song

My daughter Kellie is a really sweet kid. She is 17 and still a bit shy and insecure but really seems to be coming into her own. And she is really blossoming in terms of her appearance and the boys are starting to take notice ....more

Cliff Diving

I am 10 years old. We are in a row boat, traveling across a man-made lake to the other side to do something that I’m terrified of: ...more

Guest Post: Dogs Are Assholes By Mia Fox

Image courtesy of Tina Phillips / When I first got Casey, my Westie, well-meaning friends would shake their head, cluck their tongue, and comment under their breath that I better watch out because, “Well…you know how Terriers can be.” No, I didn’t know and whatever they were referring to, they were obviously wrong because Casey was a dream dog. That is, until Bean came along, a half-Westie/half-Schnauzer who observed Casey’s behavior, and converted him overnight. When Huffington Post parenting blogger Sarah Fader wrote, “Three Year Olds Are A**Holes,” it propagated my own awareness and I realized that dogs can be a**holes too ....more

Carly And Home Slice Advice: Episodes 1-3

My cats are geniuses. They’ve been holding their wisdom back from the rest of the world…until today. Carly and her step-child Home Slice are now giving relationship advice ....more

Legos Destroyed My Self-Confidence

My 3 1/2 year old daughter was really excited yesterday. We were going to the toy store to get her very own Legos. You see, she had become accustomed to being told that she couldn’t play with her brother’s Legos since they were for big kids....more

Everyday Connect: The Secret to Success is Build Relationships

I’ve been looking for a full time job lately, and it’s not easy to find one. In some ways, being out of the job market for so long (taking time to raise my small children) makes me feel like a recent college graduate. I’m stepping into unknown territory ....more

There is No Normal

I’ve spent the majority of my life thinking: I want to be normal. I want to wake up, have my coffee and breakfast, go to work, see friends, and do stuff that normal people do. Except, I don’t do that ....more