Do You Know Who Molly is?

I got on the train this morning ready to go to work. As soon as I stepped onto the subway car, a little girl looked at me straight in the eyes. She was wearing pink flower earrings ....more

I’m a Writer, But I Have Horrible Grammar

I was cringing to myself just now as I wrote the title to this blog post. I have been a writer since I was six years old and I admit openly that my grammar is atrocious. ...more

Thank You, Christopher From Target

Every single time I enter the Target at Barclay’s Center, I have to brace myself. There might be an item I can’t find. If this should occur, I won’t have anyone to help me ....more

You Have to F**king Eat – Win a Copy of Adam Mansbach’s Book

I am the mother of a six year-old child whose favorite foods I can count on one hand. He will not touch oatmeal, he is not interested in steak, he doesn’t like mustard, and he cannot be bothered to eat a pea. This is my life, people! ...more

My Kids Don’t Know What Facebook is And I’m Psyched!

My children don’t know what Facebook is; they have no idea. They are currently ages three and six. I’m elated that this is the case ....more

I am The F Word and Proud

Jenni Chiu wrote about taking the word feminist back. She calls it the F-Word....more

Daddy Doin’ Work- Win a Copy of Doyin Richard’s New Book!

Doyin Richards is my friend. He’s a cool dude who is...more

Open Your Emotional Treasure Chest

You’re a writer. You’re a writer if your mind feels ignited by an idea and you must find a way to transmit that idea from your brain to paper, notebook, computer. You’re a writer if there are words in you that are dying to be heard ....more

Women are Not Pastries, We’re Humans

“Damn girl, is all that yours? Let me get some, just a little bit. I’ll marry you!” It was the year 2000 ....more

An Interview With J.C. Hannigan – Author of Collide

J.C. Hannigan is a novelist that writes plot driven romance and suspense novels. Collide is her first novel. Tell us about Collide ....more