Half Finished Sentences

Life is a series of stories that never finish. Half ended sentences Conversations that… Like that. People who come into your life only to leave when it doesn’t serve them or you anymore ....more

There’s Nothing Like Not Writing

There’s nothing like not writing. I feel the pressure of wanting to say something profound, but all the thoughts in my head are angry or depressing. I want to be hilarious ....more

I Had a Dream I Wrote You a Letter

I had a dream I wrote you a letter. I kept trying to write your name. It wasn’t working ....more

The Heart Wants

There are some things in life that can’t be “figured out” or rationalized. Feelings are like that. The heart wants what it wants and despite your attempts to merge your mind and your heart to have the same road trip, the heart takes over and drives the car off road onto an unchartered nature trail ....more

Guest Post: Surviving All or Nothing Friendship – Shawna Ayoub Ainslie

Surviving All or Nothing Friendship By Shawna...more


I didn’t know where I was going when I dove into that lake. The water wasn’t clear either, which...more

The Internet is Like High School

I just came back from BlogHer 16, which was a fantastic experience. I won Voices of The Year, and was able to read my blog post about being disabled in front of a largely supportive group of my peers. That was a fantastic experience ....more

The Story Isn’t Over

The story isn’t over. There’s an intermission and I’m hungry but there isn’t a concession stand. I have to listen to the grumbling in my stomach for this indeterminable amount of time ....more

What I Want Matters

I ordered sushi for lunch today. I was too tired to make anything and I wanted to treat myself because I deserve it. When it arrived it had two kinds of rolls, one of them was an Alaska Roll and the other one was something that I didn’t recognize ....more


When the truth is told and you hear it but you don’t really hear it. Then you hear it so hard that your ears burn. They are on fire with the words ....more