How to Save Thousands on Your Kids’ Teeth

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How to Save Thousands on Your Kids' Teeth

Big tears fall as I help him with his coat. "Come on buddy; we can go now." My hand on his shoulder, I navigate him out of the small room where we've spent the past hour and down the hall towards the waiting room. Several rooms with open doors reveal kids waiting patiently in dental chairs for their hygienist to arrive, their parents in seats beside them. They turn to stare as my distraught five-year-old begins to wail, "I want to leave this place and never come back!!!"...more

How a Crack in the Driveway Split Time

“Is it stupid that I’m sad the crack will be gone?” I turn to look at my husband, praying he’ll offer the validation I need in this moment. He looks directly at me, my heartache...more

Nine Signs You’re Not a Domestic Diva

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What New Parents REALLY Need to Know

You’re standing in line at the grocery store in yesterday’s clothes, fussing baby in your arms, hair pulled into a greasy ponytail. The cashier gives you a once-over before commenting, “This is nothing, Honey. Just wait until she’s three!” Even if she’s right, in that moment her words are far from helpful ....more

I Was Yours First: An Important Reminder to Husbands and Wives in the Season of Raising Children

The front door squeaks open, softly heralding your arrival. Cries of “Daddy!” fill my ears as three kids rush to be the first to give hugs. I smile, grab a dish towel to dry my hands, round the corner from the kitchen to the living room, and give you a peck on the cheek before […] ...more

Why I’m Embracing My Mom Guilt

This post...more

19 Homemade Cleaners You’ll Feel Good About Using

Before I had kids, I never really thought about the types of cleaners I used, and using homemade cleaners never crossed my mind. I figured the worse it smelled and the more chemicals it had in it, the better job it did at killing all the germs. Then I had my oldest and before I […] ...more

35 Reasons You’ll Cry the Week After Having a Baby

It was my third day as a mom. After an unplanned c-section, I was taking it easy at home and my in-laws were staying with us to help out as I recovered. My husband was on a men’s softball team, and that night he had his first game since becoming a father ....more