Irresistible Cream Puff Recipe (Betcha Can’t Eat Just One!)

Almost everyone I know has...more

Six Holiday Gift Buying Tips to Save You a Bundle

This post contains an affiliate link. At no cost to you, I will receive referral credit if you sign up for ebates through this link. Thanks for your support! ...more

Meme Monday: What Am I Here For?

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The Inches That Saved His Life

Inches. That’s how close we came. A distance we can physically measure that would have changed everything forever ....more

Meme Monday: Hello, Bedtime?

Meme Monday is back! I used to share the memes I made both on social media and here on the blog. Lately I’ve made a bunch, but they’ve only gone on Facebook, so it’s time for me to start cataloging them again ....more

71 Ways to Show Gratitude to Family, Friends, and Strangers

A light drizzle fell as I pumped gas on an unseasonably warm October day. As I waited for the tank to fill, I grabbed my phone. One new email message greeted me and it didn’t contain news I wanted to read ....more

The Five Stages of a Toddler Tantrum

Ahh, toddlers. They can go from being the most charming people on Earth to behaving like Satan’s spawn in the blink of an eye. Having gone through the toddler years three times now (well, four times if you count my own toddler years, but those are a bit hazy), I’ve become quite well-versed in the […] ...more

How to Create Your Own Style

Welcome to Part Two of the Teen/Tween Fashion Series, written by my 13 year old niece, Ellie. Last time she shared how to style one outfit four different ways. This week she’s sharing tips on how to create your own style ....more

Ready or Not

I wrote this post in October of 2012. It was the second post I ever published on my (now defunct) first blog....more

The Most Offensive Thing You’ll Read Today

I’ve noticed a trend over the past year or so that has gained momentum and doesn’t appear to be slowing. A slew of articles and blog posts have been written with titles that start something like, “Ten...more