The Day I Found Out He Was in Love With Someone Else

“Some of the boys have crushes on some of the girls.” I was wrist-deep in dishwater when he said it, scrubbing the remains of the day into the soapy warmth, completely unprepared for a conversation I imagined was still a few years away. Words began to rise in my throat, preparing to bounce off my […] ...more

My Brand New Look!

When I first started blogging, I thought it was just a matter of writing. However, when...more

I Asked, You Answered: What Surprised You Most About Parenthood?

In case you’re new to I Asked, You Answered, here’s how it works: Each time I send out my newsletter (Currently it’s once every two weeks, so you have no excuse not to sign up. No one can complain about one email every two weeks.) I include a question. They’re all over the board, from […] ...more

Easter Desserts Your Kids Can’t Screw Up

I know, the title is a little harsh. I...more

What Moms Do When Their Kids Are Away

I considered making the only thing in this post the following: Whatever. We. Want ....more

Does 3 Day Potty Training Really Work?

This post contains affiliate links. I’ll receive a small commission on any purchases made through these links. Thanks for your support! ...more

I Told My Two Year Old Her Butt was Big

“Mummy, I hafta pee!” My freshly...more

Goal Update: February

I wrote my January update so late in the month that it seems a little crazy to be writing another one already, but here we are. February was a pretty good month and it flew by. Here’s how I’m doing on my goals: Goal Update: February Goal 1: Self-publish a book Yeeeeah, still languishing in […] ...more

I Like It When They’re Sick

I like it when they’re sick. When the demands of the day come to a sudden, screeching halt. I like it when they’re sick ....more

I Asked, You Answered: Movie Theater

Last Sunday a bunch of movie people won some awards. I didn’t really care because I’d never seen any of the movies they won the awards for. Not one ....more