I Like It When They’re Sick

I like it when they’re sick. When the demands of the day come to a sudden, screeching halt. I like it when they’re sick ....more

I Asked, You Answered: Movie Theater

Last Sunday a bunch of movie people won some awards. I didn’t really care because I’d never seen any of the movies they won the awards for. Not one ....more

What’s Really Important

What’s Really Important I’m staring at my phone when he opens the driver’s door. He climbs in, drops...more

One New Food: Peas [Giveaway]

This post contains affiliate links. I will receive a small commission on any purchases made when my links are used. Thanks for your support! ...more

What Life is Like Where It’s Snowy and Cold [Video]

My friend Kristen, who lives in Miami, has told me several times that I need to write about what we go through up here in the frozen North during the winter months. Every time she’s said it, I’ve laughed and thought, “It’s just winter. We do it every year.” What Life is Like Where It’s […] ...more

33 Things About Me on My 33rd Birthday

Today I’m celebrating my 33rd birthday. My day will probably include a few well-wishing phone calls, wiping some poopy butts, making three different lunches to suit the desires of three different kids, not having to make dinner because I use any excuse I can not to cook, and an evening spent watching DVR’d shows. I […] ...more

When a Stranger Came Calling

I’m always wary when strangers come to the door, so one Saturday when an unfamiliar vehicle pulled into our driveway, I was instantly on alert. When a Stranger Came Calling A young man in his late teens or early twenties, with unkempt, curly hair exited the passenger seat, and an attractive middle aged woman in […] ...more

Goal Update: January

I know, I know. February is almost over and I’m writing a post about January. I’ve been planning it for a while, but other stuff kept getting in the way ....more

I Asked, You Answered: Best Karaoke Songs

Disclosure: I’ve used affiliate links to share the...more

Are You Doing Valentine’s Day All Wrong?

This post was originally published on February 15, 2014 Are You Doing Valentine’s Day All Wrong? February 14th. Valentine’s Day ....more