Week 32: The Ugly Truth

If you’re just joining me for the Keeping It Real Challenge, please click here to find out what it’s all about. Sometimes the truth hurts. When it’s spoken in love, though, it makes you realize that changes need to take place ....more

#ONENEWFOOD: Whole Wheat Flour

Last week Kristen and I both had mixed results with our #ONENEWFOODs. She tried snow peas and I tried both kale chips and raspberries. The snow peas and the kale chips did not fare well ....more

Seven Signs That Fall is on Its Way

You’re floating through summer, enjoying the slower pace, the days spent at the beach, the nights by a campfire. You feel as though it’s barely begun and then suddenly, BAM! Summer is over ....more

Back to School Grilled Cheese: How Facebook Saved the Day

It’s all began when I told the boys they could choose whatever they wanted for a ‘Night Before School Starts’ dinner. I thought they’d choose something kid-friendly, but still dinnerish. You know, pizza, nuggets and fries, something like that ....more

Week 31: The Cormier Kids and the Not Bummer Summer

First time joining me for the Keeping It Real Challenge? Click here to find out what it’s all about! Well, summer lasted about .038 seconds ....more

#ONENEWFOOD: Kale Chips and Raspberries

#ONENEWFOOD with Mommy in Sports and Oh, Honestly! Kale Chips and Raspberries Last week, several people said their kids love kale chips, so of course we had to try them. As soon as I pulled them out of the oven, the only thing I could think was, “There’s no freaking way.” I was right ....more

The Parenting Olympics: Do YOU Have What it Takes?

Every two years, nations all over the world come together to cheer on and celebrate the accomplishments of their elite athletes. It’s a wonderful and exciting time and those athletes deserve every ounce of recognition they receive. But what about the millions of people living quiet, unseen lives who not only deserve gold medals, but […] ...more

Week 30: A walk to remember

If this is your first time joining me for the Keeping It Real Challenge, please click here to find out what it’s all about. I like to go for walks with my kids. It gets us out of our house and yard and gives me the illusion that I’m getting some exercise while enjoying time […] ...more


Kristen and I are so excited by the response we got last week regarding #ONENEWFOOD. A lot of you expressed interest in joining us and we say “The more the merrier!” Why? Because: Everyone who does this is making a commitment to their family’s health and that is AWESOME! ...more

How to save money on back to school shopping

It’s that time again! The time when we suddenly realize that our kids start school next week and we haven’t done a darn thing to get ready for it. Yes, it’s back to school time ....more