Valentines Day is NOT so Sweet

Do you remember a time when Valentine’s Day was about young, sweet flirtations and chock full of excitement? And speaking of chalk…those dreadful tasting candy hearts were SUCH a hit. He gave me, “Be Mine!” Or better still, He thinks I’m a “Cutie Pie!” Ah, so creative, so deep, sheer poetry at its best!...more

Children Embracing Weirdness to Become Awesome

Mama, I can’t do that! I don’t want the kids to think I’m weird.My daughter’s words struck my abdomen, like a knife plunging into my soul.“Weird!” She said the “W” word.The first time I heard my child fearing others’ opinions, similar memories of mine were stirred up. Childhood fights on the playground, bickering in the girl’s room, or even worse … debating whether “Babe” cologne or “Love’s Baby Soft” was the best fragrance. It could get nasty....more
nursemommylaugh My pleasure, Stacey! Have a great day!more

There's No Whining in Grape Stomping

 This was previously printed on the blog, Nurse Mommy LaughsThere it was. A full-bodied, agreeable red, with nice legs, a hint of unbalance and a spirituous finish....more

Overeating to Numb the Past

Everyone has a story from their childhood which stains their persona, causing permanent damage in the pattern of grief or pain. We are human. That’s a perk of having a highly functioning brain and opposable thumbs.But how we handle those situations from our past is what forms our coping mechanisms. Let’s face it, some adults handle stress better than others. The remainder of us have stressors which trigger unhealthy behaviors....more

Anxious Parents Make Anxious Children: How I’m Letting Go

For as long as I can remember, I have been a riddled with anxiety. On the playground, I studied my tennis shoes with hopes I wouldn't be chosen for kickball. I sweated in the 40-degree weather with fear that my face would resemble a pug dog after one swift kick to my noggin. Dodge Ball boosted my worries in middle school gym class. I cowered in the back corners pleading to get hit in the shoes because the other kids might not have a strong enough arm to reach me. Please let me stay on the sidelines! ...more
Yoga is a great idea. I wish I could do it all day long. So sorry your anxiety has worsened with ...more

5 Ways to Teach Patience, Dammit!

There are certain times of the year, when stress levels sky-rocket, leaving parents tense, agitated and inebriated after their kids’ bedtime.This is not a new concept.Holiday stressors are the highest on the list: mounting blood pressure, gastric maladies, and what some medical experts call “hide-in-a-dark-closet-in-the-fetal-position-until-New-Years” disorder....more