Come Over to the Dark Side (of chicken)

Homemade Gnocchi

This is Not a Cheeseburger

Fall Into a Bowl of Soup


What Does a Criminal Look Like?

What Does a Criminal Look Like?

Ten Signs the One You Love is a Narcissist

My introduction to the concept of narcissism came by way of my mom reading me D’Aulairs’ Book of Greek Myths. The myth tells of a youth so infatuated with his own image that he drowns in a pool trying to kiss the beautiful face he sees reflected there. To me this meant that narcissists were people overcome with self-love and to avoid them I steered clear of the vain and self-important.  The irony was that I became a magnet for this type of mean and destructive individual....more
holy moly, i can totally relate to this.  !!!  thank you so much for posting.  <3more

What I Learned from My 600 lb. Life

I don't do it often, but sometimes, while channel surfing I find myself sucked in and realize why we watch reality TV. The first time I saw Hoarders all I could think of was what a sh*tstorm it was, and how does that happen to anyone. Then after finding myself on the third or fourth consecutive episode (in one afternoon) my thought was that watching it made me feel better about myself....more

There is Never a Good Answer

We go through life looking for answers in all the wrong places, and sometimes there is never a good answer. Last weekend I attended my first blogger conference, BlogHer 2014.  It was an amazing getting to meet so many virtual friends, and getting a taste of just how much I have yet to learn, about pretty much everything. There were some great speakers, including Kerry Washington who everyone (but me) seemed really stoked about seeing....more