Dear Melania

Dear Melania,...more

Dear Melania

Dear Melania,...more

Dear Melania

Dear Melania,...more

Let's Talk About Me

I used to be the sort of person who would ask about you and want to hear the answer, but lately my life seems to be one long conversation about me. How are you, ask people I haven't spoken to in months. My good friends, and family start conversations in concerned tones of How are you doing?  And so each exchange begins with me gladly obliging with a long narrative about my every twitch and twinge. I am happy to talk about myself and how I feel. Maybe a little too happy....more

Make the Best Mashed Potatoes Ever

I didn't grow up eating mashed potatoes, and when I tell people that my family has never had mashed potatoes for Thanksgiving they are always shocked. I think ours may be the only family in the USA that will not be eating mashed potatoes two weeks from today. I wouldn't say we never ate them, but it wasn't part of our rotation of regular sides. It's possible we didn't have them because we didn't have gravy, or maybe we didn't have gravy because we didn't have mashed potatoes. This could be a chicken—egg situation....more

My Appetite

If there has been one constant in my life, it has surely been my appetite. Each day I’d wake to the insistent rumblings in my stomach and my daily battle would begin. Would my appetite for yummy, fatty or sweet indulgences win, or would I quell my hunger with something more wholesome and healthy. On most days that tug-of-war was the undercurrent of my life and set the stage for my ongoing struggle between my better judgement and my love of preparing and eating what my appetite demanded....more

Need a Ticket to BlogHer Food in Chicago?

I have an early bird ticket to sell for BlogHer Food in Chicago this November. I paid $298 for the ticket, and that is the price I am asking. Unfortunately I have recently found out I need to have surgery, and will not be able to travel in November. Please email me if you're interested. ...more

Rotisserie Chicken Throwdown

Who makes the better rotisserie chicken; Costco or Whole Foods Market? Initially my intent was to do a blind taste test, but that didn’t happen. Nonetheless, we forged ahead and did our best to do part for part comparisons, and keep our experiment as scientific as my personality allows (so not so much)....more

How to Fall in Love With Your Body Through Swimming

I swim because I am thin and sleek and beautiful in the water. For thirty minutes a few times a week, I love my body and marvel at what it can accomplish. I cut through the water, feeling it on every part of me. The straps of my bathing suit form an X across my back, freeing my arms and shoulders to move without resistance, everything feels good. If I have time, when I am done I take off my bathing cap and goggles and float on my back with my eyes closed just hearing the water lap in my ears, letting the water hold me. ...more
I enjoyed this, you describe well the joys i feel while swimming.  I have arthritis, but in the ...more

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