Saying "Maybe" to Dating

Date.  Or date not.  There is no “try”.-Yoda, if he were to give advice on dating.I joke a lot about finding my future ex-husband.  I say that because I think I am destined to stay single the rest of my days.Not because I plan to get divorced again.  I don’t think I’ll even get near that step. Mainly it’s because I hate dating....more

Open Letter: Lady Outside My Polling Station

Dear Lady at the Polling Place Last Night,Hello.  I am sure you probably don’t remember me, but I remember you.  You were driving a large SUV, going the wrong way in the school’s driveway.  The driveway had already been closed off for people walking in to vote and for the campaign reps to set up stands, as allowed by law, for people going inside.Like this one…...more
lisagd22 -I think in this case, breaking the traffic barrier anyway, it gave her more ...more

This Election Day, Stop Saying "That" Phrase

Here in the USA,  today is the day to vote in the mid-term elections.  Polls have been open for hours now on the East Coast and between WordPress, Twitter and Facebook I keep seeing the following phrase repeated, over and over:If you don’t vote, you lose the right to complain about the government.Nice sentiment.  That’s about all I can say about it though....more

We Used to Be Friends

It’s something I saidOr someone I knowOr you called me upMaybe I wasn’t homeNow everybody needs some timeAnd everybody knowsThe rest of it’s fineAnd everybody knows—-“We Used to Be Friends” by The Dandy Warhols, 2003We want to think friendships automatically grow stronger over time, but the opposite is just as likely.  People’s lives and goals change.  They have different priorities.  They find others that they may have more in common with.  Maybe they really don’t understand what you are going through, or don’t want to be reminded of their own struggles, and want to distance themselves from it.Change may be subtle at first, attributed to work, family, other stress.  But then it takes a turn.  It’s just different; you really only know if you have experienced it yourself.  You keep reaching out, wanting to keep that connection, but you are getting further and further away with each attempt. ...more

Fifty Songs from My iPod. Again.

Day 2 and I am already resorting to a list post?Well, why not?  I haven’t done much posting about music recently. I figure this would  be a way to share some more of just how scattered I am personality-wise with my taste (or lack of it) in music....more

Will I Ever Be "Normal"?

Welcome to day 1 of National Blog Posting Month!  Today I am posting something I wrote earlier this week.  Not to worry, I will be writing new stuff on here and as always at my main blog, Not A Punk Rocker for every day in November   I plan to make some things exclusive to BlogHer as well....more

Please Help Save MORE Than a House

December 5, 2006.   I was upstairs in bed when the police came in, so I didn’t see them or know what was going on.“We have to go,” my now ex-husband said.We were being evicted.  I found out that night, from the police, that my spouse hadn’t paid rent in close to a year and was hiding the mail from me.  I didn’t know until it was too late.  ...more

No Apologies

 A lot of the blogs and FaceBook friends I follow have been posting motivational or inspirational quotes recently. I think a lot of these are great, but it got me thinking of this one:...more

Dating A Girl "Like Me"

Through a series of inferences and coincidences, my family found out I was dating somebody last year (the kid suspected and let it slip to his uncle, who proceeded to tell everyone else).  The break-up happened when the kid was away, so he had no idea that this not-yet-discussed-or-confirmed situation was no longer.  So, what I was met with the day I came to retrieve my precocious child was a Spanish Inquisition of sorts from my family, wanting to know about this “guy who would date (me)”....more
You definitely have a lot beauty--inside and out and your writing totally rocks. I love your ...more

A Recycled Soda Post

Today is Tuesday-As-Friday for me…so here is a post I wrote a little over a year ago that got recognized by the WP powers-that-be.  It was a very last-minute post, written after I had come out of the hospital and needing something to still be “in” NaBloPoMo 2012.  While I have cut back dramatically on the soft drinks since this was written, I could still use some improvement.  Now is as good a time as any for me to recommit to becoming healthy-ish and not wait until January....more