Please Help Save MORE Than a House

December 5, 2006.   I was upstairs in bed when the police came in, so I didn’t see them or know what was going on.“We have to go,” my now ex-husband said.We were being evicted.  I found out that night, from the police, that my spouse hadn’t paid rent in close to a year and was hiding the mail from me.  I didn’t know until it was too late.  ...more

No Apologies

 A lot of the blogs and FaceBook friends I follow have been posting motivational or inspirational quotes recently. I think a lot of these are great, but it got me thinking of this one:...more

Dating A Girl "Like Me"

Through a series of inferences and coincidences, my family found out I was dating somebody last year (the kid suspected and let it slip to his uncle, who proceeded to tell everyone else).  The break-up happened when the kid was away, so he had no idea that this not-yet-discussed-or-confirmed situation was no longer.  So, what I was met with the day I came to retrieve my precocious child was a Spanish Inquisition of sorts from my family, wanting to know about this “guy who would date (me)”....more
You're an amazing writer and you have opened my eyes to the fact that life is not about changing ...more

A Recycled Soda Post

Today is Tuesday-As-Friday for me…so here is a post I wrote a little over a year ago that got recognized by the WP powers-that-be.  It was a very last-minute post, written after I had come out of the hospital and needing something to still be “in” NaBloPoMo 2012.  While I have cut back dramatically on the soft drinks since this was written, I could still use some improvement.  Now is as good a time as any for me to recommit to becoming healthy-ish and not wait until January....more

Fifty Things from My iPod

For the rest of this week, I have decided to tackle list prompts. Partly because work is busy and, well, I'm lazy.  I am also being a bad rowmie/columnmate on the YeahWrite grid and need to catch on reading y'alls blogs too....more

The Locked Chapter in My Open Book

Trigger warnings for the subjects after the picture. The picture is all cute, but the subject isn’t....more

Getting Carded

I noticed that several of y’all have gone to the Tarot site that the always-awesome Mer had on her blog and are sharing your readings.  Since I did a similar post on my astrological sign recently, I figured I would try this next.  ...more

Search Term Envy

I’m jealous of y’all.   Yes, all of you, my fellow bloggers with cool, random blogs.  It isn’t because of the followers you have or the cool guest-posters you get.  Oh no.My jealousy comes from those who find your blog via Yahoo or Bing.  The search term posts.  You make me laugh while I die a little whenever I read what brings the searchers to your blog-yard.I gave it a try for a while, checking my stats to see what, if anything could be gleaned for humor.  My previous blog, the top terms were:...more
onewoman365 -Oh, that is a good one!more

The “Half-Way Through” Post: Then and Now

Last year when I participated in National Blog Posting Month, I had just started blogging. I thought blogging every day would be a great way to embrace this new venture and I would not want for ideas. Below is my post from 11/15 last year, with my current thoughts afterwards:...more

If I Look Good, He Looks Good. Or Something.

We had an hour to waste between having the glasses ordered and coming back to pick them up.  The kid, as mentioned before, had to start wearing glasses for the first time.  I would be wearing them full-time from now on (they are NOT bifocals...they are progressive lenses)....more