Cleaning & Homeschooling Don't Mix. . .Do They?

Preconceived notion about being a SAHM:“Since you stay at home all day your house should be clean. All the time.”That is a preconceived notion I myself have but only about myself. Not towards any other SAHMs, oddly enough. I expect that every other mom is so busy with her kids that her house won’t be neat and tidy and dust free all the time. But for some reason I hold myself to a different standard....more
Haha! This sounds like me, too! I thought we would try cleaning for an hour before we started ...more

How Monthly Freezer Cooking Works for Us

For several months I’ve been on the once-a-month freezer meal cooking bandwagon. When I first learned about monthly cooking, many years ago, it seemed like the things people were freezing to eat later were chili, soup, chili, another tomato based product, and chili. Not being so adventurous in the kitchen, the idea of cooking once a month sounded awesome, but the offerings left me hesitant to try it out. And I’m sure I was missing out on great recipes back then, but so be it....more

When Your Schedule Ruins Your Schedule

I like things neat and tidy. I live inside that box. As a homeschool mom I should have learned to let this go a long time ago. For a rule follower, list follower, in-the-box follower, I can be flexible sometimes. I can't yet consistently roll with the flow, though. When things aren't fitting inside my box, I feel anxious, get short-tempered, and contend with feelings of failure. Can anyone else relate? I am getting better though, and it seems as if what kills me is actually what ends up making me stronger. If I can just. adapt. to. change. ...more
JamiMullettBova Thanks, Jami! This is one of those times when I know what the truth is but my ...more

Things We Should Do Regularly (But Often Forget)

There are many precautions we can take to keep ourselves, our families and our homes safe. We often forget to take the precautions though. This article details 13 of the most often forgot about precautions that we should regularly schedule.                                   THE FRIDAY 13 -- Regularly Scheduled Maintenance Check the batteries in your smoke detectors. This should be done about every 30 days. Make it a standing appointment on your calendar. ...more

Taking the steps to be a SAHM (Stay At Home Mom)

Most couples live on two incomes with both people contributing fairly equally towards the couple's needs and wants. Could this same couple survive on one income? Could they successfully transition to one person working outside of the house and one person doing most of the work inside the home? ...more

How about what won't you be doing all day?

Some wannabe SAHM's ...more

Fake Bake or Green Goddess?

Here’s a lesson I’ve learned recently… If a bottle of self tanner warns you to wear gloves they mean it. They’re not just writing it to waste ink and space. That’s something I should know as a business woman. When the very first words of the directions are “wear gloves” you probably should stop what you’re doing, go find some gloves, and then proceed to finish reading the directions. ...more