Van Jones tells the most important Prince story we should tell

On CNN, Van Jones tells the truth about Prince's life, which is that Prince was a generous soul. He says this is the most important story to remember about the man other than Prince was a genius musician. I knew some of what Jones said about what Prince as philanthropist ....more

Prince on New Girl and SNL - 2014

The old video clips of this episode that I had on my 2014 post have vanished, of course. I think Fox made the me private? I don't know ....more

Rest in Peace, beloved Prince

I am a Prince fanatic. That's all I can say because I am undone by news of his death ....more

Watching Julia Child and Emeril's 1993 master chef video brings back memories of growing up in New Orleans

I can follow a recipe or simply throw something on the stove to see what happens, but I don't think of myself as a cook. That's probably because I don't love cooking. Still, watching this 1993 episode of Julia Child's PBS series Cooking with Master Chefs swept me into a misty nostalgia, ...more

Teaching black children to be slave catchers

Nothing reveals more than U.S. slave narratives (such as the one that follows) the psychological damage done to the enslaved in the U.S.A. and the ways slavery destroyed the black family. The horrific dysfunction of American society during slavery undoubtedly remains with this nation, and we should not forget what happened during that part of history as some people would like us to. In the ...more

The worst thing the Democratic Party can do now

Dear Democratic Party Voters: by Nordette N. Adams A "presidential" candidate has stood on television where he has proclaimed his genitalia grand and ready wood. Even in such small things, it’s his aim to defend his huge ego no matter what ....more

Steven Hart: Star Wars does not draw on literary classics but on classic pulp SciFi

I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens on New Years Day with my daughter, her boyfriend, and their friends. Yes, I enjoyed it. Director J. J ....more

A Personal Goodbye to All That for 2015 and Hello 2016

We humans love to make resolutions for the New Year. I don't really do that, but I think New Year's Eve is a good time reflect on 10 things I did in the year that's ending that I would prefer not to do again and to have in mind ways to become better at living life. Naturally, some of the issues end up on the list year after year, but since this is my first time sharing my list publicly, who ...more


If I've said anything about my ex -- good or bad -- even as an example to help somebody, so goodbye to all that. I make too many wisecracks about my failing memory, which probably makes it more likely that my memory will fail, so goodbye to all that. I put down my own work ....more