Non-Consumer Photo Essay — NYC Edition

It’s time for another...more

Non-Consumering Everywhere I Go

I’m day four into a week long trip to visit with my sister in NYC, and...more

Five Frugal Things

Now your turn. What frugal things have...more

Five Frugal Things

My sister has taken my practice of experiential gifts and bought me a ticket to go see Othello: The Remix for this weekend. Although my birthday isn’t until early January, we’ll be able to enjoy this off-Broadway show together during my visit. I picked up an adorable $2.50 Goodwill blouse...more

Non-Consumer Travel Hacks

I’m flying from Oregon...more

Five Frugal Things

I did a quick TV appearance this morning on AM Northwest, and although I thought about freshening up my wardrobe for the occasion, I chose instead to wear my everyday clothes. I knew I wouldn’t be seen from the waist down, plus it’s not as if I’m a fashion or beauty blogger. I presented about making holiday wreaths from Goodwill ornaments and managed to work in the phrase “over manufacture of consumer goods” even though the segment was just a few minutes long ....more

Buy Nothing Day . . . But What About The Other 364 Days?

For most Americans, the day after Thanksgiving is known as...more

Think You Can’t Make a Living From Garbage Picking? This Montreal Man Does!

If you were the type of child who daydreamed about hunting for buried treasure, you’re not alone. Many of us assumed we’d have a career where paperwork meant a treasure map, featuring a great big “X” marking the location of a chest spilling over with gold doubloons, jewels and priceless artifacts. Believe it or not, there’s a Montreal man who’s actually living this dream ....more

Five Frugal Things

I transformed...more

Five Frugal Things

My husband and I stopped for coffees before a car trip,...more