A Blip in The Otherwise Awesomeness of The Blog

The blog has been having problems ever since I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress. (Ha!) I first tried to remedy it through WordPress, then through my hosting company and am now working with WP Fixit, and am hoping to have the blog up and running by tomorrow. Things you’ve missed from my gripping life: I spent Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday at work; and am looking forward to a big...more

Five Frugal Things

After two weeks...more

Non-Consumer Gems From a World War II Scrapbook

My mother recently gave me a vintage scrapbook that she gleaned from the pay-by-the-pound Goodwill Outlet. (Actually she was giving it to my sister, but I dove in and scooped it up for myself.) It’s full of wonderful World War II era magazine articles that encourage the make it do message of the time. Check out the article about how to replace umbrella fabric! ...more

Conscious Uncluttering

Like Gwyneth and Chris’ conscious uncoupling, I am in the midst of my own conscious uncluttering. Conscious because I am on a rabid...more

Paving The Way for Big Changes

My name is Katy Wolk-Stanley and I’m 46-years old. I’ve been with my husband since I was 19, in the same job as a labor and delivery nurse since I was 27 and I plug away at projects on my 100-year-old house as I’ve been doing since 1996....more

Cultivating a Creative Mindset

The weather here in Portland made a sudden and not necessarily welcome switch over to autumn...more

The Frugal Practice of Home Haircuts

Home haircuts have been a staple of frugal family life since broke people started growing hair. I cut my sons’ hair until middle-school, when they started wanting specific cuts; and I’ve been cutting my husband’s hair since...more

Arranging Books by Color

Remember when I spent all that time styling my living room shelves? Yeah it wasn’t for me ....more

And The Inoffensive Decorator Comes Out of Retirement!

Living in a 100-year-old fixer upper means we never run out of home improvement projects. Some have that HGTV wow factor, while others simply keep the house from looking like it’s inhabited by busy people without a budget for the fun stuff. And when our projects veer away from brag-worthy to meh ....more

Today I Am . . .

Today I am ...more