Today I Am . . .

Today I am ...more

Non-Consumer Mish-Mash

It’s time for another Non-Consumer Mish-Mash, where I write a little bit about this and a little bit about that. Celebrity Homing I was reading through the Sunday paper this morning when I came across the syndicated Hot Properties column which features...more

Five Frugal Things

My husband’s health insurance uses an online pharmacy that dispenses 90-day prescriptions for the normal price of a 30-day scrip, so we try to use it whenever possible. However, one of my husband’s prescriptions ran out without us noticing. This meant I had...more

Five Frugal Things

I downloaded the Apple Podcast app onto my phone so I can...more

Birthday For a 17-Year-Old Boy

Yesterday was my younger son’s 17th birthday, and as always we made a rather enormous to-do about it. Which for us...more

Five Frugal Things

My family spent yesterday celebrating my younger son’s 17th birthday. Because we ate a filling lunch in the late afternoon, we didn’t end up needing a dinner. I finished reading my library books, but have two waiting to be picked up ....more

Too Cheap

My husband had a soccer game yesterday, and I spent a fair amount of time walking around the surrounding track and spying...more

Celebrating Birthdays on The Cheap

Although my family’s birthdays are generally spread out throughout the year, we do have a few that clump up in the middle of May. First around the bend is...more

“When We Were The Poorest, We Had The Most Fun”

From Anybody Can Do Anything, a memoir by Betty MacDonald about making do and the...more

Five Frugal Things

My neighbor posted on Facebook about having two...more