Five Frugal Things — Staycation Edition

We’ve been on a mini-staycation the past few days, which is extremely frugal. (Especially when your mother owns a vacation rental cottage!) However, the vacation mindset is hard to avoid, even when a certain supposedly frugal someone is a mere...more

Today I Am . . .

Today I am ...more

Five Frugal Things

I worked the past two days and brought my own breakfast and lunch both days. I drank the mediocre coffee instead of walking down to one of the hospital cafes, and drove my Prius both ways while listening to Dave Ramsey Podcasts. I treated...more

This Little Piggy Went to Goodwill

All other targeted savings banks need to bow down to the queen! The tulle veil! The pearl tiara! ...more

Fried Charger = No Blog Post

My Mac Book’s charger is crisper than a Kentucky Fried Chicken, so I’m writing this blog post on my phone. I have lead on a used one through my local buy nothing group, but for now there’s no real blog post for today. Have a frugal day! ...more

Non-Consumer Photo Essay — Insane Portland Free Piles!

Last night my son and I drove through a nearby wealthy neighborhood that had just completed a one-day garage sale event. I wanted to use this as an opportunity to show you how bug-fudging insane Portland’s free piles have become. We drove around for maybe thirty...more

Five Frugal Things

I shampooed an Ikea rug that I’d pulled from a trashcan in my father’s neighborhood. My younger son wants it for his room, so we’ll go ahead a sell the too-small one he’s been using. I have people coming to the house today to buy soccer tickets and a children’s table ....more

The Ethics of Selling Stuff From Free Piles

My “Five Frugal Things” posts often mention how I glean items from free piles and then turn around...more

Five Frugal Things

Yesterday was my father’s 80th birthday, and although I begged...more