How My Child with Special Needs Made Me a Filmmaker

When my son slept in the incubator in the NICU, I didn't know what to do. I couldn't straighten up due to the stitches in my abdomen. The delivery was an emergency c-section. My IV stood next to me like a shadow. I spent many hours there, waiting for my son to come home. I put my hand on the plastic box, wishing I could touch him. I didn't know it then, but that is when I became a filmmaker. ...more

One Tomato at a Time, We Can Have It All

We can have it all. The end of the summer harvest reminds us of the bounty; brings forth the fruits of our labor. A tomato, ripe and red, calls out to be eaten, enjoyed, and relished. (Tomato relish?) Anyway, as I was saying.... ...more

To the Back of the Bus: Finding a Place for All

The crowd streamed onto the bus. Everyone set for a day at the fair. "Where do you want the wheelchair?" I asked the driver. The bus was old, it didn't have a wheelchair lift or space to sit. "Right here," the driver said. "I'll put it next to me." We'd waited in line; the kids were antsy. We had no idea when the next shuttle arrived. We shuffled to the back of the bus and stood as no seats remained. ...more

Harvest Moon, Heal Me

My son shrieked. I turned to look. Unfortunately, it was at the exact minute the light turned red. Unfortunately, it was also at the exact time a police officer was right behind me. A few blocks later he pulled me over. I had no idea I went through the light. He handed me the ticket and assured me that if I decided to go to court, he'd be there. ...more

Pop the Top and Set the Garbage Free

Inside I keep secrets. Secrets of our sorrows; unsaid pain from those who've been cruel. I've stashed and dumped my embarrassments, failures, shortcomings, and self-worth into a bucket; topped it and thought I moved on. With an eye on that new job or new relationship, I can start anew! Or can I? ...more
Thanks for sharing so honestly!!! Beautifully writtenmore

If a Squirrel Could Paddle a Canoe and Other Musings...

Pull back and let the odd in. Yes, we must zoom in to deal, to change, to get ahead. Pulling the lens back gives value to those things we may have left out of the frame. ...more

Healing Can Even Happen in the Checkout Lane

A woman in a wheelchair was checking out at the grocery store. As she put each item on the shelf, my son unloaded our cart in the space behind. He waited somewhat patiently as the clerk got everything in bags. Then, her card was denied. ...more

National Dog Day: A Special Day for Dogs

It's a dog's day in the afternoon. Warm, moist, just as summer should be. As I walk, my dog trots by my side. He pants as his paws pad through the grass. His nose ready to find what only he can find. My son laughs with so much glee, he seems to elevate.   ...more

The Joker, Gibberish, and the Macarena: Emergency Tools to Keep Afloat

When I want to sink, give up, chuck-it all, or throw in the towel, I know it is time to search for a life preserver - those daily, easy-to-use tools that save me when the darkness rolls in and the tide wants to pull me out. As a single parent with one child with special needs, it is vital to my life support systems to have a safety network of tools to reel me in to shore so I can dry off, pick myself up and go on. ...more

Stepping Out: A Necessary Time-Out for Moms

When I can count on my one hand how many times I've been out on my own without kids in the last few months, I get scared. Not a scream-in-the-dark-because-there's-a-monster-in-the-closet scared, but scared I'm getting crispy around the edges. ...more