Winter Weekends

What to do on a winter weekend?If I were wealthy and had means, I would escape to either a ski lodge or a tropical beach.As it is, I'm at home in Ohio, because my means are limited.So, how to fill up the time on a cold, snowy, winter weekend dat?1. Make Soup - a pot of warm, bubbly, hearty soup is a great way to pass some time. There's a certain amount of pleasure derived from chopping vegetables into half inch bits....more

Warm your belly with fruit cobbler

Cold weather makes me want to bake things. I preheat the oven and start looking for ingredients in the cupboard and refrigerator that I can turn into something yummy.This week, I discovered some apples and pears that looked like they wanted to cozy up with some biscuits.The result was this wonderful Winter Fruit Cobbler!...more

Looking Forward to 2014!

I know it's not New Year's Eve yet. I know I'm a little bit early according to popular practice, but I'm starting to think about New Year's Resolutions and Planning 2014.Why? Because I'm a list maker, a working mother, a blogger, a business woman, a planner, a worrier, a doer and a thinker.  I know some of those don't fit with the rest, but it's who I am.I begin thinking about New Year's Resolutions, because I'm looking at my calendar and trying to plan the next week and month of menus, blog posts, appointments and commitments....more

Thanksgiving Dinner Stress

I have fallen into the horrible "Holiday Stress Trap".I've worked hard to avoid it for years, mostly successfully, I might add.This year, however, the Holiday Season has approached and somehow, back handed me with a pile of stress. I imagine there are factors that most of you will agree contribute to the stress, naturally and normally....more

Garlic Lime Chicken Recipe

Sometimes I get tired of eating the same old things, week after week. Do you feel the same way?...more

Morning Disrupted

Saturday mornings in the summer are a special time.The ones that begin slowly are a treat. The deck is damp from overnight rain showers.The sun has peeked over top the tree line at the back of the property.A low mist fogs the neighbor’s garden.Water droplets give a gray appearance to the green carpet of the lawn.A hot cup of coffee and low conversation is how we start our day.Watching the steam rise from the garage roof as it warms in the sun.Listening to the squirrels chatter between the maple trees....more

Joy in Little Things: Throwing in the Towel

After the first use of the new towels, I was hesitant to claim a worthwhile investment. I just wasn’t sure that they did a good job. Why? Because I hadn’t rubbed my skin rough with old cotton fibers. I had run a smooth, soft, caressing towel over my skin and the water disappeared....more
New towels.  Let me just rest in that luxury for a second.  Next thing you know I'll be dreaming ...more

How Life Skills are Super Powers

I was asked the question: If you were a superhero, what would be your hidden superpower?My superpowers seem to be a bit diverse. I’m not sure what I would pick to be the one I’d be stuck with forever.   The first superpower seems to be that I can make a meal out of practically nothing. All too often, I’ve gone to fix supper and found “Old Mother Hubbard’s Cupboards” in my kitchen. (if you don’t remember the nursery rhyme, you’ll have to look it up!) ...more
Fun post!more

Energize to Shania Twain

Shania Twain’s “Honey I’m Home” is one song that never fails to get me singing along at the top of my lungs and dancing all around! The upbeat rhythm and catchy lyrics have always appealed to me. My daughter and I wore out the CD we had with this song on it. We played it so often!Shania just seemed to capture the feelings of every hard working woman in her lyrics. It’s no wonder on those days when I felt like I’d worked a 40 hour week in an 8 hour day, that I wanted to shout these lines from the rooftop:...more

Morning is Time for Getting Things Done

At what time of day do you feel the most energetic and productive?   My best time of day for getting things done is morning. My husband would say that early mornings are a good time of day for me. While, I agree that before caffeine, I’m not so productive, but once I get rolling, watch out.   Mornings are the time when I do the best writing and administrative work. I start with checking my emails and the news, then move on to my daily To-Do list. If the day goes well, I’m through most of the list by 1:00 pm....more