Marriage, and Movie Review of The Vow

"Love and Marriage, Love and Marriage... GO together like a horse and carriage" (go on sing it you know you want to) Last night my Giant and I sat down to watch the movie The Vow. Have you seen it? Well, actually we watched the manly movie Chronicle first, and then it was my turn to pick. Knowing full well that The Vow was going to be a chick flick I took the risk of it being ruined by watching it with Men instead of My Chicks (2 Barge Men no less). Hey, I'm a risk taker(no I'm really not) and I took my chances and I believe I won....more

What If The Hokey Pokey Really IS What It's ALL About?

What if The Hokey Pokey Really is What It's all about? Life is funny. We get up day after day not knowing truly what lies ahead. I mean we can plan, we can plot, but in the end no one really knows what their day will hold. Or even if it will be their last. I don't often think like this, but when I do it reminds me of this scripture;...more

On Being Italian

On Being Italian I am completely partial to the part of my heritage that is Italian. Even though I am only half Italian, some from my mom, some from my dad, I may as well be one entirely, because I just really love the "way" they choose to live life. I talked a lot about ways to live life earlier this week found here, His Way, but one of the other ways to live life is the Italian way :) It's not that I don't have other countries running through my veins it's just that something within me identifies so very much with the Italians. ...more