Proud Mamma Moments

In the chaos that is daily life we sometimes wonder if we're getting it "right".  I'm assuming/hoping I'm not the only one that is questioning myself from time to time...or every day.  Most days I feel like I'm running in a hundred different directions trying to do everything and doing none of it well.  Between work and pressure to get more done there, keeping up with the responsibilities of being Mom (they actually expect me to feed them every day!!!) I wonder if my little treasures slip through the cracks....more

Date nights are no longer just for the parents

I have been on a few dates these past few months, and I've loved dating again.  They were not with my husband.  No, I'm not cheating on him.  They were with the other two loves of my life, my boys....more

The Principal Called, and Now I Have to Talk to My Son About Sex

I just got a call from the principal. My heart froze. My second grade son can get too silly and wound up and get in trouble sometimes at school. But he's never gotten into any "real" trouble. He's never been sent to the principal for any reason other than a reward for good behavior. What in the world happened? My son, my angelic little guy who is so sweet and kind at home, said something inappropriate on the bus to a second grade girl. He said something to her about a sex tape. Dear God. Say that again? He said WHAT? ...more
Tammy Soong He knew he shouldn't have said it, but you're right, he didn't fully understand it.  ...more

She's here

I wrote a piece before of the agony of waiting to adopt, not just for the adopting parents, but for all the extended family.  As a family unit we dreamed, yearned, and grieved. That is over.  And she is here.In June that beautiful, perfect, tiny little girl that we had dreamed of and prayed for and agonized over arrived.  No special fan fare.  No trumpets.  No parting of the clouds with a choir of angels.  She arrived in the usual fashion, and it was perfect.Now, our family is whole....more

The agony of waiting

Adoption is hard.  Period.  And I'm not even the one adopting.I have family that has struggled for years to have a child together.  For years and years they have struggled, prayed, grieved, hoped, and despaired.  As a family we have all run through these emotions with them.  And it's been agony....more
JillR Thanks.  I know there is no way around it, but I just really feel for them.  This week is ...more

Kids bring the unexpected

Kids bring the unexpected into your life.  You have this vision, this perfectly laid plan, for your life, and they mess it all up.  In the most wonderful ways, of course.  Mostly.Before the birth of my first son I envisioned exclusively breastfeeding with a look of blissful contentment on my face, endless patience, and the promise to always make my husband feel special, no matter how tired I was from kids.  I would always take the time to shower and put on makeup, take pride in how I looked.Right....more

Changing Self Talk

In the list of personal traits I prayed my boys would inherit from me, my shyness and poor self talk were not among them.  Unfortunately, my oldest son took those as his own.  Hearing it shatters my heart....more

Yes, I Take a Lot of Pictures, and No, I'm Not Going to Stop

I'm a photo junkie. By no means a means a talented artist, I have been accused of being somewhat obsessed. I am decidedly unapologetic about this. I love my kids, and I want to hold onto this age, this moment, forever and ever. I am not forever behind the camera; I am an active participant in the lives of my boys. It's about balance, people. But I love to take a special moment in time, and freeze it to revisit over and over. I have my share of posed pics with silly smiles, but I have a plethora of albums full of candid, in the moment shots that I cherish and treasure. ...more

3 Cheers for Boys

Boy (n) - A noise with dirt on it. If you have boys, you know the truth of that statement.  My youngest never has a clean face.  This is not for lack of my trying.  I wipe that angelic little face a thousand times a day.  It's just that he's a magnetic force no speck of dirt can resist.  His face is streaked with sweat, tears and grime.  His mouth in ringed with the last food he ate.  And this is 10 seconds after I've cleaned him and he's not been given any other food. That's a boy. My oldest is obsessed with dinosaurs and Apache he...more

Saying Good Bye

Dear Sammi, I miss you so much!  We always joked that you likely thought the world would come to a crashing hault when you died as you made it clear you thought we couldn't do anything right without you.  You were darn near right.  Although it does go on without your soulful eyes, stubby wagging tail, and constant nagging, it is lacking.  The world became a less beautiful place when you left it.  Our world did, at least. When you chose us that fateful day nearly 13 years ago at the humane society our lives were altered....more