First day of school 2014

Today was the first day of school for the Little Nies. Jane complained of a stomach ache and stayed home. ...more


It is the Little Nies first day of school today! This has been a much anticipated day for each of them. Last night, the whole family journeyed to the elementary school where we met ...more

I am ALIVE six years later...

{2009 by Blue Lily} On Saturday, Mr. Nielson and I spent our 6th anniversary...more

Ranch living day #5- final day

Toady was the final day at the glorious ranch. Mr. Nielson and I stole a few hours away and took off on a...more

Ranch living day #3

Day three we took a field trip to Santa Fe,...more

Ranch living day #4

Today at the ranch we spent our time riding ...more

Ranch living Day #2

Day two of ranch living was mostly spent out by the barn where...more

Ranch living Day #1

Mr. Nielson and I, along with the Little Nies spent almost a full week at the gorgeous ranch in New Mexico last week. I love this place with all my heart ....more

October 26th, 2008 story #4

{Life B/C (before-crash) with Nicholas at the ranch...more

October 7th, 2008 story #3

{Dad and Mom at my side) (please note, that these medical charts were dictated by an RN so I...more