Welcome Summer 2016

First Day of school: August 19, 2015 I made the last four brown paper sack lunches for the Little Nies yesterday. Gooping extra amounts of peanut butter on Nicholas's bread, no large strawberry chunks in the jam for Ollie's sandwich,...more


"That one time Christian brought a cow head home from the ranch" Part 1 Christian calls Stephanie on the phone as he is driving home from the ranch....more


(I wont be available to chat through Mormon.org today, Please come back next week! ) Today after school the Little Nies waltzed through the door with full backpacks. They had cleaned out desks and lockers ....more

Odds and Ends

Can you spot Mr. Nielson? Mr ....more


Christian had planned for us a delightful little overnighter at the...more


When Christian got home last night, he told me about a weekend getaway he had planned for us. So, adieu! I'm out! ...more

High and Low

You know when I know it's time to eat our meals outside on the porch table? When I can start smelling the amazing waft of the Russian Olive tree, and I have. So tonight I set the table outside,made one-pan pasta (the best & easiest dinner), and we went around sharing our "highs" and "lows" for the day ....more

Thumbs up.

Chatting tomorrow, join me.* * * * * * * I read an old journal entry from May 2009. I remembered my hands were still wrapped up in...more

The next best thing.

Christian has been to the ranch for a lot of days in March, tons of April, and loads of May....more

Me (& your children)

Dear Mr. Nielson (still at the ranch with his "girls"- the heifers), Yesterday morning I had an early morning meeting for church and left the Little Nies sleeping in bed. Oliver was awake (you know he wakes up at 6:00 EVERY MORNING...crazy boy),...more