Just say yes!

These faces, these people all have something wonderful in common....more

You smooth things over.

Lets chat today! Dear Mr. Nielson (at the ranch), These days are long and exhausting without you ....more

Let's do this

Another week has begun and another project will posses my life. This time I will take on the garage. I am so happy to report that I have donated over 30 sacks full of...more

Table for one

Sundays are my favorite days of the week, and this is why:...more

Paint away

Lottie has been so patient with me these past few days as I have spent ALL DAY in the dark basement sorting and organizing. She's good anywhere as long has she has a table, paints, paper and markers. I set up a little spot next to the window where she paints away ....more

 Today I took

Today I took a break from my basement organizing project...more

Beautiful Girl

(Chatting today) Mr. Nielson has been at the ranch since Monday and while he's gone I've decided to deep clean my basement. I am getting rid of things, organizing papers, and going through files ....more

Spring driving

Sometimes Mr Nielson, the Little Nies, and I just hop in the car and drive....more


Yesterday we celebrated my Mother's 71st birthday....more


This morning, while hiking I rolled and fractured my foot. Awesome. It hurts really bad, and I can't walk on it....more