Sometimes we want to have growth without challenges and to develop strength ...more

Do you live in Arizona?

(That is me after my long coma, stretching my legs...more


It's been said that pregnant women crave things....more

We will gather

Happy weekend to you!...more

I'm on my bed.

This is it folks....more

Bigger picture

**Thank you everyone for your well wishes on Little Nie #6! Your prayers and encouragement mean more to me than you know!** I got a phone call today from Dr L. who congratulated me on baby Nielson #6 ....more


Big NEWS!!!! Little Nie number six is due in Spring 2015! When the girls found out, they both cried the sweetest, happiest tears ....more


I spoke at a large event over the weekend. It went fine, I think I was in pretty good control of my emotions-- this time....more

You never know how much good you do

{This photo by Justin Hackworth, was taken last summer when...more

Hold still

My life around 7:46 pm:...more