I think Nicholas has a phobia of paper....more

Big Deal.

Today in the pouring rain, I ran some errands. First stop was to the dry cleaners....more

Spring at Sundance

Yesterday, along with my brother Andrew and his family,...more

Memorial Day 2015

Happy Memorial Day to one and all....more

The Making Table

Last month the Little Nies and I enjoyed a wonderful day of art! Krisanne and Ann from The Making Table...more

Wiser girls

The photo below was taken on Mother's Day 2007. It was also used in the Mormon Message "The Power of Hope" in 2009. (You can watch that here--it's really beautiful) ....more

It's just a test.

Sometimes I look at old photos of myself just to remember what it felt like tobend my fingers and twist and move without pain and discomfort. Or remember what it was like wear lipstick. Sometimes I look at these photos with tears in my eyes because...more

Bathroom stall texting

Since Mr. Nielson and I were in Idaho for a funeral yesterday (more on that later), Claire was dropped off to school early today by my sweet sister Lucy. Around 9:10--about 15 minutes before school began,...more

Mourn with those that mourn

On April 15th, Randy Palmer (husband to Lindsay (center),...more