Six reasons I am happy this weekend...

I am beyond excited for this weekend for six reasons: -The first and foremost is that it's General conference weekend....more

Pleasant Memories

Today I spent the day preparing for weekend guests...more

Never let your arms hang down.

Chatting today! * * * *...more

Hiking in Autumn

Each day I wake up and hike the "Y". ...more

Jump the Gun

Over the weekend we had a lovely rainstorm that lasted most of the weekend. It was cold, cozy, and fantastically dreary. Little by little this past month I have methodically taken out...more

Rising Star

Last night I had the opportunity to speak at the ...more


I know these leaves will be dead and crumble off thier branches tomorrow,...more

I only get one chance.

I am chatting today! ...more

Sticking to my guns

After our meager Family Home Evening tonight,...more

The weekend I took the Little Nies to Heaven.

I took the Little Nies for a ride through...more