The girl who pretended

[TW: Allusions to sexual assault and mention of mental illness]Some boys had me pretending. They never had me, but I pretended.As they talked at me about politics, opinions, sex, whatever, my attention wandered. I pretended to listen and agree. Maybe it was their tone or their demeanour, but I never really thought my input was asked for. Maybe it was because of a culture where women’s voices are devalued that I rarely sought to raise my own....more

'How I Met Your Mother' and the Hollywood Love Fantasy

It’s safe to say most How I Met Your Mother viewers were disappointed by the final episode. For me, this show had been going downhill for a long, long time and the convoluted writing of the last episode just confirmed that the writers lost control of the plot several seasons ago. Although I am pretty irritated that Ted and Robin ended up together, the fact is that this show had been failing in my eyes because of its ridiculous portrayals of relationships that weren’t Lily and Marshall’s. ...more
*Finally* Series 9 has also finished in the UK, so at last I can read these posts without having ...more

Woman lectures ladies on being alone on Valentine’s day, world laughs at her face

(or that’s what I want to happen)...more

The real toxicity of online feminism

[TW: Transphobia, online harassment]...more
"Is Goldberg really comparing being told 'this is offensive' to being sent photos of lynchings?" ...more

How do I make friends in my early twenties?

About a year and a half ago I moved back to my hometown, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I already have a small group of friends but as a woman of 23 years of age, already graduated from university, currently finding herself I've recently realizedI have no idea how to make friends in a non-acedemic context.It's pretty simple making friends when you're studying: you're just sat next to people for so long you start bonding over whatever it is that you're learning. Cue the library Facebook statuses that probably irritate other people who are not in college anymore....more
AlishaRouse BlogHer It was like 'I am gonna cry cos your life is so hard for me! wah wah wah me ...more