She Will Haunt You

You can’t place the enchantment in her eyes.She’s foreboding. But not here for you to experience or box into any one word. She is bigger than your perception and stronger than your need to savor her flame. She frightens you because her fragrance is the last star shining brightly in the morning sky. She tastes like forbidden fruit and sounds like every love song you’ve felt destroy your broken heart.She isn’t merely the fire; she is the ignition. The fuel to the blaze....more

Rape is not an ugly word.

 "Rape is an ugly word. I find it troublesome to read the word rape, not because I have experienced it, but because it is a harsh word, it has an appalling connotation. Can’t you use sexual assault instead? I think it would appease more readers.”...more

I Don’t Want Them To Go Back To School

I don’t want summer to end....more

How My Rape Trial Ruined My Faith in the Justice System

I don’t care if one million people write about this story, and I happen to be a small voice among them. I don’t care if you think I am jumping on a bandwagon of trending rage. I don’t care if your Facebook feed becomes inundated with similar posts. And I certainly don’t care if you are tired of hearing Brock Allen Turner’s name.  ...more

I was sexually assaulted and it wasn't in a target bathroom.

Let me start by saying I’m Canadian; we don’t have Target Stores in Canada, but we do have public bathrooms. So my need to weigh in on the transgender bathroom issue scales as heavy as any Americans. We also have similar statistics to the U.S. regarding child molestation and rape. An issue I believe is of much more importance than where a HUMAN BEING uses the bathroom....more

My Eating Disorder is a mind-altering hell.

For the first time in three years, since having surgery on my knee, I have started to workout again. I have run for some time, but recently introduced weights and clean eating.It’s been just over a month, and I’ve only lost five pounds....more

7 Things I Want My Teen Daughter to Know About Sex

My daughter turns 14 next month. We have an open line of communication when it comes to "the birds and the bees." To be honest, my Mom and I did as well. However, it didn’t change the fact I chose to speak with my girlfriends about sex and not my Mom. I’m aware teenage girls find solace in their girlfriend’s and would preferably have those types of conversations with their peers. Albeit, I want her to know she can come to me when she needs, with any question. ...more
Very good points. My daughter is soon going to be 16 and I agree the lines of communication are ...more

OMG, Did you hear?

 Gossip, I have written about it before, maybe it’s because I have been at the end of a whispered word far too often in my life. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve learned how awful it is. How embarrassing it is to be the focus of murmured words....more

4 Things That Will Not Make Your Child a Better Person

We as parents are given copious amounts of responsibility when the nurse hands our baby to us in the delivery room. It’s like: "Here you go. Hold this little human being (that you know nothing about) and keep it alive, okay, got it?" Somehow we do; we keep them alive and do everything we can to raise them to the best of our ability. But that doesn't mean we don't carry an intense fear of fucking them up. Parental guilt washes over us the moment that baby screams its way into our unprepared arms. ...more
Love this. As an expecting mom, I like "keep them alive" much better than "this is the ONLY way ...more