7 Things I Want My Teen Daughter to Know About Sex

My daughter turns 14 next month. We have an open line of communication when it comes to "the birds and the bees." To be honest, my Mom and I did as well. However, it didn’t change the fact I chose to speak with my girlfriends about sex and not my Mom. I’m aware teenage girls find solace in their girlfriend’s and would preferably have those types of conversations with their peers. Albeit, I want her to know she can come to me when she needs, with any question. ...more
Very good points. My daughter is soon going to be 16 and I agree the lines of communication are ...more

OMG, Did you hear?

 Gossip, I have written about it before, maybe it’s because I have been at the end of a whispered word far too often in my life. Maybe, just maybe, I’ve learned how awful it is. How embarrassing it is to be the focus of murmured words....more

4 Things That Will Not Make Your Child a Better Person

We as parents are given copious amounts of responsibility when the nurse hands our baby to us in the delivery room. It’s like: "Here you go. Hold this little human being (that you know nothing about) and keep it alive, okay, got it?" Somehow we do; we keep them alive and do everything we can to raise them to the best of our ability. But that doesn't mean we don't carry an intense fear of fucking them up. Parental guilt washes over us the moment that baby screams its way into our unprepared arms. ...more
Love this. As an expecting mom, I like "keep them alive" much better than "this is the ONLY way ...more

Loaded Baked Potato Perogies

I make perogies among other things, but my perogies are kind of famous. At least they are amongst my group of friends. I started my own little perogy business a few years back ( Pin-Up Girl Perogies ) but wasn’t able to get it off the ground as I’d hoped.The Food industry is difficult to break into. So here I am sharing my secret recipe, well not exactly, I am not sharing the exact dough I use, but a variation of it. Sorry, my dough is top secret. If I told you I would have to kill you. I have a Ukrainian background, thus my broad shoulders. Shoulders strong enough to plough fields and roll out perogy dough. Strong Like Bull as one of my Great Uncle’s deemed a compliment when he met my fourteen-year-old self. Maybe not in Canada Bunny! Seriously his actual name is Bunny. And seriously “Strong Like Bull” is not a compliment to a young impressionable Canadian Teenager. Enough about me and my crushed dreams, let’s talk about PEROGIES. The recipe I am sharing with you today is an adaptation of one my Mom used to make when I was a kid. A memory I cherish....more

Body Shaming and Eating Disorders - My Story

Two fingers and no gag reflex makes for a lot of work if you want to be bulimic.Wait, no one wants to be bulimic, but it happens. The more we shame society in any way. The more we teach our children they are not as good as that airbrushed celebrity. The more we open more doors to disorders like these. Let’s do something. Let’s Stop! ...more

I Gave Birth To A Miracle

At 5 1/2 weeks pregnant, I had a miscarriage. Actually, I didn't know I was pregnant until having the miscarriage. It was a substantial period, I was trying to get pregnant again, and wanted to make sure all was okay with my innards. So I went to see my doctor. My doctor informed me it was normal for women to miscarry this early in pregnancy, and most women aren't aware it's even a miscarriage, mistaking it for a late and heavy period. He explained I may have some spotting and abnormal menstruation over the next couple months, and it was perfectly normal. Nothing to worry about. The next few months I did just that, had abnormal periods and spotting. I went on with life as usual. My son was just under two then, so life was busy. Occasionally I would have some cramping around the time I was supposed to have my period, nothing new. My menstruation cycle did seem lighter. But as my doctor said nothing to worry about, all of this was normal. That is until around two months after the initial miscarriage....more

5 Lists I'm Not On Board With

I open my Facebook every day inundated with how to’s and what not to’s. The craziness is I have started to read these god forsaken lists and have thought from time to time. Yup, this is going to help me. Maybe I will parent, run, work, lose weight or I dunno – dance better?You list writers are sneaky; you even had me believing in your silly ten-steps-to-a-better-you....more

I Don't Want Your Parenting Advice

All day every day, I read some rant on the interweb from one parent or another ejaculating their misery of Parenthood for all to read. Crying in their child’s spilled milk then dramatically falling to the floor after stepping on a Lego, in nothing more than a poor me fashion. Then, said Parent is somehow reignited with passion, exclaiming in an open letter that I should parent as they do.Fuck that!I am growing tired of all the complaining, but most of all I am sick of the judgement. Did you not just complain about your child’s inability to listen to you via Facebook? But now, you are somehow an expert and need to push your beliefs on me. I don’t get it, aren’t we all in the same whiney cheerio infested boat?...more

The Truth about Mother's Day

I am not your average Mom but who is? We all do things the way we need to get through the day. Sometimes that includes a large glass of wine at the end of the day or a run at 5 am. I do what I need to cope, as we all should without judgement from one another....more

I Lie to My Daughter About My Poor Body Image

Standing in front of the steam covered bathroom mirror, naked, dripping wet, and quite honestly ashamed of what is looking back at me, my tween daughter barges in. ...more
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