The Truth about Mother's Day

I am not your average Mom but who is? We all do things the way we need to get through the day. Sometimes that includes a large glass of wine at the end of the day or a run at 5 am. I do what I need to cope, as we all should without judgement from one another....more

I Lie to My Daughter About My Poor Body Image

Standing in front of the steam covered bathroom mirror, naked, dripping wet, and quite honestly ashamed of what is looking back at me, my tween daughter barges in. ...more
beetsperminute Thank you so much!more

Leave Eva Alone, They're Just Sweatpants

And it starts the rumblings of Angry sweatpants wearers everywhere. There might as well be a crowd of Angry SAHM’s holding pitchforks surrounding this woman, ready to burn her at the stake. She said what? Sweatpants are the leading cause of divorce. Gasp Whatever shall we do?...more

Spreading Rumours, Is a Form of Bullying

With Canada ‘s Pink Shirt Day passing Yesterday, I wanted to revisit a post I had written quite some time ago.If you don’t know what pink shirt day is, it is the brainchild of two young boys from Nova Scotia, Canada. David Shepherd and Travis Price, who in 2007 bought and handed out pink shirts, in light of a boy being bullied in their school, for wearing a pink shirt the first day of school. It went viral!...more

There is a Face to Violence Against Women

Words That Inspire, Catch Fire #1000Speak

Words that Inspire, Catch fire....more
It was a fantastic idea they had. It was amazing reading all of those posts. I'm still making my ...more

My Valentine's Day Hangover - Being with an UnRomantic Partner on Valentine's Day

Here we are the day after Valentine's Day, and I want to puke (figuratively). I am spending my usual Sunday morning, having my coffee and reading some Facebook updates from my, not so closest, friends. My issue this morning, I am inundated with all the grossly romantic pictures of the dates each of these lovely people went on last night. Oh Gawd! I am at it again, comparing my fake facebook life to everyone else's fake Facebook lives....more

30 Reasons Moms Like Wine

Have you noticed all the Moms on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Social Media sites alike sharing their pictures of wine in their glass? Even better, their half full ( because I like to keep things positive ) bottle on the counter after a long hard day. If you haven't, it may be because you were knee deep in your very own bottle....more
Preach it sister! I really love the tampon one. My toddler LOVES to play with mine. I find them ...more

Get Ready for 1000 Voices to Speak for Compassion

Here it is, one of the main reason's I wanted to blog so badly, plus I kind of just need to speak my mind and all my friend's and family stopped listening. Nah ......more
themomcafe I agree, can't wait to see where this goes!more

Twice a Week and Every Second Weekend

 Each week since I separated from my husband ( now Ex ) almost nine years ago, my children have spent one night a week and every second weekend at their Dad's. My Ex and I carefully executed this plan and were very amicable ( still are ), especially when it came to our kids. The two of us are very easy going when it comes to being flexible with schedules and have never had much of a problem changing days or helping one another out. So here is the thing, I am finding it harder and harder when they leave for a weekend. I miss them tremendously.As they get older I, have much less time with them than I did when they were younger and needed me so much. If they aren't at their friend's house, then they are with a friend, at a sporting event, doing homework, singing at the top of her lungs in her bedroom, playing video games. You know the drill. Don't get me wrong. I am happy to be raising independent children, and hopefully I am teaching them all they need to grow up and be independent adults, but that does not stop my heart from missing them....more
That's a tough one. I totally feel you on the missing them more as they get older. I feel like ...more