One Mother’s Breastfeeding Journey

In a few days, I’m fairly certain my breastfeeding journey will come to an end. I have a week long business trip coming up and Baboo is almost 16 months old. It’s definitely time for me to regain complete control over my body....more

Top 10 Signs You Live With a Toddler

Household Things My Toddler Ate Today

If you have a toddler or you’ve raised a toddler, heck if you’ve ever been around a toddler for more than a minute, you know…toddlers are a weird bunch....more

Letting Technology Babysit a Toddler

What if I told you I let technology babysit my toddler last night? Would you judge me? Before you decide, hear me out…...more
Thanks ladies!more

First Lesson of Mommyhood

Before I had a baby, I had this insane notion that it was the parents who were responsible for teaching the children various important and useful life lessons.Boy was I wrong....more

I’m not REALLY looking to sell my toddler…

Contrary to popular belief, I am not in fact, looking to sell my toddler. Or give him away for free. I will be keeping him. Thank you very much.Oh wait, have I confused you? Sorry, let’s go back....more
Pecked2DeathByChckns So happy you agree with me (more and more of my mommy friends do).more