Michael Todd Soniclear Antibacterial Cleansing System

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out the Michael Todd True Organics Soniclear Antibacterial Cleansing System.It consists of a sturdy plastic handle, a facial brush head, a body brush head, a charging cradle, and a power cord. It is very well-made....more

Giveaway: Makeup Goody Bag Stuffed with Makeup!

It's been a while since I've done a giveaway with makeup rather than skincare products, so in celebration of the Fourth of July, I'm giving away a makeup bag jam packed with makeup products and samples....more

GIVEAWAY: Cosmedica Skincare Vitamin C Face Serum 2 winners

I've been working hard trying to undo the sun damage I did years ago before I started wearing sunscreen. Lately I've been reading a lot about the scientific evidence and well as real life evidence that topical vitamin C can brighten skin, fade hyper pigmentation (dark spots), increase collagen production, and protect skin from free radicals and UVA/UVB damage. Well, sign me up for that....more

Pure Natural Diva Botanical: Natural & Organic Scents and Body Care

Recently, I had the opportunity to try perfume, whipped body lotion, and soap from Pure Natural Diva, a business started by entrepreneur Tania Reuben several years ago in an effort to help people live a more eco-savvy life that's freer from harmful chemicals. I was amazed to learn from Tania that 30% of the US population is allergic or sensitive to chemicals used in everyday products and scents....more

Travalo Refillable Travel Perfume Spray: A Must-Have for Perfume Loving Travelers

I travel quite a bit for my job as a focus group moderator, and I like to take perfume with me. Since it's not convenient to take my entire bottle with me, I like to take a sample. ...more

Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick: Gorgeous Eco-friendly Packaging

Tarte is a cruelty-free brand that emphasizes natural ingredients. Along those lines, they are trying to come out with more earth-friendly packaging. The Tarte Amazonian Butter Lipstick line that launched in late winter has eco-friendly cardboard tubes with absolutely gorgeous floral patterns on them. I love the packaging, and haven't had any problem with it....more

Too Faced Lip Insurance: Make Your Lipstick Last

I recently bought a Too Faced eye palette from the Too Faced website, and they gave me some samples to try. I discovered two gems. One of them I'll cover today: Lip Insurance. I didn't have good luck with the Color Correcting Shadow Insurance: it migrated into my eyes and clouded my contact lenses. Boo. So I didn't expect much from Lip Insurance....more

My Birthday Giveaway: em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette, Tokyo Plums

Yesterday was my birthday, and for my birthday, I'm giving away a gift to one of you: an em Cosmetics Michelle Phan Shadow Play Palette in Tokyo Plums. Although it snowed on my birthday for the first time in my life (snow in mid-April??), this palette is perfect for spring, which it should be by now!...more

April 2014 Beauty Rocks Ipsy Bag: A Great Deal for 10 Bucks

This month, April 2014, I received my Beauty Rocks ipsy Glam Bag on my birthday! It was definitely like receiving another present, especially since I didn't get that many presents anyway, lol....more

Tarte CC Matte Be Mattenificent Palette: Spring-y Shadow Blush Shades

I'm on a matte shadow jag, and the beautiful matte palette from Tarte really got my attention....more