They were really does go too fast


Parents vs. Teenagers: How to Win the Internet Battle

I love my boys. They're good kids, respectful (most of the time) and hard working (again, most of the time.) I really couldn't ask for more. I have noticed, however, that something comes over them as they become teenagers. There is a small amount of testing the boundaries. OK, some days there's a lot of testing. This is not at all unexpected and I don't think for a second that they are approaching rebellion. They just do things occasionally that they know they we've asked them not to....more
No, I wouldn't have. If my children couldn't show enough maturity to not stay on the Internet ...more

Teens Cleaning: He Thinks He's Harry Potter Apparently

We have a rule in our house that every Sunday morning the boys have to clean their rooms and bathrooms. Unlike many expats, we don't have a helper (FDW, maid, whatever you want to call them), so the boys are responsible for their own mess. I feel that at the ages of 13, 15, and 16, they are more than capable of cleaning their own rooms, changing their own beds, wiping down their bathrooms... in all their disgusting boy glory, throwing out trash, etc. Not only are they capable but, considering the fact that in a few years they will all be heading off to university and will have to take care of these things on their own, they need to master these tasks now....more
@ Shannon Robinson, I'm so glad to hear that. I was starting to think it was just boys who tried ...more

Christmas is coming...but I'm not feeling it.

I can't explain it.Orchard Rd. is covered in the most obnoxious Christmas lights you can imagine. Glorious but obnoxious.Every mall in the area has their decorations and trees up, and every block is a different holiday color scheme.Tanglin Mall shoots fake snow into the air every night at 7:30-ish for the kids to play in....more

5 Years

This week has been a relatively quiet one.I mean that both literally and figuratively.My two oldest boys have been away for the week on separate school trips, one to Southern China and the other to Taiwan....more

Thaipusam: an unforgettable experience

About a month or two ago, a friend of mine called to inform me that we were going on an tour called "Understanding Thaipusam."Um....What's Thaipusam?Other than the fact that it was a Hindu holiday, she didn't know. She had just heard that we shouldn't miss it....more

A little late to the party

Working out.Barf.I am so totally not a fan....more

Kangaroo Island Escapades

The first time we went to Australia was when our oldest was only nine months old. It was December of 1996 and we were on a cruise with my in-laws that started in Sydney, Australia and ended in Auckland, New Zealand. The parts of the trip that I remember were amazing but we were trying to cope with a nine month old little boy who decided that he needed to start walking, like NOW! and nausea from being in my first trimester with baby number two.Needless to say, I was a little distracted....more
It looks like you had an amazing trip! The pictures are beautiful! Now you have me dreaming of ...more

Reflecting on Vietnam

Several times since we've gotten back, I've been asked how our trip went and how I liked Vietnam.Not usually at a loss for words, I've struggled to find the way to completely convey my feelings for our trip. Each time I've been asked, I've sat for a moment not quite sure where to start, and even now I'm a bit at a loss.To those who know me well, I know this news is somewhat shocking. I usually have something to say, sometimes sarcastic or, when I'm on my toes, witty and not necessarily on topic but I usually come up with something....more

It was his day

Fourteen years ago today, Sam came into our lives. He was absolutely adorable and still is for that matter. I might be biased.I’m his mother, I’m allowed. :DTruth be told, he was horrible as a baby. I love him dearly but he was colicky, difficult and never slept. Fortunately, he grew out of most of that, and 14 years later he has become a fine young man.I almost typed “Fine Young Cannibal” just now! Ha ha! Great group from the 80’s.  And how fitting that one of their biggest songs was “Drives Me Crazy!”...more