Style It Your Way – Motions and Walgreens

Find out how you can get the hair you crave at a price that’s right. Get your stellar style this fall with Ursula Stephen and Motions products, on sale now at Walgreens! Whether you like to rock it relaxed or natural, straight or coily, Motions truly has solutions for every style choice ....more

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30 Day Push Up Challenge

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Scandal Season 4 Is Back September 25th

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Color Care| A Simple Summer Hair Regimen

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Explaining Police Violence and Racism to Young Kids

As a black mother, I always knew I'd eventually have to talk to my son about race. I just didn't think it would be in the first grade....more
I have to say that I feel your understanding of the shooting, and possibly other young black men ...more

Explaining Police Violence & Racism To Young Kids

Explaining Police Violence & Racism To Kids – ...more