Scandinavian Interior Decorating Trends are Hot

“Arrangement and simplicity of the interior configuration, functionality and comfort, calmness and clarity, all this can be collected in one term – Scandinavian design.” (

Hidden in Plain Sight: Stylish Storage Solutions

Do you find that whenever you move into a new place it doesn’t seem to have enough storage? It seems that what we often forget is that we’ve bought more things since the last time we moved. In styling our home we purchase furniture and knick-knacks to give it that sophisticated touch, not thinking that these things might not work so well in our next home....more

Single and Want To Change That? Some Tactics You Might Not Have Thought Of

If you are single and want to change that there are ways you can increase the chances of meeting somebody special. These tactics might not be the most comfortable for everyone but your comfort level has left you single. Going outside of your comfort zone allows you to meet new people and even find out things about yourself.  Online dating is NOT for everyone even though there does seem to be a dating site for nearly every interest....more

Different Ways of Using Social Media to Increase Blog Traffic

IIf your blog is your business, then site traffic is its lifeblood. You will attract readers if you offer high-quality content, but you do not have to just sit around hoping that people will stumble upon your website in their online travels. Instead, you can attract and retain more visitors by creating social media accounts for your blog.Lay a Hashtag Trail...more

Stay-at-Home Mom? Some Ways You Can Improve Yourself From Home

Being a stay-at-home mom is a full-time job in many cases, which can lead to mothers not growing in other areas of their life. There will come a time when all of the children are in school or you have some downtime; this is not time to rest but rather time to improve yourself....more

How to Save for Your First House

First time buyers know that getting on the property ladder is harder than ever. House prices are high, and now that the Bank of England base rate has been cut, saving money can be a very, very slow process. But there are lots of ways you can make it easier if you want to save a deposit for your first house…Be sensible about saving ...more

Don't Let Fall Get You Down...Look Your Best!

With the summer sun still shining, it can be easy to forget that the warm season is about to come to an end. Now that we’ve moved well past the summer solstice, it’s only a matter of weeks before autumn is in full effect. The changing temperature is the perfect opportunity for you to change up your wardrobe a bit. By following these 5 simple steps, you’ll be fully prepared to look your absolute best this fall!...more

Guide To Giving Gifts To Your Significant Other

The fact is that many people are difficult to purchase gifts for and a gift card just isn’t personal enough. Different people have different tastes with some just wanting a low key birthday and others want a big deal made of it. Luckily there are gifts for everyone including those who say they want nothing. There will always be that one special thing that can take on even the most negative people about their birthday. This will take time in a relationship to figure this out but the following are some great gifts for your significant other....more

Keeping Your Home/Lawn Well Kempt And How It Can Impact Home Value

Having a lawn is one of the most attractive features of having a house. Keeping it well-kempt greatly increases the property value of the house. Instead of opting for pricey lawn care specialists, you can have a well-manicured lawn with little effort.Here are some tips on how to make your yard the envy of the neighborhood.1. Keep the grass mowedSince grass is the most important element in the lawn, you need to mow it correctly.If you cut it too short, then the grass will be damaged....more

Easy Ways to Rejuvenate the Outside of Your Home

Owning your home is one of the most important goals for many people in life, giving a stable living accommodation for you and your family for years if looked after properly. At first, you most likely had tons of ideas to transform your new house into your home. New bathroom with his and hers sinks? Living room redecorated with surround sound and TV big enough for the whole family? Your list of ideas like these no doubt was much longer, but how many of them have actually been done? It’s OK you can be honest - we’re all friends here!...more