Important facts about electronic cigarettes you should know

Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette is a new product that has launched in the market. These electronic cigarettes have the taste of tobacco in them, however it does not contain any injurious substance that is present in the normal cigarette. Thus, it enables the smokers to satisfy their desire without breathing in the unsafe toxins. This can also help in reducing the risk of causing various diseases due to smoking. Some facts about e-cigarettes you should know...more

5 Tips for Nailing Your Singer/Songwriter Performances

Being a singer/songwriter is no easy feat. Until you can afford to hire a manager, agent and/or personal assistant, you’re really running a one-man (or one-woman!) show. It’s hard work, but you are determined to make it, so you give it your all. ...more

The Dos and Don’ts of Buying Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture can be tough to buy—not that it’s hard to come by, but rather that the astounding number of options and considerations can quickly put you in a frazzle. What kind of material should you get? How are you supposed to keep your outdoor furniture in good condition year after year? What kind of furniture best suits your purpose? All of these questions are important. Let’s look at them in more detail: ...more

The Dream Australian Trip

Australia is one of my dream travel locations. It’s firmly on my bucket list and I would love to go there so much! I’ve actually done a lot of research on where I would go and what I would do as I want to get a clear plan in mind of how much it will all cost. That gives me a goal to save up for! I have a three week holiday planned and I just can’t wait until I get the chance to book it for real. Here’s what I’d get up to.City Style...more

The 5 Worst Types of Bridezillas

According to, the average American wedding costs approximately $28,427 – and that’s not even counting the honeymoon! No wonder brides are so stressed. But, that’s no excuse. Being a Bridezilla can cost relationships, time, and dignity....more
I appreciate your article.  I do have issue with $28,427 for the average American's wedding.  ...more

5 Best Cleveland Hotels For Business Travellers

Image via Flickr by spatulated...more

5 Amazing Tools Every Blogger Should Use

Source: Flickr by Mike LichtThinking of starting a blog? The overall concept seems simple enough. So you’re a decent writer, have some free time and want in on some of those sweet food/travel/mommy blogger perks your friends keep raving about. You’ve even committed enough to the idea to purchase a domain and start setting up your Wordpress account. Now what?...more
I had only heard of two of these!  Thanks for sharing such helpful tips.more

What Degree Should You Choose?

One of the hardest decisions to make when you’re considering returning to school is your degree. There are so many choices, and your degree affects your life. That’s why you should choose something that fits your personality. You’ll be happier in the long run because you’ll be able to pursue your passion. Let us help you pick the degree that fits you the best.Are You a Social Butterfly? ...more

How Thought Leaders Like Oracle's Mark Hurd Leverage LinkedIn

The career-oriented social networking site, LinkedIn, continues to look for ways to make its site habit-forming, drawing users in on a daily basis like Twitter and Facebook. To this end, it recently launched the addition of a "follow" button, allowing users to see when others post links or update statuses. At the same time, LinkedIn introduced a 150-person, hand-picked panel of "influencers," a prestigious group of sociopolitical leaders and industry titans who can use the site to share their ideas and advice through blogs....more

Breaking New Ground With Global News: Vice Launches Vice News

The way people get their news is quickly undergoing a much-needed evolution, thanks in part to media outlets such as Vice News that recognize the need to inform millennials in an inventive and innovative way. People still want to feel informed, but dry-as-toast broadcasts from journalists and outlets they don't always trust to tell them the truth simply aren't cutting it. Today's news needs to follow a simple but true philosophy that's quite familiar to the current generation: act locally but think globally....more