Why Planned Parenthood Is Right About Mitt Romney

In an effort to further spread awareness, Planned Parenthood is flexing its’ pretty political arm to explain why Mitt Romney is the wrong choice for women, embracing the media to run their largest campaign ad to date. According to the Washington Post, Planned Parenthood has recently announced that it will run its biggest ad in Virginia and Ohio over the next several weeks....more
I love that your post is frank and to the point. You have spoken with heart, and I hear you, and ...more

Free Range or Helicopter: What's Your Parenting Style?

Remember the days when you ran wild all day long? Remember drinking from the hose because you hated to go inside, soaking up the sun and playing with your friends from sun up to sundown? For many, those days are gone and our parents today would probably be considered 'free-rangers' for allowing us to do so....more

President Obama Takes On Akin's Remarks

Rape support group advocates, politicians, broadcasters and almost anyone with a heart have been upset yet again, by another politician's carelessness concerning women. The politician in the hot seat this time, is Missouri's Republican Representative Todd Akin. According to Huffington Post, in a news conference on Monday, President Obama addressed Todd Akin's remark that "legitmate rape" rarely leads to pregnancy....more

The Little Voice In Her Head

Parents tell their teens what to do. Teachers tell them what to do. Friends tell them what to do. Everyone is telling them what to do. Teens are being pulled in every direction. Is there any wonder they are so confused and frustrated?Sometimes, we forget what we were like as teens. Better yet, because we still remember those days, vividly recounting all the stupid stunts we pulled and the trouble we got into, we step into the Cassandra role, forever forecasting all the mistakes they will make simply because we made these mistakes....more

Having It All In "The New Economy"

The other day, I heard a Rent-A-Center commercial end with “the only way to shop in the new economy.” Surprisingly, more of us seem to recognize that the economy isn’t in great shape, but are still finding ways to live the lifestyles we want to live....more

Things Kids Say That Make Parenthood All Worth It!

Mom, dad…you’re the best. You rock! Of course, you may only be getting this type of compliment after agreeing to allow your child to do something he or she really wanted to do.  But hey, we’ll take that and pretend that, ‘yeah, we do rock!’Mom…what you’d do to your hair? It’s awesome! What mother wouldn’t almost melt at hearing these words? Especially since we women always fret needlessly over our appearances....more

Demi Moore and Her Daughters: When Mom and Kids Split

In light of the new drama surrounding Demi Moore and her children, I am reminded of the times when parent-children relationships go awry. Parents, moms in particular, are stereotypically the ones who hold the household together. A mother is the one who puts salve on her child’s wounds. She has the right words to soothe her child’s heartache. That is, in most cases....more

Nursing Theory: Laughter…and Popcorn…Really is the Best Medicine!

Nursing can be stressful as hell! Believe me, I know from experience. So we have to do something to make light of various awkward, intense, eye-bulging situations. Believe it or not, nursing isn’t always the glorious calling others believe it to be. There are hair raising and life-threatening moments through which we cope and react. Still, there are times when all we can do to cope with the things we can’t change is simply laugh....more

How Do We Explain Amendment One To Our Children?

Okay. Here we go again! Lawmakers in North Carolina are geared up for another round of “We hold these truths to be self-evident that all men are created equal.” Except for those of you who wish to exercise your rights in the GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgendered) Community, that is. Because in the ‘Bible Belt,’ our thoughts should naturally coincide with the archaic notions of “Male and female created He them.”...more

4 Practical Steps to Make Your Dreams a Reality

Yesterday was National ‘Wish Day.’ So hopefully, you found a way to check one or two wishes off of your list. However, like many of us you probably haven’t. Whether you hope to change jobs, go back to college, travel, or help others, you may feel overwhelmed by your day to day responsibilities, causing you to never give your wishes a second thought....more