The cardigan knows all

My mom brought a pink cardigan back from her trip to Ireland for me. ...more

A pop culture attack

Has this ever happened to you? ...more

How to enjoy being naked

Depending on what circles you travel in, certain topics tend to pop up when you’re in a group setting. ...more

Water — It’s not just for celebrities anymore!

I’ve never been a big water drinker. ...more

Book writing be hard

I really thought I’d be finished writing my fashion book by now. ...more

A step in the right chicken diaper direction

I laid low with the whole chicken diaper experiment for several days, trying to lure Lacy back into the house. ...more

Goals I’m NOT going to make in 2015

I’ve always been a very goal-oriented person. ...more

The chicken diaper

When you have a hobby people tend to give you gifts based on that hobby. ...more

Post Christmas — after the Armageddon

This is how I imagine our Christmas every year — My family and I spend the month of December helping others by dropping off blankets at the animal shelter, putting together baskets of food for families in need and sending away enough money to get several girls through school in Afghanistan. ...more

Trending — Grandma sweaters!

Ever since My Year of Fabulous, I’ve had a subscription to InStyle magazine. ...more