Another apology regarding peanuts

I received some complaints about my last post where I discussed peanut allergies. ...more

My apology to the kid with the peanut allergy

My kids eat a ton of nuts — almonds, peanuts, cashews, even walnuts when they are covered in some candy substance and drained of all nutritional value. ...more

A storm reminds me what to be thankful for…

This week in Northern California we had a big storm — floods, power outages and two days of cancelled school. ...more

My return to style talk

I’ve decided to write a book on mom fashion. I’m almost finished, actually, and I’m in that place where I’m really the only one that has looked at the material and now I’m wondering if it’s insane or not. So I thought I’d ask you ....more

I visit Disney World on a Rascal

This week my Dad and step mom are treating the kids and me to a grand Disney World vacation. ...more

Five dangerous things I let my kids do

Most of the things I’m going to mention were not considered dangerous when I was a child. ...more

Black Friday — a review

Since we’re continuing ...more

Taking a break from nature…

I love where I live in Northern California. ...more

How to survive getting sick on an airplane…

My kids and I were scheduled to fly to Florida for Thanksgiving on Sunday. ...more

The story of the first Thanksgiving

One of the really great things about public schools not getting enough funding — maybe the only great thing — is that sometimes you get really interesting school supplies. ...more