Here’s another great You Tube workout…

After I posted about my new boring mantra of “I make exercise a priority in my daily life”, I got a suggestion for a You Tube workout that I’ve never heard of… and I tried it and… Well, I can barely walk. ...more

My favorite You Tube exercise videos…

Let it be known that I have been exercising. ...more

I apologize to the kid at Chuck E. Cheese’s

Much like the dentist or the DMV, I try to avoid going to Chuck E. Cheese’s as much as possible, but it just so happened I found myself there the other day. ...more

Remembering Prince…

I promise this won’t be a soppy tribute to Prince. ...more

Inside the mind of a homeschool mom

Homeschooling is hard. ...more

I’ve prepared my children for the 1800s

“You can’t see the forest for the trees” completely sums up parenting for me. ...more

Oh yeah, I almost died at 7-11

Wow, I’m going to die holding a bag of powdered donuts and a vitamin water.… This is what I thought last week as I was taking a road trip to Los Angeles. ...more

The pig has changed

For years, our pig Hogan has refused to come in the house if we changed ANY RUGS. ...more

Bad parenting in the snow

Last week I took my kids to Tahoe and most of the time I would grade my parenting skills on an A-/B+ range, but one moment in particular stands out as a giant F to me… and it went something like this… The kids and I had been playing in snow for hours. ...more

Why we need the Bern more than ever…

I am totally horrified by the notion that Hillary Clinton appears to be pulling ahead of Bernie Sanders. ...more