A surgery only a mother could love

Ever since having child two (Em) and three (Aug), I have had the most horrendously painful varicose veins on my legs. ...more

Maya Angelou and me

The other night, when I was watching that scroll of people that died at the Oscars… Wait, that didn’t sound right. ...more

Lessons I’ve learned from lessons

Kung Fu, ballet, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, horseback riding, sailing, choir, soccer, art, yoga, dance… to name just a few of the many lessons I’ve taken my kids to over the years. ...more

Do I smell like cat pee?

There are several mom fashion mistakes I always try to avoid. ...more

Guns and Kombucha – My life so far

I wanted to explain a little why I compared letting your child have a gun with not vaccinating your child. ...more

It’s every parent’s right to not vaccinate…

…In America, that is. ...more

Okay, so I’m sick

Even though I never get sick, it turns out I’m sick. ...more

I never get sick

The other day it it occurred to me that since Buck had his tonsils shaved down in October, none of us have gotten sick. ...more

The cardigan knows all

My mom brought a pink cardigan back from her trip to Ireland for me. ...more

A pop culture attack

Has this ever happened to you? ...more