mom sunglasses

If I could make a coffee table book, it wouldn’t be about the natural wonders of the Earth or the city lights of Paris, it would be filled with nothing but pictures of mom sunglasses… ...more

Classic! On Pinterest…

In anticipation of my book coming out on April 20th (which someone pointed out is Hitler’s birthday), I have decided to put all of the book’s illustrations up on Pinterest. I’ve been on Pinterest since My Year of Fabulous, but I’ve never really been that into Pinterest… You know, there are people that are into Pinterest, really into Pinterest, and then those that aren’t. ...more

Homeschooling with Weird Al

Now that we’re homeschooling two out of our three kids, I have noticed a couple big differences in my life. ...more

Is it bad to be a label slave?

I was flipping through racks at a consignment store the other day when I came across a shirt that I thought was either unique and cute or totally ugly — I couldn’t decide. ...more

A spring surprise…

I have this thing about keeping animals in cages. ...more

Are we all sick of daylight savings time yet?

Right now as I write this, it’s close to seven o’clock in the morning at our house and it’s COMPLETELY pitch black. ...more

My book is available!

… For pre-order, at least. ...more

Move over Jan Sport…

There’s really nothing like a cat peeing in your backpack to inspire you to do some online shopping. ...more

A surgery only a mother could love

Ever since having child two (Em) and three (Aug), I have had the most horrendously painful varicose veins on my legs. ...more

Maya Angelou and me

The other night, when I was watching that scroll of people that died at the Oscars… Wait, that didn’t sound right. ...more