The story of the first Thanksgiving

One of the really great things about public schools not getting enough funding — maybe the only great thing — is that sometimes you get really interesting school supplies. ...more

The dead donkey in the car next to us

So the kids and I were driving back home from the library and we stopped at a light. ...more

A pig rescue…

I have an amazing story of an animal rights activist that is personal to me in a strange way. ...more

The fairy is out of the bag

I’ll say this right up front — I love fairies, elves, gnomes, sprites, leprechauns and all magical woodland creatures. ...more

What I’m wearing these days…

I haven’t mentioned anything about fashion forever so I thought I’d talk a little bit about how I’m feeling after “My Year of Fabulous” ended almost a whole year ago (I can’t really believe it.) ...more

Swedish Organized Part Two — August’s room

Before a few days ago, August didn’t have a room or a bed. ...more

Soy — The confusion bean

If there is one product that seems to confuse me the most it’s soy. ...more

Ten ways to make your kids laugh

These things aren’t necessarily funny — like, I would’t try them at a stand up club on open mic night — but when I do them my kids think they are downright hilarious. ...more

The time I threw away all my husband’s clothes…

You know those things that annoy you about your spouse? ...more

Are you Swedish organized?

Small houses are so not cool in America. ...more