How Patrick Sawyer Abandoned His Pregnant Wife And Children Before His Death By Ebola

Decontee Sawyer has apologized for the seeming heartlessness of her open letter, and she asks Nigerians to be mindful of her daughters, and not curse the Sawyer name, even if they curse Patrick Sawyer.The US-based widow of the first Ebola victim in Nigeria is currently campaigning against Ebola in the United States and trying to raise funds for patients in Liberia.She has opened up on her private life with Patrick Sawyer, and how he moved in with another woman in Liberia, abandoning her while she was 7months pregnant. She blames big manism for the decayed health system of Liberia and the high number of deaths from Ebola.Read Decontee's message below... Patrick and I have been separated (not yet divorced) for the past one year and seven months ....more

Everything's Perfect - Tina Knowles Puts An End To The Beyonce And Jay Z Divorce Rumors

Tina Knowles, Beyonce’s mother, has opened up about the rumors surrounding Beyoncé and Jay Z's marriage, saying that all the sources predicting the couple's divorce are haters.TMZ spoke with Tina Knowles and asked if there was any truth to the reports of a split.“Haters gonna be haters and there’s nothing we can do about that. Everything’s perfect,” she replied, adding that she doesn't even read the tabloids. “I just don’t even read the bull, you know?”See the video below; Unfortunately your browser does not support IFrames ....more

To God Be The Glory - Both American Doctors Discharged After Being Cleared Of Ebola

Both Nancy Writebol and Dr. Kent Brantly have been cured of the Ebola virus and released from Emory Hospital in Atlanta.Brantly said, "God saved my life. I am thrilled to be alive, to be well, and reunited with my family." He also called his recovery "a miraculous day."Brantly told a news conference at Emory Hospital that when Writebol left the hospital on Tuesday, she asked him to speak on her behalf ot the public and express gratitude for prayers on her behalf."When she walked out of the room, all she could say was ‘To God be the glory," Brantly recalled ....more

Covers - Pregnant Kourtney Kardashian On Natural Health

Kourtney Kardashian, who is pregnant with her third child, spoke about how life as a mother has changed her. 'I used to get Google Alerts to be aware of what was being said [about me],' the star admitted, 'but it was just a waste of time. [My kids] make it really easy for me not to pay attention.' Kourtney revealed that she loves cooking with her yoga teacher, and also admitted she is obsessed with knowing what is in her sisters' kitchens and she tries to advise her siblings on what to eat: 'I pick apart everyone’s pantries! ...more

Nicki Minaj Invents A New Dance Style In Anaconda Video - The Plank-Twerk

Nicki Minaj premiered her Anaconda music video amidst a lot of anticipation and it met a lot of people's expectations. There were bums, bums, and more bums, and most of the time, the bums were twerking. The video was trending all day on Twitter and has amassed almost 10M views on Youtube.In the midst of all the twerking bums is a new dance style that has not been seen before ....more

Study Finds More Differences Between Men and Women In The Smells They Like

New research has shown that another difference between men and women is not just in what we see, it's also in our noses. A UK personal care products company Radox conducted a nationwide poll to discover the top mood boosters for men and women.The results of the survey showed that women find smells associated with the home most pleasing, while men enjoy the smell of food more. What is that they say, the way to a man's heart?Professor Tim Jacob, an expert in the science of smell at Cardiff University, says that women's preference for scent over the visual stimuli could be explained by their heightened sense of smell.'Women have a better sense of smell than men, because their brains are wired to process scents more acutely.Top Five Mood Boosting Scents:MENSizzling bacon (19 per cent)Freshly baked bread (16 per cent)Coffee (11 per cent)Fish and chips (8 per cent)The seaside (8 per cent)WOMENLemon (34 per cent)Freshly baked bread (15 per cent)Clean sheets (12 per cent)The seaside (10 per cent)Flowers (9 per cent)Top Five Mood Boosting Sights:MENAn attractive female (55 per cent)A beautiful beach (40 per cent)Watching sport (37 per cent)A juicy steak (37per cent)People laughing (36 per cent)WOMENA cute animal (54 per cent)A beautiful beach (53 per cent)A baby smiling (52 per cent)Flowers (48 per cent)People laughing (46 per cent)Source - DailyMail UK ...more

Definitely Not Why God Made Girls - A Response To RaeLynn's Single

A new single from 2012 Voice contestant RaeLynn aims to provide the answer to why God Made Girls, but the lyrics prove to be the opposite of what she calls "girl empowerment". RaeLynn told Taste of Country: "There's just something so special about 'God Made Girls,' it comes from a girl's perspective and there's nothing like that on radio right now."She sings; "He needed something soft and loud and sweet and proud/But tough enough to break a heart/Something beautiful and breakable that lights up in the dark/So God made girls."I know some people may think she makes a good point, but come on, surely a woman's purpose in life has to b more than to pretty and hold a man's hand. What of those God made to be not so pretty, or to serve him and be single all their life?See the video and more of the reasons RaeLynn thinks God Made Girls below, and tell me what you wear a pretty skirtto be the one to flirt to flirtto hold his handto make him get dressed upto give him a reason wash that truckto teach him how to danceto be the one to cryto let him driveto give him a reason to hold that courseto put up a fight (????)to make him wait on Saturday night to walk downstairs and blow his mindto drag his butt to churchto hold him when he hurts ...more

Man Murdered By Girlfriend For Not Marrying Her After 4 Years And Wanting to End The Relationship

The body of the Arab man, who was stabbed by his European girlfriend in the early hours of Saturday for not marrying her after a four- year relationship, has been handed over to his family.A security source at Dubai Police said that the operations room received a call from a European woman, saying there was a person who had been stabbed in her apartment in Al Nahda area.Police found the 38-year-old Arab man with multiple stab wounds lying on the bed. The European woman, 32, who was his girlfriend, then confessed that she had stabbed him and tried to commit suicide but she could not.The woman confessed to being the man's girlfriend and that they had been in a relationship for four years. She said that she had asked him to marry her many times but he had been stalling for a long time.She said that she wanted to have children with him legally but he did not seem to care and was not doing anything about it.The woman was a freelancer and businesswoman, while the man worked in a shop and she said that she lent him large sums of money many times.On the day of the incident, the woman said that the man came home very drunk, and when she tried to talk to him about the same topic, he would not answer her ....more

Nigerian Celebs Do The ALSIceBucketChallenge - So Genevieve Nnaji Is Such A Diva?

Nigerian celebrities have joined the ‪#‎ALSIceBucketChallenge‬. It's a fun trend, but because it was so American, I was thinking someone would modify it? Like pour hot water instead of ice, just joking o...Seriously though, couldn't one of them create a challenge for Ebola awareness, Cancer, or any cause of their choice ....more