Tips for Styling a Teen Room

The teen years have arrived, and her pale yellow walls just aren’t cutting it, Mom! These are the years of school dances, after school clubs, and dishing about boys study sessions with the girls.  It’s time to give her a space that will encourage creativity, inspire her passions, and help her transition to the adult world; are you ready?Choosing Color...more

7 Moving Tips to Make Packing and Unpacking Easier

Whether this is your first move, or you’re a frequent traveler, you can make your move much easier with a plan. Follow these easy steps for the smoothest possible transition....more

10 Ideas for Rental Decorating

Twenty years ago my perception was that rentals were for college roommates. You graduate, you go to college, you get a great job, and you're automatically approved to hear those magical words: "Congratulations, you're a homeowner." You can imagine how stunned I was to be abruptly taught a hard lesson in what 'credit' is....more

Smooth Sailing: A Mom's Fight for Answers

I knew very early on something wasn’t quite right. From the time B could sit up, he was not as curious as other children. Instead, he wanted to sit in his excercauser for hours on end and rock back and forth. Not a fan of a swing as an infant, it seemed the ability to sort of ‘bang’ his back in the excercauser was a compulsive need for him....more

10 Easy Work Time Activities

I taught a workshop last week at my son’s school on work time activities. While I claim to be no “expert” in this area, I’ve received several years of teaching, sessions, and done lots of reading on the subject. I shared 10 activities we do here at home with the parents and teachers that we do often. All these activities were created with either recyclable materials or dollar store finds as to be very affordable to make. I hope you enjoy!...more