The Divorce Diet

Looking for a sure-fire way to drop 5 to 10 pounds fast?Forget what you read in all the magazines or the ads you see on TV.My advice is to get a divorce.You're never hungry, could care less about food and find yourself fitting into pants that haven't felt right since you gave birth to your second child.When I was in the thick of ending my 18-year marriage, I looked great because I lost about 10 pounds in a week and saw a number on my scale I hadn't seen since 1994....more

Some Things You Just Can't Fix

The day my husband of 18 years moved out of our house for good, the mirror that had been hanging quietly over our bathroom sink slipped from its nail and crashed onto the floor below.I had been out of the house while he packed the last of his ties and running shoes, and hadn’t been home long after he left when I heard a thud overhead and the sound of breaking glass....more
I think this is why all those small businesses  such as "Rent a Husband" are doing so well.more

My College Kids Have Been Home Way Too Long

If I were the mathematical sort, I would try to calculate just how many hours there were between fall and spring semesters at the university that my two oldest children attend.But as I have a hard enough time counting how many times I’ve squatted on a ball or lifted a weight over my head when I work out, I am going to bypass all addition and assume it’s been around 525,600 (which is a standard measurement of something according to the song from “Rent”)....more

When You Find Yourself Yelling the F-Word at Your Teens

If you’re like me, you are finding that it’s not always so easy to like all the people who you’re living with. Much less love them. At least once a day, I find myself in a combative situation or heated conversation with someone I gave birth to. I even made that observation aloud to one of them this week, in the midst of one such episode, "This is not how people usually talk to me." But he just grunted and kept at it....more
Lisa BunnageMoms gonna be moms ... :)more

Top 5 Things Bloggers Are Thankful For

'Tis the season for giving thanks, and all that, and for my first Thanksgiving as an official blogger, I'd like to share what's brought me joy this year:...more

5 Habits of Highly Ineffective Bloggers

People ask me all the time, “Amy, how do you manage to get absolutely nothing done, day in and day out?”...more

On Being Catholic: The Mystery of Faith

My 10-year-old son had a play date after school the other day and when the friend’s mom came to pick him up, she asked if we were in a rush to get my guy to CCD.“A lot of kids seem to go on Tuesdays,” she said.“Um, we’re taking a break from being Catholic right now,” I told her, and she laughed at my joke, but I still feel really guilty about the whole thing.It must be the Catholic in me....more
As a former nun, and now a Lutheran, I so resonate with this, Amy. It was when I lost sight of ...more

What I Learned in My 21 Years as a Mom

Twenty-one years ago today, I bought a car. Or at least, I started the day buying a car and ending it having a baby. It all happened so fast.My husband at the time and I, babies ourselves, were about to have one and having just moved to the suburbs, were in the market for a second car. I had already started my maternity leave – unable to cope with the long train ride in and out of the city each day – and he was off for the Columbus Day holiday....more

In Good Company: The Rewards of Solo Travel

I took a big bite of freedom earlier this month, tearing into it with a fierceness I didn’t know I could muster. And as I greedily swallowed all that aloneness in big, ragged pieces, I realized that it was the most liberated I’d been since I became a parent almost 21 years ago.And it tasted fucking good....more
So wonderful for you! I think this is one of the most valuable lessons we can give our ...more

Eat, Pray... Blog? The Movie of My Life

Sometimes I think I should have turned to screenwriting, rather than blogging as a creative outlet, because I tend to see things in cinematic terms. In my mind, I’m always composing the (improbably cheesy) Lifetime movie based upon, of course, The Life of Amy....more
Great post, Amy!  I feel your pain (ie. divorce) but so excited for your new chapter (and ...more