Superfoods: Are They Really Super?

Acai berries, flax seeds, olive oil, pomegranates, etc.: All reported to be superfoods with the potential to prevent disease and maintain health. Sounds great! But are these foods really superfoods? Will they really enhance your health? The term superfoods was first used in the US around 1998 in reference to certain foods containing an above average level of nutrients. Here in the States, it's generally used as a marketing term to promote the consumption of certain foods to enhance health, decrease potential disease or in some other manner alter your current or future health status. ...more
Hello, Cannot help myself but respond! Over the course of last 7 years I tried almost everything ...more

How To: Nutty Sauces

In my quest for more and more healthy, plant-based recipes I've come across many let's say...inventive, recipes.  Ones that are a little too creative for my tastebuds.  But every now and again a recipe or technique just seems to weird NOT to try out....more

Eggplant Confit Pizza

Yum, this looks and sounds delicious.  I really want to try to make this.  Thanks for sharing!more

Decoding the Nutrition Fact Panel

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How To: Tempeh

Before I even begin this How-To discussion on tempeh, I want you to make me a promise!  Yes promise me…over the internet…that you will read this whole post before making an “official decision” on tempeh.  It might sound a little funky and strange and maybe a tad bit scary.  But trust me as a serious food lover, I wouldn’t steer you down the path of bland, not so tasty, scary food items.  Come on guys, you know I live to eat!  And like I tell my younger clients – my tasting rule is “you can’t say ‘ew’ or ‘yuck’ before you’ve tried it.”  Or in this case, no ew or...more
I've always wanted to try tempeh, just never got around to doing it.  Next time I am at the ...more