My Sacred Momma Ritual

Every night, just before I go to bed myself, I peek in on my boys, fast asleep in their bedrooms. I turn the knob slowly, out of old habit from the days when disturbing their slumber might mean an hour of rocking someone back to sleep, and I make my way quietly to their beds.It is been my ritual for years now, since Zip moved from the bassinet beside our bed to his own room....more

Can God Paint My Eyes Green?

My preschooler and I had another conversation about skin color, about how we are alike and how we are different. It's funny how these conversations seem to happen at bedtime, while we are curled up together in his rocking chair in the dark. These conversations with him are different from the ones his older brother and I had when he was younger, when he would tell me things like, "Daddy is brown like an M&M" and I would nod and agree....more