Wanted! Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Children and Kids

Time to gather ideas for Homemade Christmas Ornaments for Children and Kids. Offered by Muddy Monkeys, this Linky is for sharing with your own community! So add your own homemade ornament and then pass on the list :-) ...more

Jacket Fail: The Ongoing Oddysey of Winter Coat Meltdowns

Just when I think I haveSensory Processing Disorderunder control, it rears its ugly head and reminds me who’s boss. ...more

If I Ran the Circus by Dr. Seuss App Review

If I Ran the Circus – Dr. Seuss Review...more

Video Games Can Help Your Marriage

You say you are sick of your husband playing Xbox all Friday night? Here’s how to turn his obsession to your advantage.1. Uncover information. Men don’t like having deep conversations one on one. It makes them horribly uncomfortable. Women, on the other hand, eat this stuff up. It’s how we bond. You tell me something about you. Then I’ll tell you something about me....more
I have a love for Guitar Hero - it lets me release my inner rock star! And it is so much than ...more

Book Nook Reviews: The Busy Little Squirrel; Never Trust a Tiger

 I have always been a bookworm. But now that I have kids, I spend more time reading with them than I do for myself. This week, the books we enjoyed include:...more

Staycations with Young Kids Is No Vacation

Staycations are all the rage. With less money, it makes even more sense to stay home and enjoy the holiday break with your family from the comfort of your own home. Right? Wrong!...more

10 Picture Books for Turkey Time at the Thanksgiving Reading Table

Thanksgiving is coming around the corner! But what can you read to the kids this season? Here is a cornucopia of books that will teach about Thanksgiving, help with literacy, reinforce gratitude and even offer some laughs along the way. ...more
I would be doing some readings from Howard Zinn's work, but I'm a bit hardcore like that.more

Waking Up With Three Canadians

 I went to bed with one Canadian male in my house and woke up with three. The same could happen to you. For any hipster in their 20s, that would have been one wild fantasy. Now, the wonderful world of Maple leaves, Canadian geese and free health care are making dreams come true.The Canadian government decided it was losing citizens. So to keep ties to the country, they grandfathered in any child born to a person who was born in Canada....more
@Darcie Ha! I'll have to tell my hubby that one… he hasn't shared that talent yet :-)more

Schooled By Your Kid at Video Games? You’re Not Alone

Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Photo credit: Wikipedia)...more

Fun Family Thanksgiving Crafts + Ideas Wanted!!!

 Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we're looking for sensory Thanksgiving activities to share with families that have children with Sensory Processing Disorder or on the Autism scale.  Please add a link to your craft idea on your blog.1. Get instant exposure2. Add the Linky Tool link on your own blog to expose your blog to others...more