How to pick your next camera

I just stared at him, astounded that he thought buying this tiny digital camera teetering in the palm of my hand, costing more than one month’s mortgage payment was a good idea. “No way,” I told him, despite the eager salesperson’s gaze, the enticement of the open box spilling colorful packaging all over the counter. ...more

A moment of stillness after the rain

Slipped into the dark of a summer evening was a delightful sound of rain hitting the roof all night. And when it stopped the next morning there was a moment of utter stillness. ...more

Golden is the new green

Do you think you could cut your water usage by 30%,...more

In your dreams

They stick to our consciousness, wake us up in the morning, ...more

The gardener’s reward

Just when it seems that the heat will never break, when the effort to rise up and face one more day of watering, bleary eyed, and bug bitten will do me in, something changes. ...more

These hot and golden days

When the sun shines hot and golden like it does now, baking the once green grass into a toasted waffle, like some sort of dehydrated cereal instead of lawn, and parched is how you feel all the time, it’s hard to remember winter once was. ...more

All we are saying is give Bees a chance

I saw the cutest quote a while ago, it read “All we are saying is give Bees a chance,” doesn’t that make the John Lennon song gently echo in your mind? I loved it, and knew that it would make a great post title for my blog, so I stored it away in the back of my mind for when the lavender started to bloom around here. ...more

Dear blogging diary, in case I forget

The type of blogging that we do is similar to online journals, which just happen to be coincidentally shared with friends. It’s a virtual recording of lives, and happenings, as in Dear blogging diary, today I’m sharing what is going on in our lives, and that kind of thing. ...more

It’s a bug’s life

This gardening season is going to go down in history as much more than just record breaking temperatures,...more

The accomplishment list

How many items do you have on your to-do list? How many do you realistically think will be accomplished, today? We’ve all got lists, to-do’s, honey-do’s, get it done today lists ....more