Wishing you a Merry little Christmas

Wishing you a Merry Christmas, may your days be merry and bright. May your season be filled with joy, home baking, scent of fresh greens, and bright shining lights. Christmas trees, sparkles, family time, and love ....more

It’s not your Mom’s strawberry jam

Early, on a dark winter morning, freezing feet shuffling in front of the open door of the fridge, blankly staring into the bright shining depths, I came to a realization. One: it was dark outside, and cold. Especially with the fridge door open....more

The procrastinators lament

“OUCH” he says, and I cringe. “That must have hurt,” I tell him, handing over yet another string of seemingly endless Christmas lights. The bitter cold makes the strings difficult to untangle, and as he stood up he hit something hard with his head ....more

Middle aged rebellion

Well, we have gone and done it. After years of denial. Telling ourselves the we weren’t those kind of people....more

It’s a small price to pay

As I write this the late afternoon sun is pinging off of the edges of the glass in the window of my house. Circling the room, like a bird in flight let loose from it’s cage. Dancing off of the walls, scattering gems and prisms of glittering colors that cling to the ceiling and slide down the walls ....more

And the mountains sneezed

The clouds were teasing the mountains the other day…tickling them and running away. Tickling them. Giggling, daring them to react, like children running in the school yard ....more

Tickling the mountain tops

Low clouds continue to tickle the mountain tops, sprinkling false snow onto the fields. They have not been overly generous. A little here, a little there, more dirt then snow is showing through like a badly wrapped gift ....more

And life is too short right?

Have you ever written a blog post, spent a lot of time dreaming, drafting, rewriting, and then deserted them?...more

Gatherings, finding joy on my walks

Some posts write themselves almost without your help. Others hide in the corner of the room, unwilling to show themselves to the light of day. Stubborn ....more

Finding our joy in the ordinary

I wasn’t sure how to approach this....more