Running hot, and cold

It never ceases to amaze me how we bloggers have this magical ability to pull something out of nothing....more

Autumn this is my promise to you

Autumn, it’s me. I know that we got off to a rocky start....more

Summer’s last sunset

Her day started with a pouting fog, lingering until the sun whisked it away. She’s hesitant to start, to leave, it’s too nice, too comfortable here. But she’s lugged that battered suitcase down the road for the last time ....more

Summer’s exit strategy

She’s been planning this party for some time, and up here she is going out with a dramatic exit....more

She blew a farewell kiss, and then took it back

Mother Nature, mercurial, quirky, odd, wonderful, delightful. Those last few are when the weather matches up with what it is we are expecting. May I gently remind all of you Including those eager bloggers who have declared it Autumn, that the day doesn’t come for a little while yet ....more

Your opinion matters

You, me….we all have opinions....more

The 2 AM bloggers social club

It’s 2am, you toss, and turn. Sleep, that which had just so recently claimed your dreams is now as elusive as a free shopping spree for designer shoes....more

Heart every body

“I’m saying goodbye to August, and hello to September your soft days, and golden lights are glittering in our hearts as the shadows lengthen into darkness. Hang on to summer as long as you can, winter come around sooner then we think, and it outstays it’s welcome by far too long.” My previous post “If we were to meet” was a light hearted challenge getting your to describe yourself in 10 words or less. A few words to describe your sparkling personality, some to describe your physical look ....more

If we were to meet?

Want to play a little game? It might make you think about yourself, it might even make you it did to me....more

System restore

I have this feeling. Stronger then a theory, a determination, an absolute realization that to me at least, this is true....more