Please linger a little while longer Autumn

It’s been said by many of us that Autumn is our favourite season....more

Just a blogger

“And what do you do?” They always ask, with a hidden question in their eye. Like dogs sniffing each other, finding, categorizing, settling into place. Eager for a treat, a smidge of eyebrow raised with it’s “ohhhh.” Impress us, they don’t say, but want to....more

Autumn’s hiding a secret

After a day that reminded us it was as if the Earth. Yes one of those rare kind of days. All glorious flash, and splendour ....more

It was as if the earth

It was one of those days. When the sun shone warmer then we would have though possible. Long after the caress of the soft moist fog lingered past it’s original welcome ....more

When inspiration just doesn’t

Blocked, stopped, blank, unfinished, and bare. That computer screen stands in front of you. Glaringly white, blank, glowing freshly ....more

Finding our centers

The world is a beautiful place, almost always. But at times it can also be a disruptive swirling mess. And I find that sometimes to write a honest, truthful ....more

Running hot, and cold

It never ceases to amaze me how we bloggers have this magical ability to pull something out of nothing....more

Autumn this is my promise to you

Autumn, it’s me. I know that we got off to a rocky start....more

Summer’s last sunset

Her day started with a pouting fog, lingering until the sun whisked it away. She’s hesitant to start, to leave, it’s too nice, too comfortable here. But she’s lugged that battered suitcase down the road for the last time ....more

Summer’s exit strategy

She’s been planning this party for some time, and up here she is going out with a dramatic exit....more