Pint sized preserves

In the best rendition of “my eyes are bigger then any stomach…” I went a bought a entire case of peaches. Actually I sent my beloved to get them. But the sentiment is still the same ....more

Inspirations to fan your creative spark

Creativity is like the surf washing over your feet on the beach....more

Post cards from the edge of summer

I don’t want to see Autumn peeking around the corner on Pinterest. I have no intention of pinning pumpkins, and fall colors, yet. Leave that for those who must always be one step ahead of the the pack....more

In August as summer heads into middle age

The sun that ripens the wheat in August ages Summer further....more

Bootsie does M-T-V

Spoiled, not him? Our Bootsie is a adored, and slightly spoiled cat and while I might kid my parents that it’s their Grand-kitty....more

It’s….just life

There are posts that sing in your heart, some loudly, some softly,…no demands, they just ask to be set free, to be published....more

Hello August, plain please, no cream, no sugar

The red numbers on the digital clock living on the night table jiggle as jumbled thoughts pushed me to the edge of the bed. I’m forced to rise earlier than the now summer silent birds, because the urge to capture in written words those tenuous tangle of thoughts, and feelings is beyond urgent. They come rushing towards me chilling like the edge of cold water over bare feet, drawing me down to the cycloptic eye of the computer ....more

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Monday Monday…

We watched a special on the Ed Sullivan show last night…it featured the Mama’s and the Papa’s singing “Monday, Monday.” Guess who now has one of those annoying ear worms.* Mmmhmm, Monday, Monday....more

Summer paused to take a breath

 Summer paused to take a breath “Summer here is so fleeting…blink and she is gone through the door to meet up with Autumn.”...more