Tame that thought

The annoying buzz of the dryer pierces fragile thoughts forming in my brain, deflating them like a punctured balloon. I’ve been trying to ignore the clothes frantically spinning and tumbling in circles like cloth covered acrobats when the buzz brought my attention back to them. ...more

I walked out with Autumn at my side

I walked into the fields to meet with Summer and left with Autumn at my side. Fortunate to witness the handing over of the seasons as they waltzed with a graceful partnership together between the golden rays in the fields. The audience, one woman, two dogs, multiple birds, and a tractor droning far away in the fields of graduating dusk ....more

Harvesting Okanagan wine – vintage 2015

I’m waving away a wasp buzzing around a smear on my glasses, it’s probably interested in some of the juice from the grapes I’m helping to pick in this Okanagan vineyard. ...more

In pursuit of September’s light

September’s light bringing blissfully cool mornings flavored with low-lying puffs of luminous clouds, glowing mountains, crisp air, and bird song...more

The first breath of Autumn

Despite the heat of summer’s lingering kiss, we’re starting to feel those first breaths of Autumn on the back of our once sweaty necks. And I’m not sure how that makes me feel, sad for the loss of summer, but looking forward to some cooler days, and nights. ...more

The cold shoulder

That moment when….because that’s what it is, a sudden change as summer turns the cold shoulder on you. ...more

Venturing past comfort zones

Our unrelenting heat this summer is reminding us just how far out of our comfort zone we are after being told we’re in drought level 4. It’s been a week of wildfires, wasps, Windows 10, and writing workshops. ...more

August creativity

There’s something about reaching the middle of August that wakes the urge to create and celebrate the nearing end of summer. A hands-on creative spell that takes your mind off of the stick to the chair feeling you get while sitting inside, ending up with the heart full of happiness. ...more

August, please pause

It’s never been my favorite month,...more

How to pick your next camera

I just stared at him, astounded that he thought buying this tiny digital camera teetering in the palm of my hand, costing more than one month’s mortgage payment was a good idea. “No way,” I told him, despite the eager salesperson’s gaze, the enticement of the open box spilling colorful packaging all over the counter. ...more