Why…hello Spring

She dashed in here like a miniature whirlwind, out of breath, giggling, her excitement contagious. ...more

Unabashedly spring

There’s a new spring in our steps, joy in our hearts, a lift, a lightening of the winter’s darkness. It’s unabashedly spring in the way that the birds are chasing each other around, calling, whistling, singing and flirting. ...more

In a dark world we must look for light

In light of the horrific events that occurred in Brussels yesterday….. We say prayers and shed tears. Hope for peace ....more

Well that’s enough isn’t it?

Enough is good, in fact enough is pretty great most of the time….right? Although…sometimes enough can be too much, as in too much of a sweet dessert, or too many hours binge watching a TV show, or overflowing inboxes. But…we can never have too much happiness, I’m right aren’t I? ...more

A delicate balance between the seasons

Well, you said you wanted an adventure he said faint hint of a smile around his mouth. Not like this, I muttered as I slipped into the stream of shoppers headed with undue haste towards the door, large white flakes contrasting against my dark hoody. It was cold and we were acting like a herd of lemmings headed towards the cliffs edge…in this case the cliff was a big box store with a heated doorway ....more

That first day back in the garden feeling

You know the morning after the first day back in the garden feeling? The widespread ouch, oooh...more

The lull, when seasons stand still

There’s a time between every season, a lull, when it seems as if time stands still, that nothing happens. It’s been hanging around here resisting the change of seasons, standing in the way. A lull is a moment without movement Winter is giving us a full on lull ....more


February has always seemed like the month of enough, in a way that limits, and yet tops up our sense of fulfilment. First there’s the weather. February is a turning point in our cold season.a month of mercurial weather, lighter...more

January time to dream big

It’s a long month, waking up from the holidays stretching out like a cat from a nap, looking forward to the sweetness of the candy and flowers month ahead. ...more

Spring flounced in for the day

Spring flounced in for the day like a tutu-clad toddler at a Senior’s birthday party. Causing glimmers of remembered light in aged Winter’s old man eyes. ...more