Strawberry surprise

The Okanagan is known for its award wining wines, fruit crops, stunning sparkling lakes, and hot sweltering summers also grows some of the worlds best strawberries. ...more

That first bike ride of the season

After a winter of cold walks, and a run of days hot as mid summer, I dusted off my bike and went for the first ride of the season. ...more

Raspberry bird house for rent cheep!

The raspberry bird house is rented Two of the tiniest little birds, they must be finches, are busily renovating the raspberry bird house, perched high on a pole in the berry bushes. ...more

Cold feet, warm hearts

Warm mornings, warm days and nights…warm hearts, and very cold feet....more

Should’ve known better garden lesson

My favorite pastime, wandering through garden centers in spring, perfection in each blooming plant, rows upon rows of stunning blossoms, green leaves, twigs and branches. It’s easy to lose control, go in looking for geraniums, and end up with Gauria, or Goat’s beard when you finally exit. Something like going to the grocery store hungry, and ending up with a cart load of junk food instead of staples ....more

The art of frugal gardening

Growing the garden of your dreams on a budget takes creativity, resourcefulness, and patience, and that’s why the art of frugal gardening is all about starting small, dividing, sharing, seeding, and searching. When I worked at the garden center it was really hard for me not to take home armfuls of gorgeous plants, I’d watch rather enviously as other’s got to load up their carts with full-grown plants, flats of colorful bedding plants, basket stuffers, potted shrubs, and trees. But I knew if I was going to be able to fill out the garden of my dreams I’d have to start smaller, and be patient ....more

The Mid May garden

Mid May toiling in the hot sun of the spring garden, ground parched, rain elusive. Not the beginning, not yet the end. Mid May In the middle ....more

Reflective blogging

For the last few years I’ve searched for an elusive answer to the question “what kind of Bloggers are we” it’s been hard to figure out....more

A small space of peace in my heart

I’m not sure if you feel like this, but for myself, this is how it has to be to write a blog post. I need a small space of peace in my heart. Without it I can’t come to the computer and expect anything worthwhile to flow from fingertips to the keyboard ....more

Living in two blogging worlds

Today’s post is late....more