Breadcrumbs...and a hike

A few things to let you know about. We've had this on our "must do that someday' list since we first moved up here. A visit to a local wooded area that was turned into a Ecological wildlife reserve in the 1960's ....more

Hope in the heart my world on a Wednesday

Cold ground, warm winds,...more

You rock our blogging worlds background buddies

The world is made up many different types of people. In my simplified version, there are Bloggers, and Non Bloggers. It's my blog, I can do that here ....more

My journey into a strange land

Image this for a moment. You're travelling to a strange country. It's eerily similar to yours, except that they speak a different language ....more

Spring be patient with me

Bright lime colored garden clogs clip along the path...more

What's been going on behind my blog

Being able to sit down to eat a meal after so many months of pain is ... Well, totally wonderful. Indescribable ....more

Spring swell this gardener's heart

Rustling birds disturbed by progress down the rural road fly by, flicking from branch to branch. Soon there will be nests, eggs and chicks. Life moving in circles ....more

Livng the moment despite spring storms

Winter has returned to the dark hole it hibernates in to avoid the other seasons, the snow is nearly gone. It feels as if it was never here. Invigorated by the warm breeze, we, and I use the term we loosely, had just finished raking the entire yard ....more

Gardener's boot camp

You know when you've not been yourself, and you start to feel a bit better? ...more

Wednesday my world and spring stirs

Spring seeks to fulfill it's potential. As snow blowers hibernate, and neighbors appear. Heavier, older, happier ....more