On a Wednesday - January thaws

My world on a Wednesday a gathering of scattered fragments, and moments ...more

Great content leaves a lasting impression

Writing a blog post takes time, energy, thought, and preparation. You might start with a original idea, or a burst of inspiration. ...more

Don't hit the publish button on that post, here's why

It's been one of those kind of days. Life has been pushing your boundaries lately. And you would dearly love to push back ....more

My world, it's a Wednesday

The dryer hums a happy song while spinning tea towels round. ...more

About that January Joy

I've got a confession to make. A big one. January, you're...more

Don't promise me the moon

I'm reluctantly trying something old again. And I have absolutely no idea how it's going to turn out. I guess all I can do is cross my fingers, and spit over my right shoulder as I blink my left eye, while standing on my toes, or was that the heels of my feet? ...more

Zero below freezing

I know you're reading that and thinking….what? At least you probably are thinking what’s up…unless you are like me and forget to read the headlines. It’s kind of a inside joke ....more

The timelessness of family treasures

My Mom reaches her arm through the opened door of the cupboard returning with a round black object in her hand, turns toward me and asks me, “do you want this?” I reach for the quietly ticking sphere and feel a sensory memory flooding my brain. “Although it’s been decades” Since I last saw my Grandfathers pocket watch, it carries inside of it a cache of wonderful memories. Memories of fragrant, spicy scented chewing tobacco, his snuff tin living in the chest pocket of his cotton plaid shirt ....more

Finding the bright side of January

It’s not that hard to find something to love about this cold wintery month....more

January Joy

It might be how bare the house looked as I placed the last glittering glass ball into it’s box for another year....more