Tickling the mountain tops

Low clouds continue to tickle the mountain tops, sprinkling false snow onto the fields. They have not been overly generous. A little here, a little there, more dirt then snow is showing through like a badly wrapped gift ....more

And life is too short right?

Have you ever written a blog post, spent a lot of time dreaming, drafting, rewriting, and then deserted them?...more

Gatherings, finding joy on my walks

Some posts write themselves almost without your help. Others hide in the corner of the room, unwilling to show themselves to the light of day. Stubborn ....more

Finding our joy in the ordinary

I wasn’t sure how to approach this....more

Frosted neutrals

It’s all the rage, and showing signs of being a popular palette around here. Landscapes turned into lovely muted colors, almost before our eyes. ...more

Let’s not sugar coat this shall we?

I’ve been walking most mornings, my feet hitting the floor, gulping down my 1/2 cup of coffee that he brings to me. Sliding into yesterday’s clothes, stumbling down the stairs, slipping on shoes and heading out the door....more

Dear Blogging Police, Trolls, and other unpleasant people

I know that I should let this go, and normally I would, especially after my last post about being grateful, which I am. But it’s been bothering me. I’ve been hearing stories from around blog land similar to my own experience with this problem, and it makes me feel that I need to speak up ....more

Today, I am grateful

There is so much that we take for granted in life, no matter how thankful, and in the moment we might try to be....more

Wednesdays, and Winter is almost over before it began

Wednesdays are great days, middle of the week, optimistic kind of days....more

October evicted

New Renters November moved in quietly the other day, stealthily occupying that abandoned rental at the end of the street. We were just waking up from our Autumnal hangover otherwise known as Halloween. Before the candy low hit, there were lights in the windows, and a plant blooming on the doorstep ....more