Things I’ve forgotten about first snowfalls

It’s inevitable if you live in a cold climate that one day you are going to see snowflakes drifting down from the sky. With one comes more, until they cover the ground in a beautiful blanket of the white fluffy stuff which makes everyone cavort around in joy. That’s the first snowfall…by the end of March, everyone is sogging about, unhappily grumbling ....more

Close encounters of a unseasonal kind

I’ve got to tell you about something really cool, not cool as in cold, but as in I’m still kind of giddy about this happening to me the other day. I’ll get to that in a moment, you’ll love it. But let’s talk about our unseasonable weather for a moment ....more

Autumn I’ve always loved you best

Of all the seasons Autumn, I’ve loved you the most. ...more

A clear look at our blogging style

Stepping back allows us to focus clearly, the view becomes sharper, things fall into place. ...more

There’s no road map for this

Have you ever taken a running leap into what you thought would be shallow lake water, only to find yourself sinking endlessly into it’s depths? Bare feet just seconds ago skimming the sun warmed boards of the wooden pier, legs bent, arms tightly wrapped around your body water splashing everywhere, expecting to straighten up when your toes reach the bottom of the lake, and then not touching bottom? ...more

Things that flutter in the heart

Lurch, bump, flutter, you know that feeling? The stirring of feathers, the awakening of something that’s been resting in your heart for some time stretching its wings. Demanding to be let out, to fly, to be free ....more

I’m not ready to say goodbye

Autumn storms are hard at work removing the colorful apparel that the trees wear. Their stunning golden-tinged shimmering haze of colorful leaves are falling and creating a brilliant carpet at their feet,...more

Joy riding – blogging by bike

Wheeling at what feels like the speed of light, feet pumping, leg muscles straining against the torque of the pedals, as I silently flash past golden foliage and fields, it’s quiet on the bike. ...more

Tame that thought

The annoying buzz of the dryer pierces fragile thoughts forming in my brain, deflating them like a punctured balloon. I’ve been trying to ignore the clothes frantically spinning and tumbling in circles like cloth covered acrobats when the buzz brought my attention back to them. ...more

I walked out with Autumn at my side

I walked into the fields to meet with Summer and left with Autumn at my side. Fortunate to witness the handing over of the seasons as they waltzed with a graceful partnership together between the golden rays in the fields. The audience, one woman, two dogs, multiple birds, and a tractor droning far away in the fields of graduating dusk ....more