January time to dream big

It’s a long month, waking up from the holidays stretching out like a cat from a nap, looking forward to the sweetness of the candy and flowers month ahead. ...more

Spring flounced in for the day

Spring flounced in for the day like a tutu-clad toddler at a Senior’s birthday party. Causing glimmers of remembered light in aged Winter’s old man eyes. ...more

Winter fragments

Life comes to us in pieces, words, images, moments…gathered fragments that make it a whole charming, wonderful event. Some moments are sharp, hitting tender spots, and others are gentle, with a blurry focus, easy memories that caress our heart. In my younger youth, I would have laughed...more

Taking a winter break

This is my last post of 2015, I’ll be taking a winter break to spend time with my family and friends and to enjoy the beauty of the Christmas season. ...more

Quick seasonal planters to fit any size container

Before the snow fell, and the ground froze I went out gathering greens for my seasonal containers. ...more

Days of cold toes and warm hearts

I can feel it creeping in like the popular poem about little cat’s feet, busyness, bright lights, and the Christmas spirit. It’s coming, circling round, settling in. Chilly from the frozen ground outside, happy to be in a warm spot, purring contentedly, as it looks forward to warming up ....more

Things I’ve forgotten about first snowfalls

It’s inevitable if you live in a cold climate that one day you are going to see snowflakes drifting down from the sky. With one comes more, until they cover the ground in a beautiful blanket of the white fluffy stuff which makes everyone cavort around in joy. That’s the first snowfall…by the end of March, everyone is sogging about, unhappily grumbling ....more

Close encounters of a unseasonal kind

I’ve got to tell you about something really cool, not cool as in cold, but as in I’m still kind of giddy about this happening to me the other day. I’ll get to that in a moment, you’ll love it. But let’s talk about our unseasonable weather for a moment ....more

Autumn I’ve always loved you best

Of all the seasons Autumn, I’ve loved you the most. ...more

A clear look at our blogging style

Stepping back allows us to focus clearly, the view becomes sharper, things fall into place. ...more