Summer Heat, Sweat, and Flowers

Summer time, and the livin' is sweaty!  The humidity and heat have already begun their torturous cycle here in the south.  In spite of them both, I still love getting out and puttering in my flower beds.  This morning was devoted to watering and putting out mulch.  I'm still not finished with the mulch, but the heat forced me inside to get water and cool off for a bit.  Late this evening, the mulch will beckon me again.  And I'll gladly go.  There is something about digging and playing in the dirt that is therapeutic and soothing to the soul in spite of th...more

Middle School/High School Round Ball

Yesterday was a day of basketball for us, for the most part.  A 9:00 am game and two more in the evening.  The first one was between two middle school teams.  We were the winning team.  The evening games were tournament games.  We watched a game between two teams a grade behind my son's game when we arrived.  My son's team played next - we lost by 2 points in an amazing game.  Our coach also coaches several other teams.  We were able to watch one of his high school teams play after our game.  It has been years since I've seen a high school game.&...more

Out of My Box

I am diving into new territory for one who is completely intimidated by the internet and computers.  Reading the few blogs I read has sparked an interest that I've always thrown water on so I won't have to get out of my comfortable box that I rarely leave.  And reading the "input format" below this box for text has made me sweat - I have no idea what it means and have no idea if I'm doing this right or not.  So I'm venturing out of my wonderfully comfy box and into new territory.  I may tuck my tail and sprint back to safety in a big hurry....hope the trip is fun. ...more

Thanks, Gale, for stopping by! It was fun getting out of my comfort zone for a change! Thanks ...more