6 Things You Can Learn From Ronda Rousey

 Even the mighty fall sometimes. But that doesn't mean they stay down. They rise again. We all can.  As a die hard Ronda Rousey fan you can imagine my broken heart watching her legit get beat up by Holly Holm. I froze in disbelief and I cried. Seeing your hero get crushed is like finding out Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy aren't real, all in the same day.  It was devastating.  ...more

Caramel Fireball Hot Toddy

Last year I very randomly put two of the most basic things together. It was delicious. And I had a blog so I felt like I needed to share. Thousands of repins on Pinterest later, it has been my most popular post ever. Everyday I'm getting notifications that it's been pinned again. When you search "fireball hot toddy" on Pinterest, it's the first pin that comes up....more

Essentials For Your Everyday Makeup Drawer

  As someone that has to be at work before the sun comes up, I've managed to perfect a quick and simple everyday makeup routine and figured out what my everyday essentials are! Once upon a time I made a short video on it but that was months ago and my routine has since changed. Who else has their makeup collection organized but then has that one messy drawer of the everyday stuff? Just me? Bueller?  Nah, I think many of us do...  ...more

I'll Never Be Who I Want To Be

I had a shitty weekend. Like really bad. Let's be honest, this whole year so far has been a downfall and that's been made clear in many of my previous posts. A lot of times people use their blogs for fun posts, or fluffer posts, or just a hobby or sometimes, to be real with some shit. I've fallen in to the "real with some shit" quite a few times and that's what I'm here to do again today. But this time, I'm taking it way back and I'm going deep. I was going to do a Draw My Life, as I mentioned a couple months ago. But I have no idea how, so I'm gonna start with this....more
Hi Kelly. I can relate to what you're going through from messed up parents, to foster care, and ...more

Top 17 Beauty Products

 Back in May I did a little post of what I was currently loving in the beauty department....more

When Bloggers Go Bonkers

   I'm going to go ahead and assume (I know, awful to do) that at this point, most of the blogging world - specifically the lifestyle crew- has been...more

I Get Cranky When People Call Me a Writer

When I chose to start a blog, I didn't do so because I saw myself as a writer, or that I could impress people with my way with words. Because I am not a writer. I'm a rambler. I write the same way I talk, which is usually fast and all over the place. I open an empty post box and it's like spitfire. ...more
TheRealAaronW thank you for sharing!!!!! :)more

The Birthday Post

32 years ago my brother got his first little sister. I wish I could sit here and write about all the wonderful things that have happened over the last 32 years and all the lives I've touched and people I've saved. But, nah. There's not really anything special about my 32 years. I made it this far, I guess that's pretty cool. ...more

Jelly Belly Kelly

I was a fat kid. I got picked on, even by my own friends sometimes. But mostly from the boys, or the really skinny girls. I'm talking elementary and middle school KIDS. I was called "jelly belly kelly", "butterball", and any fat name a kid could think of. But I never really cared or let it get to me, or at least I thought... ...more