I Woke Up Like This

Over the last few weeks, I have seen plenty of makeup transformation videos and photos on social media, which inspired this particular topic. When it comes to dating, some women put up one hell of a facade. They contour the hell out of their face, cake on the makeup, they apply long eyelashes, they wear spanxs, waist cinchers and so on....more
A M E N !  I have said this before!   You dont always have to be done up - but dont get too ...more

Pack A Bag and Go!

Every relationship requires ongoing work. We get so caught up in the daily grind that sometimes, our relationships can become neglected. One of the best ways to rekindle the romance and the relationship as a whole, is to take the time to get away from the norm....more

Don't Let It Shake You!

When you have been anticipating something and it falls by the wayside, don't let that get to you. Remain immovable. Yes it sucks. Yes it can be unfair. Yes it hurts. But do not allow your faith to diminish....more

Not For Nothin'

Everything you go through is not in vain.It can be very hard to understand and grasp this truth, while in the midst of struggle or whatever issue(s) you may be dealing with, but what you are dealing with aint for nothin.' What you are going through is preparation for not only what you have asked for, but also preparation for your God-given destiny....more

It's A Shame

This very disturbing yet extremely telling photo, has been circulating around social media this week. It's heartbreaking. Heartbreaking because so many of our young girls really are trying to do this or wishing they could, behind closed doors and it's a shame....more

Watch What You Focus On

The Objectification Pt. 2

With all of the objectification of women, by men and by women themselves in the music industry.......what are we teaching our young girls?...more

The Objectification Pt. 1

Music videos are becoming more and more like soft core porn. And it's sad. Case in point, Nicki Minaj's new video for her song "Anaconda." Needless to say, I was pretty sure the video was going to display her ASSets, but this video is doing a bit too much for me. It's sad that some women in the music industry are OK with objectifying themselves, as if the men in the music industry don't objectify women enough as it is. The over sexualization of women in the music industry (and in general) is just sad. I know, I know...sex sells but where and when will we draw the line?...more

The Controversial S Word

When you think of the word submission or hear of someone being submissive, you may automatically think of a woman who bows down to her man completely. Someone who is controlled, who is on mute, someone who no longer has an opinion, let alone a voice. But that's where opinions vary....more

Why Isn't IT Happening?

We are all dealing with something. And let's face it, a lot of us thought we would be in a different space by the time we reached the age we are now.A lot of our frustration deals with things we are lacking and let's be honest, dealing with lack is VERY FRUSTRATING. You try and try. You explore so many different options and nothing seems to be happening for you. You feel stuck and 50% of the time, you just want to say F it. But you can't. You know that you can have better, you want better, yet the LACK OF results has you completely frustrated....more