And For My Next Trick ... Work-Life Balance

It starts at 6 a.m. Every morning, no matter what time I went to sleep the night before, weekday or weekend, it begins. My brain starts up, my eyes pop open, and I'm awake. More than awake, I'm on. It's a persistent stream of ideas; To-Do lists; reminders; goals; aspirations; turns of phrase, working titles, dialogue, and deadlines; appointments; house errands; if the weather will be kind to me on my run; random thoughts about the world and how I'm moving through it; and also how I'm guiding the way for my son to do the same. ...more

How Charles Schultz Almost Quit Over His First Black Peanuts Character

When I read the fantastic story in the Washington Post about how Franklin -- the first character of color -- in the Peanuts strip changed comics history nearly 50 years ago, I felt heartened, hopeful, for the first time in a long while. ...more

Magic Mike and The Mamas (No, You Can't Use This For Your Band's Name)

It all started with a rather hilarious misunderstanding. My two sisters and sister-in-law decided to do something fun and special and rare this holiday weekend. We -- mothers of six children between us, ranging in age from 7 months to 25 years old -- decided to go see Magic Mike XXL. ...more
No offense to anyone who watched this, or liked it, but I think this is pretty gross.  Male ...more

Introducing New Family Editor Nicole Blades of Ms. Mary Mack!

Hey-hey! Nicole Blades here. Some of you might know me from Ms. Mary Mack, the parenting blog that I started just one year into motherhood, when I was desperately trying to sort out this colossal shift from “me to mom.”...more
Nicole, I am back from vacay in time to say #BrilliantNews! I'm such a fan of your voice. ...more

My Son Was Born With a Bull’s-Eye on His Back: One Year After Trayvon Martin

In between Oscar Grant’s killing by a BART police officer in Oakland, California, and Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting by a neighborhood watch captain in Sandford, Florida, something changed. I became a mother—a mother to a baby boy. Soon—not tomorrow, but soon—I will have to have The Talk about what others assume about him, about his life, about his intentions as he browses through a store or strides down the night’s sidewalk. ...more
My friend's 21 year old son (a budding international Slam poet and student at a great university ...more