Introducing New Family Editor Nicole Blades of Ms. Mary Mack!

Hey-hey! Nicole Blades here. Some of you might know me from Ms. Mary Mack, the parenting blog that I started just one year into motherhood, when I was desperately trying to sort out this colossal shift from “me to mom.”...more
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My Son Was Born With a Bull’s-Eye on His Back: One Year After Trayvon Martin

In between Oscar Grant’s killing by a BART police officer in Oakland, California, and Trayvon Martin’s fatal shooting by a neighborhood watch captain in Sandford, Florida, something changed. I became a mother—a mother to a baby boy. Soon—not tomorrow, but soon—I will have to have The Talk about what others assume about him, about his life, about his intentions as he browses through a store or strides down the night’s sidewalk. ...more
My friend's 21 year old son (a budding international Slam poet and student at a great university ...more