Home Cooking Made Easy (Seriously!)

Let's start with a quick disclaimer: I've known food writer and award-winning blogger Stacie Billis, a.k.a. One Hungry Mama, for a couple of years now, and definitely consider her a friend. We met online through our mutual passion for blogging about family and parenthood then soon realized we had a few IRL friends in common. And then we both ended up working with Kristen + Liz, the fab duo behind the Cool Mom Picks empire. Plus, there's the love of bread and good butter. (You ain't the only one, Oprah!) ...more
Ahh I totally need this book. I love to cook but I definitely get overwhelmed very easily so I'm ...more

Horsing Around With This Crafty Kids Book

If you're looking for something fun, crafty and full of hay (not literally) for your youngsters to get into this summer, consider HORSEPLAY!, a new book by Deanna F. Cook and Katie Craig is just what you need. We're talking 25 cool crafts, party ideas an activities for the horse-loving kid. We had a chance to chat with Katie Craig about HORSEPLAY! came about and the best way for parents and kids to get the most out of the book. ...more
Brilliant. Where was this 20+ years ago?!  Denise SheKnows Community Directormore

Here's How to Spring Clean Your Life (For Real)

Even if the weather in your region isn't acting like it, this is legit spring! One of the things that goes along with the season is cleaning, like, major, deep-rooted cleaning. But that clean-up plan extends beyond the kitchen cabinets and your underwear drawer. That's why Cindy Goodman is here to help you spring clean your life. ...more

How to Protect Your Career While You're Pregnant

When you're pregnant, everyone has advice (warranted or not) about what you should do to take care of your body and the baby growing inside of it. Then you have the baby and even more people are coming at you -- citing books and studies -- about what you're likely doing wrong in caring for this new life. (Pssst. You're doing fine. Forget those people!) ...more

Want to Write a Novel? The First Rule of Write Club Is: Read

If there’s one thing to know about me, it’s that I absolutely adore books. By extension, I’m big reader. Always have been. I read for pleasure, yes, but I also read because it's vital to my career and identity as a writer. It's like the first rule of Write Club: Read. Read everything. Reading and writing are inextricably linked. They go together like PB&J. (Or peanut butter and bananas, if that's your jam.) Reading is where good writing is born and learns to thrive.   ...more
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Celeb Trainer Robert Brace on Getting Fit and Fab For Spring

Ignore what the forecast is saying for this weekend in the Northeast, it's springtime! Which means it's also time to -- as our fearless and fierce leader Rihanna says -- work, work, work, work. Before we pull out our breezy and bright shorts, skirts, tanks, and tops and prep to strut under the sun, many of us want to shake off the winter bod -- and any extra pounds that came with it. So, we talked to New York's fitness expert and top celebrity trainer Robert Brace about how to successful pull-off the winter-spring bod transformation. ...more

10 Kids Books For the Reluctant Reader

"Mom, reading is my favorite thing to do in the whole world. I love it ... just like you do." Listen, it took everything in me not to melt and float away in tears of joy when my son said this -- without prompting. It makes me exceedingly happy to see this youngster get so drawn into a book he's reading that we practically have to cut deals with him to put the book down and go to sleep! But I know that not every kid is that into reading. Some young folks find it an instant bore and, when approached with the idea of reading a book quietly for 20 minutes, are like: ...more
I am glad that people are trying to get our newer generations interested in the wondeful world ...more

Our Interview With the Duo Behind 'Science of Parenthood'

We at BlogHer have long been entertained by the musings of Norine Dworkin-McDaniel, half of the duo behind Science of Parenthood. We caught up with Norine recently to ask her about her book, blogging with the intent of publishing a book and what's up next. ...more

Fitness Expert Jenna Wolfe's Smart Tips to Get Lean in 2016

Small steps can add up to big changes and an overall healthier life. That's what fitness expert Jenna Wolfe will tell anyone who will listen. And with her new book, Thinner In 30, the busy mom of two is putting some walk behind her talk. ...more

Here's How to 'Train Like a Mother'

I'm a runner. Although it took me a minute to settle into the actual title, I'm definitely all in on calling myself one now. Running takes work, determination, commitment, and -- especially as a mother -- balance, with a dash of selfishness, if we're keeping it real. The shorter version: Mother runners are no joke! ...more