Don'ts When Interviewing for a Job from a Receptionist

    By night I blog but by day I am an office manager. I started as a receptionist and by a stroke of great luck I was promoted to administrative assistant which lead me to office manager.  Despite the title, I am still a receptionist.  My desk is in the lobby, I greet people, schedule rooms, and let vendors in. Well, all that plus more but for a good portion of the day I am a receptionist. I happen to love my job but like any great jobs there are certain aspects that are not my favorite.  Greeting people coming for an interview is one of those things.  Don't get me wrong, I work with some fantastic people who once came for an interview but there is a fairly large percentage of would be employees who don't make the cut and I can usually tell their outcome based on how they treat me. ...more

Four Books to Read and One to Skip

  Part of my list of things to do before 40 is to ...more

Last-Minute Fiesta: Nacho Mama's Taco Party

I love to host gatherings at my house.  It gives me an opportunity to really clean my house and show off my limited Rachael Ray-ish party skills  Sure, spending time with family and friends is a bonus but what if you want to host a party with people who relatively strangers?Contrary to popular belief I am not the most outgoing gal, at least not on purpose. Oddly, I worked in the service industry most of my life and could fake it most of the time....more
sounds like a lot of fun AND yummy too!!more

Death and Scooby Doo

As Baby Girl and I were motoring down the street off to our mani/pedi appointment, or maybe it was to get doughnuts, well anyway - we were driving down the street singing along to that song ...more

Kid's Choice Awards Viewing Party Ideas and Printables

In case you don't watch Nickelodeon or can tune out the constant commercials (which I must admit are pretty funny) the Kid's Choice Awards are this weekend! ...more

Simple Ways to Host a Princess Party

It is so hard to believe that my baby girl is four because she acts like she is fourteen!...more

One Insider's Guide to Marriage

Honoring my anniversary in a week I wanted to share this post....more

Do you Doodle?

I love to doodle.I even like to color.It may be the only way I was able to stay awake in school and now in meetings....more
I love your doodles. :)more

My Top 5 About Me for a Monday

I really don't think I am an interesting person.  I suppose that is not true since I blog but that could be perpetuating my illusion that I am interesting when in fact, I'm not....more