All The Happy Facebook Couples Drive Me Crazy!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I'm so sick of all the happy couples on Facebook. I totally love my husband, but I feel like our relationship is crap when I read things like, "Every time I go out with my husband it's like our first date all over again." I definitely don't feel like that after 10 years of marriage! Is there something wrong with us? Or Facebook? Signed, Facebook is Starting to Ruin My Marriage ...more
True! But keep in mind those people just choose to not post the bad moments.more

Help! My Twin Wants Her Own Birthday

Dear Mouthy Housewives,  My twins are about to turn seven and one of them is up in arms about it. She does not want to celebrate her birthday with her twin sister. She wants her own birthday. Her own everything! I don't have the money to throw them two parties and that seems ridiculous anyway. What can I do to calm her down?  Signed,  It's Her Birthday and She'll Cry If She Wants To ...more
Tracey Becker I so agree with you. I don't have twins (my husband is a twin though) and I can ...more

My Child's Friend Is Driving Me Crazy!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My daughter has a neighborhood friend who is very sweet but never stops talking. When she is at our house, she is constantly asking me a million questions and it makes me insane. My daughter loves her and always wants to have her over, but I seriously can't handle it. What should I do?  Signed, Not So Crazy About Chatty Cathy ...more
I wonder if the child is simply compensating for what she isn't getting at home.. Just a thought..more

Got Nudes? (Or, How to Handle Teen Sexting)

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My teenage girl got a text from some boy she hardly knows and he asked her to "send nudes." I'm furious over this. What should I do and how should she respond when getting such an inappropriate text? I hate this tech world! Signed, Stop the Madness Public Domain Image via Pixabay. Dear Madness, ...more
just my opinionmore

When Should My Daughter Start Wearing a Bra?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I am in uncharted territory here and hoping you can help. My 10-year-old daughter is developing breast buds, and I was recently informed by a family member that she should start wearing a bra. What? First of all, a bra would do nothing in terms of support, and I don't want to start making her self conscience when she doesn't even have real breasts yet. Or am I missing the boat on this? ...more
I learned I should be wearing a bra when a guy in my class went to snap my bra strap and there ...more

My Neighbor's Dog Playdates Are Driving Me Nuts!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, I have a neighbor who insists on having playdates for her dogs and other neighborhood dogs in her backyard. Basically, I have to put up with an hour of nonstop barking and it's making me crazy! I've told her this is a public nuisance, but she insists I'm overreacting and that the dogs are just playing and having fun. I don't want to get into a war with my neighbor, but I'm really sick of this. What should I do? Signed, Your Dogs' Playdate is Making me Cray Cray ...more
Dear Dogs' Play dates, Three words: Dog Whistle App:) lol It would make me cray, too. I have ...more

My Daughter's Friend Is So Rude!

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Help! One of my 15-year-old daughter’s friends is so obnoxious! She doesn’t address me when she comes over, just mutters a “hi,” without any eye contact; helps herself to whatever she wants in the refrigerator before I had a chance to offer; and responds monosyllabically whenever I try to engage her in conversation. I’ve asked my daughter about this, but she brushes it off with a, "that’s just how she is." Is there anything that I can do about this? Or do I have to suck it up and deal with her rudeness? Signed, Ms. Prim and Proper ...more
I agree!  We teach other people how we want to be treated.  AND all children, no matter how old, ...more

Can My Friendships Survive the Presidential Election?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, The presidential election is a year away and some of my friends are already driving me crazy with their political posts on Facebook. I don't want to block them but I don't always share the same political views and it's making me nuts. Ideas? Signed, I'm Left, They're Right Image: Gify. Dear I'm Left, They're Right, ...more
I say what my dad says, 'Voting is like sex. Everyone should do it, but keep the details to ...more

We're Fighting Over the Kids' Screen Time. Is There an App For That?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, My wife and I totally disagree about our kids and screen time. She is the Tough Mom, and basically thinks the iPad will eventually melt their brains. I’m the Relaxed Mom (a.k.a. I like my iPad!), and I think it’s totally fine -- and even educational --for the kids to Minecraft and iPad to their hearts' delight. How can we find a happy medium? Signed, Steve Jobs’ Black Turtleneck ...more

How Do I Get My Kid To Sleep in His Own Bed?

Dear Mouthy Housewives, Our son is almost 4 and still sleeps in bed with us; right there between my husband and me. It’s awful. No one's getting any good sleep, and sex is basically out of the question. How can we gently take back our bed? Signed, From the Edge of the Bed ...more
Get a huge futon on the floor so everyone sleeps calmly and find somewhere more exciting for sex ...more