Princess vs. Barbie

We have lots of princess dolls at our house.^^ Thank you to my Mother-in-law for that storage idea ^^My girls ask for them as gifts. They save their allowances to buy them. They love their princess dolls....more
Mulan rocks too, although I can't remember if she is a princess or just a Disney girl.  I was a ...more

If You Don't Have Kids, You Just Can't Know

Recently, I've read a few articles about moms dealing with rambunctious and tantrumming kids in public and getting not-so-kind reactions from non-parents in response (this one and this one, specifically). The articles are good reading, but the comments? Whoa. Almost 70 comments on the first one and over 11,000 comments on the second one....more
"You can't know the thoughts, fears, and insecurities that run through a mom's mind when her ...more

More On Yoga Pants. And Kindness. And Not Being Judgmental.

I have had an interesting response to last week's "Yoga-Pants-Wearing Mom" post.The post was featured on BlogHer, and it has received quite a few comments here and on their Facebook page. Apparently lots of people have opinions about the matter of whether or not moms should wear yoga pants and/or what it says about us if we do....more
@intentionalmom Thank you. Same to you ;)more

I Am a Yoga-Pants-Wearing Mom

In the past few months, I've seen several things online dissing yoga pants. Sometimes indirectly, sometimes not. ...more
Given the proliferation of catalogues full of yoga clothing, either lots and lots of people wear ...more

Speaking of Awkward - A Word About Tattoos

You might have noticed when I posted the following photo in last Friday's post that I have a tattoo.I actually have two....more
I plan on getting my first tattoo next month. As I am rounding 40 and have been wanting one for ...more

Um, Awkward! Some Things You Should Just Never Say

The other day I saw my next door neighbor for the first time in over a year.She was out in her yard, and I walked over with the girls to quickly say "Hello" and let them pet her dog. Neighbor Lady says, "It's so good to see you!!!!!!!!!" Then she shifts her eyes rather pointedly toward my stomach, wiggles her eyebrows up and down, and excitedly says, "Are you?...." Of course the unspoken word was obviously "Pregnant?!"I'm not.Awkward....more

Should Preschoolers "Do School?"

I went to my first homeschooling convention this past weekend. I learned some good stuff, got lots of cheap used books, and bought a few new manipulatives for our school room.I had a really good time. Most of the workshops I attended were quite informative.Surprisingly, the workshop from which I got the least amount of useful and practical information was the one focused on homeschooling 3, 4, and 5 year olds.Kind of odd, since this is the only age group within which I do homeschool, but whatev....more

Lost My Religion, Finding My Faith

Disclaimer: This post is very personal and is about religion. I have no desire to offend anyone, but this is about my thoughts, experiences, and beliefs. If you don't want to read about my personal beliefs and efforts to define my faith, go ahead and stop reading now.  I won't be offended :)********...more

I Have a Princess Issue

When I first learned that Miss was a girl, I was so excited. I had all sorts of thoughts about being a mom to a little girl. Things I wanted to teach her and show her. I remember some family members teasing that she would be "such a princess" and having a yucky gut reaction to that statement....more

I Might Be a Horrible Mom for Saying This...

I love to cook. Love it.I love creating something to feed my family that is healthy and tastes delicious. This makes me happy.However, I don't love cooking dinner most nights. Really, I rather loathe it in fact....more