8 Things I Want My Sons To Know About Women

I am the mother of two teenage sons. What that means is 1) my laundry room usually smells like sweaty cotton t-shirts and dirty socks, 2) they think a lot about girls, and 3) they have everything figured out.I recently overheard my oldest son tossing some pearls of wisdom about women  his younger brother's way. While there was definitely some good stuff being discussed (especially that tip about girls appreciating men who regularly shower. I hope that one sinks in), the whole discussion made me keenly aware of the gaps I've left in their education....more

Behind Every Great Kid Is A Mom Who's Pretty Sure She's Screwing Them Up

This past week I received some pretty amazing compliments about my older teenage children. It means a bit more because... well, I'm closer to the finished product with them. It's almost time for me to unleash those boogers out into society (God help us all!), and it's nice to know that maybe, just maybe, I haven't completely effed up this mothering gig. (Although right now I have major doubts as I listen to the two boys practically screaming at each other because someone isn't cooking biscuits the right way. Ugh.) ...more
nikonMom Oh the mood swings of childhood. They love us. They hate us. It's enough to make your ...more

I Wish I'd Never Told Her To Hurry

She turned sixteen yesterday. She's no longer the sweet chubby-faced baby I knew so well. I knew every inch of her, in the knowing way of mothers, from the curls that swooped around her curving ears to her fat little toes I kissed each morning. I knew her quirks and her desires, how she liked her oatmeal and how her brother made her squeal. She made me beam with just her existence. And her face would light up like a mirror of mine when she saw me. ...more
TRUE TRUE TRUE! My first baby turned 16 last year and it's jarring to think how quickly it's all ...more

The Day I Heard Her Dad Tell Her, "Not Bad for a Girl"

"Not bad for a girl." It made me cringe from the top of my head down the tips of my blue-painted toenails. Words spoken by a father to his little girl about her belt promotion in karate. It wasn't meant to be mean. He was just kidding. It was their little inside joke. He couldn't be prouder, actually. But he still said the words. And she still heard them. ...more
You would be amazed how the chauvenistic streak is still present in the UK tennis scene.  Think ...more

Medically Sanctioned Rape in the Labor and Delivery Room

*Trigger Warning* (May be difficult for some readers who have experienced sexual assault or trauma in childbirth.) When women get together (especially at baby showers) they share war stories. It's impossible not to hear about preeclampsia or emergency c-sections or epidurals that didn't work.  Telling expecting mothers about all of the horrors and dangers of childbirth seems to make women almost giddy.  But like soldiers from real-world battlefields, it's a way women bond and attempt to validate their often nightmarish experiences. ...more

Why the Italian Domestic Violence PSA is Stupid

"What happens when you put a boy in front of a girl and ask him to slap her?"Italian website, Fanpage.it attempts to answer this question in their "stirring" PSA-gone-viral against domestic violence.You can watch the video here, but if you're lazy (like me) here's the Cliff's Notes version:...more

8 Perks To Not Having A Smart Phone

I don't have a cell phone.  Not because they are expensive or I can't afford one or anything like that. I'm a conscientious objector.Even though it drives my friends and family and co-workers bonkers because I can't always be easily reached or respond to messages in 2.8 seconds or instantly post pictures of what I ate for lunch (a chicken salad sandwich... in case you were wondering), I still refuse to have one. ...more

Don't Make Me Come In There

I hear you in there, sweet children of mine.  It started out as goofy giggling and escalated from there.  The tone has turned from one of amusement to irritation.  I sometimes wonder if you can get along with one another for ten minutes straight. ...more

The Plight of My Youngest Child (Or Why I Am A Horrible Mother)

Some days I feel like I've got things pretty under control. On those days that the children mostly got along with one another, and the laundry is mostly washed and mostly folded (if not mostly put away) and I've prepared a dinner that is mostly nutritious and mostly homemade, and we've all sat down together to mostly enjoy one another's company... I feel pretty good about myself. ...more
JillianT.O'Keefe I felt the same way about my first born. Somehow my heart just made more room ...more

A Public Apology To Smartphone Users

While I have been quick to point out the many perks of NOT having a smart phone, I now realize that I haven't adequately acknowledged how very demanding life with a smart phone can be. I tip my hat to you smart phone users. I've been walking around boasting about the facility of my cellphone-free lifestyle without completely understanding all of the hard work you guys put in on a daily basis. For instance, I woke up yesterday, stretched, and groaned about needing coffee. Then just threw back the covers and staggered toward the kitchen for caffeine. ...more