The Evolution of the Family Christmas Tree

Every year my Aunt Kim has a beautiful fresh-cut Christmas tree. Without fail, her tree always looks like something straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine. She comes up with a different theme and a color scheme. Everything coordinates; the lights (usually in elegant white), the ornaments, the tree topper. The ornaments are all perfectly distributed and evenly spaced. It's classy and chic. Perfectly planned. Perfectly executed. A thing of beauty....more

Fighting Alliteracy with "Off The Shelfies"

 "The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them." ~Mark Twain (or someone else depending on who you believe on the internet)...more

Weight Lifting as an Act of Rebellion

 I lift weights at the gym....more

A Pinterest-Perfect Summer? Nope. Not For My Kids

I know that it's summer. I know that a lot of parents are busy trying to keep their wildly free children -- the ones who are usually corralled and occupied in climate-controlled rooms for ten months out of the year -- from driving them crazy. Neither the parents nor the children are used to being around each other for hours upon hours of unstructured time every day. It creates volatile and sometimes desperate situations. ...more
I agree! Although I do struggle with my kids wanting to fill their time with gadgets - we limit ...more

What I See When I Look At My Daughter

"You look just like your mom." "Wow! You two could be twins." I don't know what it does to my 16 year old daughter to hear these remarks. We do look incredibly alike. Even Facebook with its highly advanced facial recognition technology is forever asking me if I want to tag myself in my daughter's pictures. ...more
This is so beautiful!  I look just like my momma and now I wonder if she's ever had those same ...more

I Am Responsible For The Gender Wage Gap

That raging monster, The Gender Wage Gap (a snarling, filthy, highly unfair beast to be sure) is probably the major rallying topic for modern, third wave feminists. They emerge from the woodwork with their pithy signs and Twitter hashtags and righteous indignation making futile attempts to slay this foul creature. They shout, "Sure women have the right to vote, but we still make an average of 77 cents to a man's dollar." Which is actually horrible. Who wouldn't want to arm themselves and attack such a glaring injustice to half the population? ...more

Losing The Baby Weight

"Wow. You don't look like you've had four kids." I've heard that before. I suppose it's meant as some sort of compliment that I've somehow been lucky enough to have survived four pregnancies without my body being completely destroyed. It's true that I never had  a lot of trouble "losing the baby weight". I might weigh a good ten pounds more than I did before my first pregnancy,  but I think that has more to do with hitting my forties than any lingering postpartum pounds. I did, after all have my first baby more than eighteen years ago. ...more
Wow, it was such a battle for me to lose the weight post-childbirth. Luckily I found some great ...more

Why I Am Afraid Of My Neighbors

Danielle and Alexander Meitiv of Maryland are back in the news this week. You might remember their names from back in December, when their parenting practices first fell under the harsh microscope of media scrutiny....more

What Did You Make This Year?

We finally received all of the forms and documentation we need to file our taxes. (Fun times!) I work a part-time job with a local business that allows me the privilege to stay home with my kids during the day. It's not a bad arrangement. I get time away from my offspring (which helps me maintain my frail grasp on sanity), and I get money in exchange for the favor....more

8 Things I Want My Sons To Know About Women

I am the mother of two teenage sons. What that means is 1) my laundry room usually smells like sweaty cotton t-shirts and dirty socks, 2) they think a lot about girls, and 3) they have everything figured out.I recently overheard my oldest son tossing some pearls of wisdom about women  his younger brother's way. While there was definitely some good stuff being discussed (especially that tip about girls appreciating men who regularly shower. I hope that one sinks in), the whole discussion made me keenly aware of the gaps I've left in their education....more