Magic Kingdom Day Two

I woke up Friday morning with a little bit of was our last day in Disney!  Instead of taking the girls to Epcot {which I love but don't think it's as kid friendly} we went back for another day at Magic Kingdom.  The morning started off with one last call from Olaf, and sadly my dead cell phone.  No matter what I did it wouldn't turn on,  Instead of letting it consume me, I just left it behind and headed out for a great day!! ...more

Hollywood Studios

Wednesday was Hollywood Studios day!  Another day, another wake-up from Olaf, so Emmy was in heaven.  We were up even earlier today as the park had magic hours from 8-9 that we did not want to miss out on!  Skip and Emmy filled up our resorts cups {coffee for us, hot chocolate for her} and we headed out!...more

Road Trip to Florida day 1

June 8th, 5:00 am we pulled out of our driveway to begin our road trip!  I had high hopes of leaving then, but with two kids and my hatred of waking up before dawn, I was not that optimistic.  Thankfully the stars aligned and we headed out! Our plan was to drive all the way to Savannah that day.  The drive is about 14 hours.  We would then only have about 4 hours onto Orlando the next day.  It is so much better to push and do the majority of the driving one day....more

Back from Disney!!

We're home from Florida!!  11 days...10 nights...5 different hotels....over 2,000 miles...two five year three year old...and we all survived.  More than that actually, I would turn around and do it all again in a heartbeat {waking up to 68* here in Jersey didn't help either...I miss the heat}  I will have lots of posts coming up in the next few days....more

Hunker Down and Other Potty Training Success Tips and Tricks

Well, it's official. My sweet littlest, my Charlie bear, is potty trained! Other than some pull-ups at naps and bedtime, we are a totally diaper-free house. And I'll be honest, man that feels good. ...more
SO funny I should see this in my inbox today! I just published a fun children's potty training ...more

A New Chapter

I seem to be surrounded by pregnant ladies or those who just recently gave birth.  First babies, second, third.  Real life friends and online buddies.  I swear something is being pumped into the water. I love all things baby.  I love their sweet newborn smell and the way they curl up and sleep on your chest.  I love the tiny little clothes and impossibly small newborn diapers.  And as rough as my pregnancies were, I also loved the ever growing belly and the sweet baby kicks from within. ...more

The time I wanted to crawl in a hole and disappear

In parenting there are good moments and bad.  There are amazing wonderful moments and ones you wish you could erase from your memory completely.  As I mentioned to my cousin {who is only weeks away from becoming a father for the first time} the other night, being a parent can best be described as a roller coaster. Friday afternoon I experienced one of the low moments.  The girls and I had a birthday party to attend for the daughter of one of my friends.  It was going to be at a local children's museum we'd been to several times before. ...more

What's Your Favorite Yogurt? Join in the Taste-Off!!

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Parenthood, Cheating, and Why I'm Team Joel

If you aren't caught up or aren't a fan of Parenthood {the show, not raising kids} then feel free to skip this post. I'm here to write about why I'm Team Joel and have been since the very beginning. I've seen a lot of hatred towards Joel on Twitter the past few weeks and I could not figure out why.  Julia cheated.  Julia lied about it.  So why is Joel the one everyone is blaming? ...more

Reduced Fat Cheese For a Balanced Snack? Yes please!

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