#freetobe adventurous

 Thank you to all free clear for sponsoring today’s post and inspiring me to try all free clear! It's springtime in New Jersey!!  Finally!! In fact some days recently have felt more like summer than spring...which I have absolutely no problem with.  After the loooooooooooong winter we had, we're spending every free second we have outside.  ...more

An evening with Taya Kyle

Last night was a special night that I'll hold dear to me forever.  I had the opportunity to attend a speaking event with Taya Kyle....widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle.  To say I was excited was a complete understatement.  Taya has given a voice to military wives, in a way that was never done before.  Her story is all of our story.  I wanted to stand up in the middle of American Sniper and yell, "Yes!  Thank you. I have said those exact things....more

"I don't want to be different"

Last night as my husband was putting my oldest to bed, she started crying.  Apparently she was crying about her peanut allergy.  She told Skip that she doesn't want to be different any more.  She asked why she can't be normal like everyone else.  Break my heart! Skip managed to calm her down and she woke up this morning without another thought about it.  As kids do, she bounced back quickly.  But still, my heart hurts for my sweet girl. ...more

American Sniper and what we can do for our veterans

I have been known to share my feelings on movies before..ie The Hurt Locker.  It's no surprise that I have seen just about every single military movie and documentary that has come out recently.  But none, none has stuck with me the way American Sniper has. ...more

Respect Our Police

Everyone in the country has an opinion today about the events that unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri. According to Twitter, it's assumed that because I am a cop wife, I automatically side with Darren Wilson....more
Too many people forget that without the order that police maintain by putting their lives ...more

Discipline vs Abuse

There has been a lot of talk recently about child abuse and child discipline in light of a certain football player who beat his child.  And this is a topic I just couldn't stay quiet about.  First off, let me reiterate the facts first.  What Peterson did to not one, but two of his sons, was beat them.  That is not discipline.  That is not correcting their behavior.  When you break the skin on your child, that is abuse and should be treated as such. ...more
GREAT Article.  I couldn't agree more.  Children have been considered "property" for far too long.more

My Baby's Going to Kindergarten

Tomorrow my first baby starts kindergarten.  I'm not exactly sure how I feel about it.  Most people in the same position as me, seem to be very sad about how grown-up our little ones are.  Honestly, I am so busying during the day breaking up fights and trying to reign in all.the.sass that I barely have time to think about how quickly time is passing.  Plus, I've finally realized that in the grand scheme of life she is actually very little still.  I'll save all the crying for when she graduates high school. ...more

New Allergy Blood Test

Here's a quick tip for all you allergy parents out there.  We took Emmy for her yearly visit to the allergist last week to have all the paperwork filled out for school this year.  While we were there, the allergist told us about a new blood they've come out with.  I think it's just for those with a peanut allergy, but I could be wrong.  The test goes one step farther than a traditional blood test.  It tests not only if a person is allergic to peanuts, but whether or not they will have the anaphylaxis reaction. ...more

Magic Kingdom Day Two

I woke up Friday morning with a little bit of sadness....it was our last day in Disney!  Instead of taking the girls to Epcot {which I love but don't think it's as kid friendly} we went back for another day at Magic Kingdom.  The morning started off with one last call from Olaf, and sadly my dead cell phone.  No matter what I did it wouldn't turn on,  Instead of letting it consume me, I just left it behind and headed out for a great day!! ...more

Hollywood Studios

Wednesday was Hollywood Studios day!  Another day, another wake-up from Olaf, so Emmy was in heaven.  We were up even earlier today as the park had magic hours from 8-9 that we did not want to miss out on!  Skip and Emmy filled up our resorts cups {coffee for us, hot chocolate for her} and we headed out!...more