Five Vloggers Walk Into a Hotel Room

This post is purely for your entertainment. Five vloggers walk into a hotel room… with a video camera and no plan. ...more

You Should’ve Known Better

Dear people of the entire world, If you’re a woman, please don’t take private nude photos of yourself and store them in what you are led to believe is a secure location. It doesn’t matter if they’re for your lover who is far away, or if you’re just […] ...more

#Blogust – Firsts and Dandelions

Since I became a mother six years ago, the meaning of life’s “firsts” have become weightier and almost sacred. ...more

Talking About Maternal Health and Merck for Mothers

I have recently returned from San Jose where I attended the BlogHer annual conference and a special event hosted by Merck for Mothers. ...more

Ferguson – I Don’t Know How We Got Here and I Don’t Know How We Get Out

Mike Brown Ezell Ford John Crawford Eric Garner Just in the last thirty days, the above four men have died at the hands of police. ...more

The OneDay App Will Save Me With My Mother-In-Law

My mother-in-law is mad at me. I can tell. I’m sure it is because I am slacking on sending her pictures, videos, measurements, whatever… of her beautiful grandchildren ....more

Once You See This It Will Completely Change the Way You See the Internet

People of the Internet, We are at DEFCON 1...more

I Went on a Trip and Didn’t Miss My Family

Last week I was at a blogging conference in San Jose for four days and I didn’t miss my family. I talked to my kids over Facetime, and texted my husband every now and then… but I did not physically miss their presence, and I am okay with knowing […] ...more

Closed for Re-assimilation

Be back shortly ....more