If You've Never Seen the Astonishingly Talented Sarah Jones ... Prepare to Be Impressed

I would like to introduce you to Sarah Jones...and Lorraine and Nereida and Habiba and Anna and Praveen... and a dozen others.I want to introduce them all to you because they all deserve to be seen and heard, and they are—through Sarah Jones. Image Credit: United Nations via YouTube ...more

The Harry Potter Nerd and the Funk Lover in me Just Had a Party

The Harry Potter nerd and the funk lover in me just had a party and it looked like this: ...more

Original Patent Settles Toilet Paper Debate. I’m Looking at You, Husband.

Since the dawn of time (give or take some centuries) there have been two types of people: Those who open the Oreo and lick the cream… and those who eat it whole. Those who sweeten their tea… and those that would never. Those who cough into their hand… and those who use their elbow ....more

Gorgeous for Good – Because It’s Time for Me

Those of you who have been long time readers here know that for the last year or two I have been physically and mentally tapped out. There has always been somebody else to take care of, and the consistency with which I have put myself last finally broke me last year when my body went […] ...more

Parenting 2.0: Your Choice is Probably the Wrong One

My heart goes out to new parents nowadays. People used to complain about how there should be a manual on raising kids… Well, the Internet is here with 1,557,980,3355 of them. So, if you’re a parent, this is your friendly reminder that whatever choice you’re making… it’s probably the wrong one… and you should be […] ...more

Worth a Share – Violent Femmes, #UnfinishedBusiness, and Postpartum: the Musical

It was a good week for the internet, you guys. Here are some thing you may have missed or may have seen… but...more

#TheDress Kicked Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Never in my internet life have I seen something so inconsequential catch fire and divide the online world as quickly as #TheDress did on Thursday evening. It was phenomenal. 3:30 pm PST: Someone in my facebook feed posts a link to this...more

Camel Toe Strikes a Chord

A million years ago I wrote a post about a desire to eradicate camel toe. Today is one of those days when I have to remind myself that I have no control over what will resonate with people. I create content and I throw it into the winds of the Internet ....more

Worth a Share – Ballet Bad Boy, Beckyoncé, and Constance Wu

For those of you that don’t live on Facebook and Twitter like I do, here are some of the things I loved on the Internet this week and are definitely worth a share: Time magazine had a great interview with Constance Wu from ABC’s Fresh off the Boat. This talented and smart woman is […] ...more