Don’t Contaminate the Mars Water – #TAWYTA

The Pope was in the US this week and my social media was all a chatter about it… Also about Mars water and tons of Adidas shoes. What a complicated and vast world we live in. It’s time for Talking About What You’re Talking About! ...more

My Armpits Can #OutSmartStress

My armpits have something to tell you. I told them it may not be appropriate… not everyone likes to hear about armpits… or about sweat… or about the smell of sweat… But they wanted to tell you that they “feel smart”. Look, I’m a busy lady and anyone that knows me probably knows that I […] ...more

I Won’t Make My Bed… or a Clock.

Note to self: Do not make your bed. Do not make a clock. Do not watch anymore GOP debates ....more

Kim Davis’ Eye Is Not That of the Tiger – #TAWYTA Time

I think you know what time it is. It’s time to curate some goodies from my social media feed. Yes, it’s time for Talking About What You’re Talking About ....more

#TAWYTA this week – silliness, sadness, and WTF-ness.

Friday is pretty much over, but I finally got the latest Talking About What You’re Talking About up and running… Just in time for the Holiday Weekend when people aren’t on their computers! Blame the hard disk. Anyway, this week was filled with silliness, sadness, and WTF-ness ....more

Smelly Cat and Taylor Swift for President

My social media streams were talking about some scary scary stuff this week, so I will cling to the joy that Lisa Kudrow, Smelly Cat, and Taylor Swift bring me. It’s time to talk about what you’ve been talking about this week: ...more

It’s Raining Karma on Josh Duggar and Sinkholes Are Freaky – #TAWYTA

If what’s trending in my social media feed is a true reflection of the world we live in – this week leads me to believe WE ARE SCREWED. It’s Friday, so you know what I’m doing. I’m Talking About What You’re Talking About! ...more

Target Troll Mike is a Cutie Patutie

I’m having the best time doing this new weekly thing on my YouTube channel called Talking About What You’re Talking About. The weekly recap is based on what’s popping in my social media streams and this week was all about Target: Target decides to remove gender...more

Two Inner Monologues at a Brunch

Her: ...more

#PenisGate and Non-Racist Racists – Talking About What You’re Talking About

What if Lenny Kravitz were a woman… and yes that’s a banana. It’s another episode of Talking About What You’re Talking About where I recap my social chatter for the week ....more