The Sort of Grown Up Gift Guide of Cool Stuff

The Holidays are upon us, and it’s a little bit scary how much of THE LOVE I FEEL this time of...more

Good Breakups. New Partnerships.

As a content creator, I’ve had a couple really good professional breakups this year. One in particular was with a large media company that was just no longer financially or creatively fulfilling. I think I stayed as long as I did only because it felt good to say that I worked with them… but eventually […] ...more

Our Hearts Are Big Enough

I don’t have many words about the recent terrorist attacks in Beirut and Paris. Instead I share with you the words/perspectives of others. I will not shame you for how and who you mourn… the fact that you grieve is the truth of your...more

Bloomingdales Might Spike Your Red Cup of Coffee – #TAWYTA

This week social media was full of outrage, eggnog spiking, and more things that go in the box of things that shouldn’t be. It’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for Talking About What You’re Talking About! I look pale in this one because my preschooler gave me the worst head cold […] ...more

I Love The Bloggess… Iffy About Pooping Unicorns.

The Internet was so very weird this week, but Jenny Lawson and Carrie Brownstein still gave me the warm fuzzies. Hopefully it is enough to keep me from having nightmares about backpacks that shouldn’t exist… and...more

Compassion is MIA but There’s Plenty of Prince

It’s that special time when I talk about some of the...more

Married Eight Years and Have the Stuff To Prove It

*This post was made possible because of an experience gift from Cloud 9 Living. ...more

That One Time on Back to the Future Day…

This week was one big Internet party! Star Wars reigned supreme and Back to the Future Day was pretty much globally unifying. Also, Norwegians say Texas a lot ....more

The Jersey Devil May Not Be Real, But Vagina Emojis Are

#TAWYTA has missed you the past couple weeks. Have you missed it? The Democratic National Debates kicked off, rodents were found, dirty emojis were shared – you guys are awesome ....more