Smelly Cat and Taylor Swift for President

My social media streams were talking about some scary scary stuff this week, so I will cling to the joy that Lisa Kudrow, Smelly Cat, and Taylor Swift bring me. It’s time to talk about what you’ve been talking about this week: ...more

It’s Raining Karma on Josh Duggar and Sinkholes Are Freaky – #TAWYTA

If what’s trending in my social media feed is a true reflection of the world we live in – this week leads me to believe WE ARE SCREWED. It’s Friday, so you know what I’m doing. I’m Talking About What You’re Talking About! ...more

Target Troll Mike is a Cutie Patutie

I’m having the best time doing this new weekly thing on my YouTube channel called Talking About What You’re Talking About. The weekly recap is based on what’s popping in my social media streams and this week was all about Target: Target decides to remove gender...more

Two Inner Monologues at a Brunch

Her: ...more

#PenisGate and Non-Racist Racists – Talking About What You’re Talking About

What if Lenny Kravitz were a woman… and yes that’s a banana. It’s another episode of Talking About What You’re Talking About where I recap my social chatter for the week ....more

Netflix Rocks and Donald Trump Doesn’t

I’m back with another episode of Talking about What You’re Talking About this week on my YouTube Channel. Check out the recap of my social chatter… and perhaps see me eat my shoulder ....more

Converse, Jon Snow, and Daisies – What You’re Talking About

I love the feeds that I’ve curated on Facebook and Twitter. I don’t need to watch The View (Is that still on?)… I just look at my Facebook feed to see what’s on people’s minds and what they find interesting/cool/shocking/awful/ridiculous enough to share. So here’s some of what my social media streams were excited about […] ...more

F*ck That – A Guided Meditation That Finally Works For Me

My husband has turned into a meditation pusher, and while I like to tell myself I don’t need it, my panic attacks, insomnia, and intense left eye twitch tell a different story. I’m also the the guided meditation type – I need someone to lead me. If I’m left to my own devices, I […] ...more

For That Time… Thank You

For those times you...more

Forgive Me If I Do Not Believe You. Black Lives Matter.

A month can’t go by without another disturbing story...more