#TheDress Kicked Kim Kardashian’s Ass

Never in my internet life have I seen something so inconsequential catch fire and divide the online world as quickly as #TheDress did on Thursday evening. It was phenomenal. 3:30 pm PST: Someone in my facebook feed posts a link to this...more

Camel Toe Strikes a Chord

A million years ago I wrote a post about a desire to eradicate camel toe. Today is one of those days when I have to remind myself that I have no control over what will resonate with people. I create content and I throw it into the winds of the Internet ....more

Worth a Share – Ballet Bad Boy, Beckyoncé, and Constance Wu

For those of you that don’t live on Facebook and Twitter like I do, here are some of the things I loved on the Internet this week and are definitely worth a share: Time magazine had a great interview with Constance Wu from ABC’s Fresh off the Boat. This talented and smart woman is […] ...more

I’ve Been Busy Killing Head Lice

If you don’t like the idea of a little louse crawling around your scalp and laying eggs then you should seriously reconsider having children… or having them play with other children… ever. For weeks I have been deeply engaged in a battle against an endless stream of head lice (courtesy of first grade). Since it […] ...more

Fresh Off the Boat Is Not Only Groundbreaking – It’s Really Good

It has been twenty years since an Asian American family has been the subject of a network sitcom. Let me just say that again: It has been TWENTY years since an Asian American family has been the subject of a network sitcom. For a lot of young Asians that means February 4th marked the first […] ...more

Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Mercury retrograde is one of the Universe’s favorite jokes to play on us. If you follow astrology at all, then you’ve heard of/seen/witnessed people get in a tizzy over everything going wrong for a couple weeks. This year Mercury will be in retrograde Jan ....more

Experienced Any Side Effects of Motherhood?

It’s time for episode number 2 in the Side Effects of Motherhood series over on NickMom.com! ...more

Helpful Humpday and How to Tie a Scarf

Who doesn’t love alliteration? Who doesn’t love questionably...more

Introducing… Side Effects of Motherhood

This space has been a tremendous platform for me – it’s been my root system while allowing me to branch out in so many ways. Sometimes I forget that I started off over five years ago blogging anonymously – not wanting to be seen, but so desperately wanting to […] ...more