Introducing… Side Effects of Motherhood

This space has been a tremendous platform for me – it’s been my root system while allowing me to branch out in so many ways. Sometimes I forget that I started off over five years ago blogging anonymously – not wanting to be seen, but so desperately wanting to […] ...more

40 years

40 years of treading. A few years of digging in. ...more

I’m Giving Away Some Sparkle

I want to give you shiny things. Watch below: ...more

Big Teaser – Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The teaser for Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally been released and the force is strong with this one. It’s secretive. It’s exciting ....more

Kmart’s Fab 15 Holiday Toy List – Giving Me the Gift of Memory

Do you remember what some of your favorite toys were as a little kid? I faintly remember Barbies, Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and My Little Pony… but the three things that get me real nostalgic and weepy are roller skates (used to the Footloose soundtrack in my garage), my Sit […] ...more

I am the F-Word.

My mind is becoming increasingly boggled by the number of female celebrities declaring “I am not a feminist”… and then explaining by following up with an actual feminist statement. The latest is Selma Hayek, who actually made this statement at an Equality Now event where she was being honored as […] ...more

This Daylight Saving Movie Trailer is My Life

“Daylight Saving is an imaginary construct!!” This viral video is definitely worth a share. All my life I have been rattled by the population’s agreement to just CHANGE TIME. I grew up in Hawaii where we let nature rule the skies, and time was just time ....more

Dear Jenni is Back!

My weekly series is finally back up on the YouTube channel. Yes, it’s the return of Dear Jenni – where I answer/make up answers to pretty much whatever it is you want to ask me. I’ve missed doing it… seriously, you guys have the best/weirdest/most thought provoking/grossest questions ....more

This is Your Reminder That Halloween is Right Now.

In case the smell of rotting pumpkin guts and toasting pumpkin seeds hasn’t tipped you off yet, it’s Halloween. Don’t let the Christmas decorations in the stores fool you – it’s Halloween. Hurry over to the corner store and buy a bunch of candy ....more

The Not So Curious Case of Renee Zellweger

Famous actress Renee Zellweger attended the Elle Women in Hollywood awards on Monday, October 20th. After she attended, the Internet exploded because OMG SHE LOOKED DIFFERENT. Many people are speculating that she’s had some botox and cosmetic surgery done ....more