Secure Parenting

The best thing about having growing children is that, with them, you grow too. If you allow yourself the opportunity, with your children, you get older and, hopefully, wiser. Things that once seemed so important just aren’t important anymore ....more

Summer Bucket List

1. Go swimming in a beach....more

How To Improve Focus in Your Pictures

Taking focused pictures is something every photographer wants, right? But it’s not as easy to do when you have no idea how to use your camera or how your actions as a photographer can hurt or help the quality of your images. I had to learn about focus the hard way, through lots of blurry and out-of focus pictures that left me scratching my head wondering, “why doesn’t this look right?” I didn’t know it was “focus” that was problem, I just knew my pictures never looked right to me ....more

The Conscious Parent: A Book Review

I don’t usually read parenting “advice” books, generally, because I no longer believe that you can learn how to be a parent by reading a book. I once did, however. And this is why I have read more parenting advice books than I care to admit ....more

Princess Hair

In what should be my last post on my LTYM experience, here’s the essay I read in my performance. *** Princess Hair by. Jessica F ....more

compulsive social media

I guess you could say this post is inspired, in part, by the news of Instagram. I guess you could also say it’s inspired by Facebook and the relationship between the two and the assumption that people will continue to use their services so long as those services are available to be used. They don’t think much of us, or the users of their services ....more

Be who you are

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”- Dr. Seuss. While stuck in a car on the way to the beach, I wrote this down–one of my most favorite, Dr.Seuss-attributed, inspirational quotes of all time ....more

Matching Outfits

Photographer’s dilemma. Going for prolonged periods without using the new camera you purchased under the professed commitment to “use it everyday.” *sigh. I blame the summer ....more

10 Things About My LTYMDC Reading

1. My LTYMDC performance is online! Yes, I thought I’d dread the day that my face and voice were readily available on Youtube ....more

Some Favorite Pins

I was slow to “take” to Pinterest. I was slow because I think I never really understood it’s value beyond its uses as a social media tool for anyone ordinary or super-ordinary person hoping to attract more attention to the things they find interesting. It can be that, I’ve realized, but it is for me (and I’m sure for many others bloggers, professionals, creative people, human beings) a really valuable personal tool ....more