I Want My Daughter To Feel The Mean Girl Hurt

Last night as I was tucking my nine-year-old daughter into bed after a long day for both of us, she reached up put her arms around my neck and asked me to crawl into bed with her so we could snuggle and talk. When I crawled in next to her she snuggled as close as she possibly could and when she couldn’t get any closer she opened her eyes just long enough to get my attention and said, “Something happened at school today."...more
Great Advice. My daughter has been both the mean girl and the girl who they were mean to. And it ...more

There’s Only One Rule: They Have to Be Alive When I Get Home

This morning I got up at an hour I wish I had never seen (but unfortunately as a mother I have seen it far too many times to count), called a cab, dressed myself in my working mommy uniform, grabbed my suitcase and headed out on my first business trip for my new job. This trip is momentous because for the first time ever I am leaving my husband for 48 hours with our three kids ALONE....more
Try doing less so that your husband will step up to the plate to do more. He'll never learn to ...more

Tomato Zucchini Casserole - The Most Welcoming Side Ever!

The feelings of unease ceased the second we sat down at the Christmas dinner table. My wonderful step-mother Sheila brought out Tomato Zucchini Casserole and placed it right in front of me. She told me that my grandmother had let her know this was one of my favourite Christmas dinner sides....more

Undercover Working Mother: Why I Wear Jeans to the Doc

As I was getting dressed this morning, Hubbie and I were discussing the plan for the day.  The one that involved a doctor’s appointment, a sick child, one who needed to get to the school bus and then of course ballet after school.  When I finally said I had to run, he looked at me and asked why I was wearing jeans.  A reasonable question since it’s the middle of the week and my office is notoriously dressy.  ...more

That is a very poignant story about the doctor visits, and in fact, I had a similar experience ...more