Choosing not to take a Pregnancy test during the 2ww

I Katie, pledge not to take a home pregnancy test before the 2ww week wait is up.  Sounds funny right?!  So many woman undergoing IVF take multiple pregnancy tests before getting the actual beta numbers. I am guilty myself during my previous rounds....more

IVF What I Will Miss The Most

IVF again.. What I Will MissThe Most With my iVF round approaching fast it is time I give up all those things I love so much.  It is hard and I almost feel it is a little unfair.  Ok.. I sound like a whiney baby saying it that way!  But not knowing if this round will even work is always in the back of my head as I resist to take that Hot bath sipping on wine!  Ah......more

My Full Time Job Stepmother

Going Grey While Wanting A Baby

Pre IVF Mediterranean Diet

Hey everyone!   Today I would like to share with you some studies that have been done on Fats and IVF Success! Worth a serious effort as this is a healthy way of eating and creates good habits!  This diet is not only limited to IVF patients but all woman trying to conceive....more

Are You Really Happy?

Are You Really Happy?Happiness to many is measured by success, money, career choice, the car you drive,  the school your child goes to, the clothes you wear....  Bragging rights to your next vacation or maybe a pictures of yourself on Facebook portraying smiling facing somewhere really fun looking. ...more

Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss and Damage

Hypothyroidism and Hair Loss and Damage It was 2 years ago my journey to being diagnosed with hypothyroidism started.  My hair was not only falling out in clumps but it was dry, brittle and damaged beyond repairing.  I sadly took the plunge at the hairdresser and got unwanted layers.   She had to admit herself that it was my only choice to try and continue with long hair. ...more

Things I Will Avoid During The IVF Process

Things I Will Avoid During IVF ...more

6 Things I've Learned About Myself Because of IVF

What the IVF Process Has Taught Me About Myself...more

5 Things Never to Say to an IVF Patient

So you think you can empathize with someone going through IVF?  Maybe you held your best friend's hand as she went through the madness.  Spoke to her in her deepest lows about adoption or what if's?  You cried with her before and during treatments, and after her baby was conceived, you worried with her until he/she came.  This is all great and I am not here to discredit anyone's experiences with or friendships with someone going through a hard time conceiving a baby. ...more
Eggcellent Post! I'll be sharing this on my FB page this week. While going through my own ...more