10 Tips for Newly Single Moms

“Sit down and breathe deeply” is what I told myself six years ago, after I heard the voicemail between my ex and her business partner that clearly was not business. All I could hear were the birds chirping outside my window as my body started to go numb. I heard enough to know this was bad news for me, for us. ...more

Before You Complain About That Crying Baby On Your Plane, Think About This!

Traveling during the holidays is stressful enough. Throw a baby into the mix and it’s enough to push even the most skilled baby whisperer over the edge. There is no shortage of advice for people flying with their children: /center>...more
Babies crying are the worst! Just experienced a 3 hour flight with one on Tuesdaymore

Dear Amy Pascal: What Were You Thinking?

Amy, Amy, Amy. Boy, do we need to talk. In general I write these clever little letters to public figures who have behaved poorly (Mama June, etc.) where I have a polite build-up with some funny ‘isms that really get the reader going. It’s kind of my thing, if you will. ...more
She was thinking what she feels. I don't understand why she used the company's email to post ...more

What Would Your Brutally Honest Christmas Letter Say?

Dear Friends and Family: I hope you are all happy and healthy and maybe a little bit fatter. Mostly because seeing you grow in size helps me feel better about my own lagging sense of self-worth. ...more
"Jordan (2), our little oopsie, is insane" LMAOmore

'Boyhood' Is a Reminder to Parents to Savor the Little Things

When did I become the mother of a first-grader? Where did time go and what did I capture from that? I’m not talking about the never-ending loads of folders with labeled videos and pictures, but those seconds that make you feel as if time stood still—like when your kid walks alone for the first time or when she's able to put shoes on without help. Photographs by IFC Films...more
Yes! It's my favorite movie of the year (at least so far...but the year is almost over).more

Stop Commenting On the Size of Women's Pregnant Bodies!

“You're huge!” Well, yes, I am pregnant, you know. ...more
In all 3 of my pregnancies, I went from teeny tiny to big as a house.  When anyone remarked on ...more

Are You Raising Respectful Boys?

I dare you to shop for loose fitting clothes for a teenage girl right now. Seriously, I dare you. Even though I’m sure someone declared that overalls are making a comeback (please, no), many retailers, specifically the ones targeting young women, are still rocking the skinny everything look. Image: **RCB**...more
Umm, I am not sure why you went from skinny pants being dis-allowed to telling us how to raise ...more

I've Been Through the Immigration Process and It's Complicated

I had a lump in my throat watching President Obama deliver his speech about taking executive action on immigration reform. I have been hopeful, waiting, for Congress to pass immigration reform over the last few years, but I’ve grown impatient with the infighting, the politics and the lack of action — one way or the other — to make changes; to have a definitive answer. I never expected to be fully satisfied with the option they’d hammer out, but I did expect something, and I’ve been disappointed, perhaps, for expecting too much from our elected officials. ...more
AnnieJ1215 For the record, as President, George Bush made 291 Executive Orders. First Term, 173, ...more

'What to Expect When You're Expecting' Left Out Some Stuff

Like most new moms, I bought the "What to Expect When You're Expecting" book. It introduced me to an entirely new vocabulary with words I'd only heard clicking through shows on TLC — episiotomy, amniocentesis, Pitocin. Image: velmegunar...more
What a great article. Yes - the emotions after the the baby is born! the not being able to walk ...more

Relax, Toddler Screen Time Is OK!

Feeling terrible about sticking your tot with the iPad for a few minutes just so you can brush your teeth? Fear not, Mom—new research is here to wash at least some of that guilt away. In a new guide released by Zero to Three, a nonprofit organization that conducts infant and toddler research, experts get to the bottom of the screen time debate more than ever before. Their goal? To find out just how "detrimental" screen time really is for kids, anyway. ...more
Great info! So well written.more