What Do You Miss About Being Pregnant?

Pregnancy is rough. It's hard on your body, it's hard on your emotions and it's just plain hard. But it's also an absolute beautiful time of life and one that, once you're out of, you kind of miss. Today, I'm focusing on the good parts of pregnancy, and sharing what other moms miss about being pregnant. "Me time. It's few and far between now that my baby is my number one priority!" –Katie R. "Eating whatever I wanted, and blaming it on 'cravings.'" –Claire D. ...more

I've Given Up On Sleep Training

One of the first goals of a parent with a new baby, aside from just keeping the baby alive, is to sleep train that little bundle. And there is so much great advice out there on how to do it, it seems like you're bound to find a way to do it. There are tried-and-true techniques to appeal to every type of parent, from the soft and crunchies to the inflexible tigers. My husband and I are somewhere in the middle. We are not Ferber freaks, but we are also not eating my placenta over toast either. ...more
Yikes, sounds like you are having a really hard time. I think mother's often see a false ...more

Yes, I Lie to My Daughter

Research shows that the average person lies several times a day, even if you aren't Brian Williams. I am one of those average people. I like to think my lies are benevolent—they don't cause harm and, better yet, some of them make the world a better place. That's what I tell myself about the lies I tell my 5-year-old daughter. ...more
LOL! I feel like every parent of a daughter has probably used #2 plenty of times. I know my mom ...more

How to Transition from the Crib to the Toddler Bed

Sleep expert Heather Turgeon, co-author of "The Happy Sleeper: The Science-Backed Guide to Helping Your Baby Get a Good Night's Sleep—Newborn to School Age," will fix your family's sleep problems in this space as she does in her home consultations. Turgeon's solutions are nonjudgmental, kind and—best of all—based on science. ...more
My kido hasen't been feeling well, chronic tummy issues, so need to start from my bed back to ...more

I Was a Classic Extrovert Until I Became a Mom

The month I started dating the man who would become my husband I took the Myers-Briggs test and scored almost 100 percent in extroversion. No one who knew me was surprised since I was the one who spent her down time with friends and chatted up people in the grocery store line. For my entire life, I’ve been pegged as an extrovert. Spending too many hours alone made me cranky, lonely and restless. When it came to the social world, I wanted as much as I could possibly get. As for my inner world, it simply didn’t captivate me the way the world around me did. Classic extrovert. ...more

Asthma: Kids with Cat Allergies

Notice your little one sneezing a lot around the family feline? It could be a warning that the kid will need an inhaler before making it to double digits. Image: anomalous...more

The Lessons an Unplanned Pregnancy Taught Me

I had everything under control, and then my pregnancy test turned positive. I was 21 years old. It’s a situation that virtually every woman has imagined herself in or avoided being in countless times over, so it’s probably easy to empathize with. Imagine being two months out of college, unmarried, no health insurance, no savings and a packed schedule of job interviews. You’re standing alone in the bathroom, and the positive pregnancy test your mother urged you to buy is lying on the sink. ...more
Signs are pointing to decade-long droughts within the next century. While your descendants are ...more

Lessons I Learned from Watching the 2015 Oscars

On the surface, there isn’t much to be learned from watching the Academy Awards. Sure, there’s the obvious, like “Birdman” is apparently good enough to win best picture and Patricia Arquette has to make more room on her mantel for another win for “Boyhood.” Also new information? Lady Gaga can really sing. Not to mention the annual reminder that celebrities sure do clean up nice (well, most of them). ...more

Dads Are Parents, Too

When it comes to irresistibly clickable links, daddies doing hair rank right up there with grumpy cats and s’more-stuffed brownies recipes. People love watching dads comb and wrangle their daughter’s dos at 5:30 a.m.; twirl them like human spaghetti to create the perfect bun; and use vacuums to fashion a fast-and-easy ponytail. These stories tend to make our hearts smile and our uteruses squeal. Image: alexwendpap...more

I Used To Think Night Terrors Were Just Really Bad Dreams

Until my son had his first night terror, I thought night terrors were just really bad dreams. And I guess in theory they are. But if you are the parent of a child who has or is prone to night terrors, you know they are far more than just a bad dream. Night terrors can be frightening, disturbing, stressful and of course, terrifying. And while your child will wake up the next day having no recollection of the past night’s night terror, the memory of it will be firmly implanted on your brain for weeks to come. ...more
CountryDew I'm so sorry to hear that you still suffer from them.  My son used to get them in ...more