Asthma: Kids with Cat Allergies

Notice your little one sneezing a lot around the family feline? It could be a warning that the kid will need an inhaler before making it to double digits. Image: anomalous...more

The Lessons an Unplanned Pregnancy Taught Me

I had everything under control, and then my pregnancy test turned positive. I was 21 years old. It’s a situation that virtually every woman has imagined herself in or avoided being in countless times over, so it’s probably easy to empathize with. Imagine being two months out of college, unmarried, no health insurance, no savings and a packed schedule of job interviews. You’re standing alone in the bathroom, and the positive pregnancy test your mother urged you to buy is lying on the sink. ...more
Signs are pointing to decade-long droughts within the next century. While your descendants are ...more

Lessons I Learned from Watching the 2015 Oscars

On the surface, there isn’t much to be learned from watching the Academy Awards. Sure, there’s the obvious, like “Birdman” is apparently good enough to win best picture and Patricia Arquette has to make more room on her mantel for another win for “Boyhood.” Also new information? Lady Gaga can really sing. Not to mention the annual reminder that celebrities sure do clean up nice (well, most of them). ...more

Dads Are Parents, Too

When it comes to irresistibly clickable links, daddies doing hair rank right up there with grumpy cats and s’more-stuffed brownies recipes. People love watching dads comb and wrangle their daughter’s dos at 5:30 a.m.; twirl them like human spaghetti to create the perfect bun; and use vacuums to fashion a fast-and-easy ponytail. These stories tend to make our hearts smile and our uteruses squeal. Image: alexwendpap...more

I Used To Think Night Terrors Were Just Really Bad Dreams

Until my son had his first night terror, I thought night terrors were just really bad dreams. And I guess in theory they are. But if you are the parent of a child who has or is prone to night terrors, you know they are far more than just a bad dream. Night terrors can be frightening, disturbing, stressful and of course, terrifying. And while your child will wake up the next day having no recollection of the past night’s night terror, the memory of it will be firmly implanted on your brain for weeks to come. ...more
CountryDew I'm so sorry to hear that you still suffer from them.  My son used to get them in ...more

Duchess Kate and My Other Famous Pregnant Friends

Forget the Bio Oil, the most indispensable accessory a pregnant woman can have is a pregnant friend (because even if they’re being nice about it, we suspect our partners and non-pregnant friends don’t really want to hear every disgusting, tedious detail.) While I do have some pregnant friends, currently, none of them live on the A-list. Fortunately, lots of celebrities are pregnant at the same time I am. Let’s take a look at how likely I am to be pregnant pals with them:...more

6 Things You Need to Know About Being a Stay-At-Home Mom

I’m not sure if I ever had a specific vision of what being a stay-at-home mom would look like, but I probably could never have imagined the amount of time that I would spend cleaning up puke, wondering how long I could stand it holding a sleeping baby with my arm asleep, or trying to trick my toddler into playing the quiet game again. But the truth?...more
I disagree. I've been a stay-at-home-mom for over 7 months now and, maybe I'm just a freak of ...more

Simplify Valentine's Day With These Failproof Treats

Yes, I’m one of those people…the ones who posted just one word in her Facebook status at the beginning of 2015. A word that would hopefully define the year ahead. My word for this year is simply, simplify. Since having kids, I’ve tried to be the mom who not only did it all, but who also felt the need to take it all way over the top. But, one of the loveliest things I’ve learned recently is that my kids are happy even when I’m just showing up. ...more

Questions Our Moms Didn't Ask Before Playdates

I’ll never forget how happy my next door neighbor was when, in fourth grade, he came home from hanging out at a friend’s house, reporting that they had found porn in the parents’ bedroom closet. He was positively giddy. Won-the-lottery giddy. The kind of unbridled glee my 8-month-old daughter typically reserves for cereal puffs, my boobs or the moment when she catches both feet in Happy Baby pose....more
Usually, I have already met the parents and have a good feel about them, so I don't feel the ...more

My FitBit Made Me Feel Like a Loser So I Quit Using It

I felt like a loser. My friends were all out-stepping me. How did they fit 10,000 steps into a day, let alone 25,000 or even 35,000? Were they working while walking on a treadmill? (Apparently some of them were.) Others just found the time to walk a lot, I guess. Image:
Also, it tracks my steps, but also when I play tennis, go on the treadmill, elliptical, etc. so ...more