Thanks Dad, For Teaching Me Everything!

The first time my father saw actual grass was at the Polo Grounds in the 1950s, when his dad took him to see his coveted baseball team, the then New York Giants, play. Born and raised in the Bronx, my dad's childhood was concrete and stickball, urban adventures that matched nothing like my suburban upbringing. My dad wanted to be a father. He wanted the opportunity to continue his own learning and share what he knew with his children. ...more

You Can Travel Travel To Europe Without Spending Your Kids' College Funds

One thing you will always hear people complaining about is how expensive it is to travel in Europe. True, flights from the U.S. to Europe can be pricey, but once you are on the ground it is a whole different story. The Euro has been slipping for months now, and it is almost neck-and-neck with the U.S. dollar, which means you are no longer paying extra just to be in another country. Even Switzerland, where they don't even use the Euro, is running close to the dollar, although this notoriously expensive country is still pricey even when the dollar is up. ...more
I'm on my way to the airport now!more

Why You Should Join the #BirthWithoutFear Community

Throughout my pregnancies and births there has been one overarching emotion—fear. Happiness too, of course, but there was always a tinge of fear. That underlying worry that started with "What if …" What if my baby isn't safe? What if something goes wrong? What if I make a wrong choice? ...more

5 Things You Should Know About Public Swimming Pools (Ewww!)

Is there a summer activity more fun than taking your kids to the pool in order to exhaust them to the point they'll fall asleep at 7 p.m. for 12 beautiful hours? Of course not. Just remember that if you do share a pool, it's a good idea to know what might be alive in it besides your children. ...more

I Hate The Term "Good Dad"

My husband is a good dad. I knew he would be, because actually he's a good guy. He has integrity, values family, takes his commitments seriously and feels very blessed to have become a dad to our three children at the relatively late age of 50. He's involved. He takes them swimming every Sunday, brings them along when he does the grocery shopping. He brings them to birthday parties, give them baths, gets them dressed in the morning. ...more
It sounds like you hit the jackpot but a lot of us did not. Don't take such a blessing for ...more

Fatherhood: I Don't Want To Be Snarky Any Longer

When I found out from my publicist that The Washington Post would be reviewing my 2009 memoir "The Big Rewind" around three months after it came out, I was excited and anxious in equal measures. The book had been reviewed far and wide but The Washington Post was different. If not quite the paper of record (that would be The New York Times, which had overwhelmingly kind things to say about the book,) The Washington Post was the paper that brought down Nixon. It was a paper with history, a legacy....more

Can Real People Join the "Slow-Parenting" Movement?

There's an online movement I've seen gaining momentum in recent weeks. A call for something known as "Slow Parenting." The premise is that kids should be free to direct their summer—to play, daydream, enjoy time off with no structured activities. ...more
Why does everything need a label? Do what works for the realities of your family. The rest is ...more

How Would You Spend the 'Wife Bonus'?

You've heard of a "wife bonus," right? If you haven't, don't worry, it's a relatively new term to most of us. Wednesday Martin's new book, "Primates of Park Avenue: A Memoir," has made the wife bonus the hot new phrase of the year (remember when the hot new phrase was "push present?") and has generated a lot of online chatter. ...more
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How To Parent When You're Angry

People love to share stories about sleep deprivation, explosive diapers and projectile vomit when talking to expecting parents. They talk about the long nights, the days of never-ending tears and every little thing that can go wrong. As the baby becomes a toddler, seasoned parents share temper tantrum horror stories and talk teething, playground spats and preschool planning. ...more

How Do You Feel About Forbes' List of Richest Self-Made American Women?

Elizabeth Holmes is the richest woman in the U.S. this year. The self-made businesswoman was ranked No. 1 by Forbes, which reported that, at age 31, she is worth $4.5 billion after starting her company Theranos, which sells Holmes' somewhat controversial blood-testing product, over a decade ago when she was a sophomore at Stanford University. ...more
Good article.  And good for them!  I love reading success stories, especially when it's a woman ...more