I Surprised Myself When I Became an Extended Breastfeeder

When I was pregnant with our first daughter, I knew I wanted to nurse. Like many moms, I chose one year as my goal. In retrospect it seems somewhat arbitrary, but that's the number you always hear, so that's where I placed a big red X in my mental calendar. Fortunately, breastfeeding came easy to us, and I relished the bonding aspect of it tremendously. Shortly after her first birthday, we started introducing cow's milk—again, because that's what you do, right?—and within a month, she was pretty much fully weaned....more
People gave me a lot of sideways looks when they found out how long I nursed.  My first child, ...more

Why Did Buying Groceries Online Make Me Feel So Guilty?

A few weeks ago, I ordered my groceries online and had them delivered. It felt like an extravagance—a 1 percent kind of luxury that I shouldn't be able to indulge. But a friend of mine, who is a working mom, told me to do it. I balked that it would be more expensive. "It isn't," she insisted. "You can shop the sales, and because you stick to your list, you don't spend as much on impulse buys." The nominal delivery fee was waived if you got up to $100. I always get up to $100, even when I shop at discount stores. So, I tried it. Here's what happened....more
Nope. If you look at it rationally and logically, paying for any service is about the value (in ...more

My Advice to My Sons About School Shootings 

I never again want to feel like I have to sit my boys down and tell them what to do if someone starts shooting. I've done it at least three times already. We were in the car yesterday on our way to see a movie screening at The Grove, a popular outdoor mall in Los Angeles. On the radio, we heard an account of the mayhem at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., where Chris Harper Mercer, 26, killed and injured more than a dozen people in the latest mass shooting in the U.S. The young man on the radio had been in a classroom near the shooting....more
This is it, exactly: "What I really worry about is that it will be so commonplace that we won't ...more

Modern Motherhood: 8 Rights of Passage  

Several weeks ago, while standing in the kitchen with my smartphone in hand, I searched for solutions to my younger daughter's stomach issues. My mom sat at the dining room table and watched while I verbally processed what I was reading. I explained to her how one site linked dairy to her symptoms, while a mom in a Facebook group had something to say about nightshades and another suggested $30 probiotics. "I am so glad the Internet wasn't a part of most households when I was a young mom," my mom said, "Don't you get overwhelmed with the amount of information available?"...more
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Planned Parenthood Was Always There For Me 

I grew up in a conservative Catholic home—church on Sunday, no TV unless it was the Lawrence Welk or the Cosby Show (yes, insanely ironic). I had a 10 p.m. curfew until I left home, including dances and special occasions. I was an only child with limited access to information and parents that were too scared to give it to me. I was called a slut by my mother when I wore a tank top that showed my bra strap, accused of being on drugs when I nibbled on Easter candy while I did my homework, and asked if I was a lesbian when I bought my first pair of Doc Martens....more
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Why I Think Carly Fiorina is Wrong About Planned Parenthood

That she could misrepresent Planned Parenthood—and get no pushback from CNN's moderators against inaccurate claims about the organization—is, while maybe not entirely surprising, disappointing to say the least. ...more
I agree wholeheartedly. She is so wrong.more

I Lived Lady Gaga's 'Til It Happens to You' Video 

He was one year older than I was and headed to medical school. Somehow that gave him a veneer of respectability. He also seemed reserved and didn't drink much. When he asked me out after English class, I floated all the way back to my dorm so I could tell my roommate. We may or may not have jumped on the bed and squealed with excitement. By all measures, he was a catch....more
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8-year-old Girl Fundraises for Syrian Refugee Relief

An 8-year-old Washington state girl is making her final push to get donations to a fundraising organization that has agreed to match all gifts in an effort to bring relief to Syrian refugees. ...more

The Day My Daughter Learned About Minecraft Griefers

My daughter's school was blown up. No students were harmed, but the main building on the campus was completely destroyed, as well as the nearby dorms. Before your start racking your noggin trying to recall when this horrendous act took place on U.S. soil, I should mention that this attack didn't happen in reality. Rather in my daughter's carefully constructed Minecraft world. During an epic online building jaunt with a few friends, a stranger came into her multi-player session and bombed the school she had meticulously built—a school that took her hours to create....more
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How to Turn Your Toddler's "NO!NO!NO!" into "Yes, Please"

Every mom dreams of the day her child will start walking and talking, but every mom also quickly snaps out of those rosy fantasies when their sweet little angel turns into a chorus of "NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!" Oh dear! What's a mom to do? Many of us resort to begging (pretty please), guilting (mommy is so sad when you don't), bribing (I'll get you a pony), and sometimes even threatening. And while these methods may be effective at the time, they teach less than desirable habits and can backfire when your kid comes back at you with the same lines....more