How Did You Handle It When Your Son Told You He Had a Girlfriend?

My 12-year-old started his second year of middle school — his first year alone without his big brother, who has moved on to high school. I listened to him share stories about his classes, his friends, the clubs he joined. One day to my surprise he called me with some news. Image: damo1977...more
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Finding a New Home for an Adopted Puppy Taught Us a Lesson About Our Adopted Children

This week I’m speaking to actor, writer, producer and parent of two, Dan Bucatinsky. You may recognize him from last week’s premiere of “Marry Me,” where he plays one of Casey Wilson’s two Dads. You may also have seen him on the Showtime comedy “Web Therapy,” coming back this Wednesday night. And that’s just a few of his recent credits....more

Watch the Treats in Washington and Colorado: Tricky THC-Laced Candy Could Be In Your Treat Bag

This is the first Halloween since legal recreational marijuana sales began, and one thing offered by pot dispensaries are cannabis-infused edibles such as candies containing doses of THC, the chemical that gives the “high” in marijuana. Some are worried that the candies might be mistakenly (or intentionally) given to children during trick-or-treating....more
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Leaning In Didn't Help So I Tried Twisting and Turning, Instead

"Lean In." I read the book. I was enamored with Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s words. They spoke to me. It was like she had taken up residence in my brain and everything she said was meant for me and only me. I was inspired and the whole message made me want to lean even further in than I already had been leaning. After a few months of leaning I started to look like this: ...more
Every person has a journey and it is ok if your choice is different from mine.more

Knowledge Is Power: Don't Fear the Mammogram

"Hmm. What's this?" When you're in the exam room getting your annual pap, having a natural conversation isn't easy. One of the most awkward — but necessary — things a woman must do in her life is to willingly, by appointment, leave the comfort of her home to don a paper gown and get poked, groped and scraped in her most intimate areas by a near-stranger, all while making lighthearted banter as if they just sat down together to have a casual cup of coffee. ...more
Ultrasounds snd MRis are much better at detection but often overlooked.more

How Would You Handle It? My Daughter Peeks Into the Boys' Bathroom at School

“Mommy, there’s something I have to tell you.” Conversations that begin in such a manner are bound to be interesting. My daughter is still at the stage where she can’t tell a lie. She is brutally honest and will often tattle on herself when she’s done something she knows is against a rule or not appropriate. I’m pretty sure she does this in part to test my reactions. Just as she pushes the boundaries 8,000 times each day. ...more

High School Football Players Are Dying! How Can We Make the Game Safer?

I’m from Texas. I understand football and its followers. "Friday Night Lights" was popular for a reason. I know that in some communities — in Texas and throughout this country — high school football is more than a game. It’s a potent mixture of tradition, religion, entertainment and quite often, a social axis around which a community revolves. Image: Jinx!...more

Should These Lesbians Sue Because They Received the Wrong Sperm and Now Have a Bi-Racial Child?

One mother is making headlines because she (a white woman) was mistakenly inseminated with a black man’s sperm, and now she’s filed a lawsuit against the sperm bank. ...more
chickybabe I'm sure you didn't mean it, but being Black is not the same as having an ...more

Screen Time Isn't Ruining My Child So Stop Telling Me That It Is

I am growing very weary of the current onslaught of hysterical, anti-technology rhetoric. If I were to buy in to all the hype I’ve been reading lately, I’d be convinced I’d ruined my child.Instead, I recognize there are exceptions to every rule. I know from firsthand experience there are benefits to today’s technology. And above all, I trust my own instincts about my child and in my ability to make decisions that are best for her....more
Hello there,! In all of this discussion, it is interesting to note that Steve Jobs didn't ...more

Let's Celebrate Millennial Moms and Their "Me Time"

I am a millennial mom. All that means is that I was born in the “millennial generation” — roughly defined as the 1980s and 1990s — and that I’m part of the newest crop of parents. I’m 28 years old, but any parent between 18 and 34 might fall into this category. ...more
I couldn't agree more. In fact, I would take it a step further and say that "me time" is a ...more