Are You Raising an Alpha Male?

Think about it. Every alpha male was at some point a little boy. A 3- or 4- or 5-year-old little boy. What must that have been like for their mom? Their teachers? Their playmates? Their siblings? Little Donald Trump and a pre-K Vladimir Putin ... or what about Sylvester Stallone — did he go by Sly at the tender age of 4? Each of those textbook alpha males (from the arenas of business, global politics and entertainment) was a little version of themselves at some point....more
Yes, I'm sure every teacher loves to deal with kids who have been told that aggressive or ...more

They Were Right When They Said It All Goes By Too Fast

I breathe you in. Every single inch of you. You are soft and smooth and small and lovely and I can't get enough of you. My baby boy. And they all keep telling me, “It goes by so fast.” And what do I say to that? I look at them with my tired eyes and disheveled hair and I nod and give a little smile, but really I don't know. I have no idea. Because for me, the "it" (you know, the one that goes so fast) is still my present. It's my life. It's all I know right now. And some days go as slow as molasses. ...more
I didn't believe it when people told me that and last week I sent my first born to college! It ...more

Never Forget the Power of Date Night

My husband was on my last nerve. I didn't want anything to do with him, let alone spend a week going on dates. But it was Date Week, the week where my in-laws take our kids, and my husband and I get to go out and live it up like we did back in the early '00s before kids. Even though we hadn’t had any serious alone time since Date Week 2013, I wasn't looking forward to it....more
Great article! Loved your quote about undivided attention.more

Pregnancy: Signs You're Ready To Have Your Baby

The last days of your pregnancy are, how do I say it, AWFUL! They drag on in slow motion while you uncomfortably, well, drag on. You simply cannot wait another day to meet that little bundle of joy that you’ve been dreaming about for nine months. You also can’t sleep, you can’t eat, and you can’t do simple things like put on pants or get into bed without an ass kicking from your sciatica nerve. Nope, you can’t wait to shoot that tiny human out of your baby maker. Here are 12 ways you know that you are really ready to have that baby. ...more

Help! I'm Too Tired for Sex!

This week’s column is one giant sad trombone coming out of my pants. Sorry for the TMI but I used to be a total sex person (didn't we all?) and now I'm a born-again virgin (not really, but … you know). Someone asked that I address post-baby sex, and to be honest, I don't really want to because what is there to say? Image: ginnerobot Gross? Ew? No thanks? ...more
At 55 yrs and after raising 5 sons (one more at home still), we have more sex and more variety ...more

Your Average Child: Ordinary Isn't Bad

Wow. Look at the news. A 14-year-old girl just graduated from college. Hey, did you see that article about the 11-year-old girl who invented a chemotherapy backpack? How amazing is that? When you hear about news items like these you can’t help but wonder if your child will add something amazing to this world....more
I really love this post. My husband's oldest brother has four daughters all of whom are high ...more

I Want a Divorce but I Don't Want To Be the Plaintiff

“What? You wanna be the plaintiff?” Image: Michael Branson Smith Hard to think of a time a more bizarre sentence has been said to me, and yet here is my husband of a decade, Serge, politely offering me the option of being the one to file for divorce. ...more

My Daughter Won't Take a Bottle and I'm OK With That

My mother still thinks it’s my fault. After two weeks of blissfully (okay, painfully) nursing my newborn daughter around the clock, it was time to try giving her a bottle of pumped milk. Surely, it would be good for daddy to share in the joy of feeding — and give mama and her sore nips a break. So I strapped on the agricultural grade pump and filled a freshly sterilized baby bottle, handing it off to my husband. Then someone started crying, and it wasn’t the baby. ...more
Depends on the situation. I went back to work at four months after my son's birth, a week short ...more

Gay or Straight, I Just Want My Sons To Be Happy

An old story about Kate Winslet’s 7-year-old son admitting that he could be gay was brought to my attention recently. It led to me to think about how I would feel if either of my sons were gay and how I would react to their admission.  Image: woodleywonderworks ...more
My main focus and message to my sons has been LOVE. I want them to know what love, acceptance, ...more

How to Handle Toddler Tantrums: Accept the Tantrum! Be the Tantrum!

Today we’re going to wax extremely poetic about tantrums. Ah, the tantrum! Something my children HAVE NEVER done and WOULD NEVER DO. I’m kidding, of course. My kids have had and will continue to have tantrums for years to come, I reckon. Kids are human beings. And human beings have a tendency to be assholes from time to time. Image: various brennemans...more
Mine can throw tantrums in their room (although I intervene if things are being thrown or walls ...more