#CakeWithCashmerette aka How to Fight Fat-Shaming Internet Trolls

When fashion blogger Jenny Rushmore, more commonly known as Cashmerette, posted a pic to her Instagram of a sketch she made of a voluptuous woman in a bikini with the hashtag #beachbodyready, she could never have imagined the series of events that would soon unfold. While scrolling through the comments in response to her post, Rushmore noticed one in particular, a young man telling her that he was disgusted by her body and that she should eat less cake. ...more

19 Difficult Questions About Parenting

There are occurrences in parenting that are puzzling to the mind. Sure, there are probably scientific reasons or results to a study that may help to explain some of these parenting phenomena, but still, moms and dads everywhere are thinking to themselves, what in the hell? Parents of little ones, do these unrelenting questions sound familiar? 1. Why do they hate to sleep? ...more

My Pre-Schooler Hates To Clean Up Her Messes

Now that my older daughter's four, she's big enough to do chores and take responsibility for her own messes—or so I thought. Let's just say my attempts to get her to clean up after herself have not been so successful. Even when I sing that catchy little song, "Clean up, clean up, everybody, everywhere/Clean up, clean up, everybody do their share"—I'm the only one doing my share. My share is 100%. Image: nduran...more
Does anyone like to clean up their mess? lolmore

I Don't Breastfeed, I Pump

When it comes to discussing why I didn't breastfeed my child, I will happily tell my story to anyone who will listen. In fact, I've written several articles about exclusively pumping, and I've loved all of the support and advice that I've received over the years. Image: chrismc2011...more
I have a friend who exclusively pumps. Her baby gets the same benefits mine does, but she only ...more

23 Parenting Regrets

It was nearly five years ago when I gave birth to my very first baby. I was young and anxious and wanted to prove to the world that I could do it. I never asked for help. In fact, I think I refused it. I stressed out about feeding schedules and pumping and whether or not her stool was the color it was supposed to be. I remember being in Target for an inaugural mama/daughter "date" when my daughter started to whimper. It wasn't even a cry, and I was completely flustered. I gathered her up, left my things in the cart and booked it out of the store. ...more

20 Common Breastfeeding Myths

I have breastfed three babies. Each experience has been different from the others, and the more I have done it, the more I know. It's crazy to me how much misinformation is out there about breastfeeding, especially since mothers have been doing it for all of time. (You'd think we'd know the "right" way to do it by now.) ...more
Thank you for this post! I'm due in two weeks and have had heard many of these myths from people ...more

Girl's Clothes, Boys Clothes, Kid's Clothes!

I have a girl and a boy. In that order. She is almost 3 and he is 6 months old. I have to say, insane energy levels and generally contrarian attitudes aside, the amount of comedy provided by my daughter is unparalleled. Seriously, how is your kid asking if your doctor is Doc McStuffins, or telling you that she wants to breastfeed her baby brother NOT funny? The level of cuteness of the two combined is off the charts. I feel blessed. Being the mother of a girl and a boy has also has me realizing how hard it is to keep gender neutrality in the picture. ...more
This was great. It's such a minefield dressing kids in a gender neutral way and I think the ...more

Have You Tweaked Your Pregnancy Test Looking For the Hidden Line?

There's a growing trend in many online moms' groups to tweak pregnancy tests. Some forums have threads dedicated to tweaking requests and analyzing each others' pictures in search of early positive pregnancy test results. From women who've been struggling to conceive for awhile to moms suspicious of possible signs of early pregnancy, it's hard to visit a mom group without seeing a picture of a pee stick somewhere. ...more
I didn't even know this was a thing, but I ca speak from experience that the shade of the 2nd ...more

Should It Be Legal To Take Your Placenta Home From the Hospital? 

Whether you do or do not want to eat your placenta, it's hardly a new concept. By now, most moms know at least one other mom who saved and ingested their placenta after birth, and in some states, this has become a legally recognized right. Beginning in 2016, Texas will join Oregon and Hawaii as the third state to pass a law that allows a woman to take home her placenta from the hospital....more
That's disgustingmore

30 Weird But True Pregnancy Facts You Should Know

Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating things I have ever experienced. There is nothing like growing a human inside of your own body. Giving birth three different times, I feel like I learned more and more about the process and all of the weird (and usually normal) symptoms of pregnancy. Like, did you know that your baby pees in the womb? And do you know where that pee goes? They drink it. Kind of disgusting, right?! Here are 30 weird facts about pregnancy that you may or may not know......more
Here's another one: you'll start to stink.  I never had to wear deo before I had my son.  Within ...more