Parenting Inspiration From Amy Schumer

I have a complete talent crush on comedienne Amy Schumer. I can't be the only one who watched Amy's appearance on over and over again, making sure to share it with everyone I've ever met. She's not just adorably funny, but she's proudly inappropriate and unashamed. And while I know it may sound odd, when I watch her on talk shows, do stand up or on her Comedy Central show "Inside Amy Schumer," I admire the fact that she doesn't seem to care about being appropriate, polite or politically correct. ...more
Amy Amy Amy!more

Texting While Driving: Distracted Driving Is the New DUI

Texting and driving is unsafe and deadly. No one knows this better than Donna Holdiness. In 2004, her son caused a fatal car accident when he was texting and driving. He survived, but two others died. Eight years later, texting and driving claimed the life of her husband, Dr. Gary Holdiness, a cyclist whom a 17-year-old driver plowed into during a lengthy text conversation with his girlfriend. ...more
It is absolutely FRIGHTENING to see people texting and otherwise using their phones while driving.more

Sick Days Provide Focus In a World Gone Blurry

The days all start the same. My wife is the first one up, and she isn't quiet about it. Then the household menagerie begins their matinee performance: The cats run and scratch and meow and jump and bounce and run some more. The dogs spin their heads in time to the frisky felines, their necks adorned with tags of domesticity, jingling like a band of sleigh bells turned to 11. ...more

I'm a Great Mom. Most of the Time.

There is nothing I love more in this world than being a mother. Really and truly, being my little girl's mommy has been the best thing to ever happen to me. But dammit if I don't sometimes feel like I'm doing a crap job of the whole thing. Don't get me wrong, most of the time, I think I'm a pretty kick-ass mommy. But every once in a while, usually when I'm exhausted or stressed out, I make mistakes (or choices) that have me questioning my qualifications for this gig. Like that time my toddler locked me out. Or... ...more

It's An Honor to Be Able to Say "Yes, I Have Stretch Marks!"

I'm sure you're familiar with model Chrissy Teigen, who has graced the coveted cover of Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue, Vogue, Cosmopolitan and many more glossies. She is also a TV host, a cooking writer and a red carpet darling, who attends every major award show with husband John Legend. She is beautiful, has an incredible body and seems perfect. But recently, she showed how human and imperfect she is with an Instagram post displaying her stretch marks. Naturally, the web world went crazy. ...more
I would encourage everyone to check out Birth Without Fear & their #takebackpostpartum campaign. ...more

10 Things Moms Shouldn't Do

As it turns out, the more kids you have, the better you get at being a mom, . When I was a first-time mom, I did so many things that I thought were okay/appropriate/safe, etc. Now that I've got three kids and have read more articles and statistics than I care to admit, I'm a little bit ashamed of how little I actually knew about baby safety when I only had one little booger to take care of. The sad thing is, most of these things are entirely common. In fact, I've bet you've done or seen one of these things today. Do us all a favor and share this post with your other mama friends....more
Basically dads are doing all these things correctly is what I got from this article. Whether you ...more

Dear Firstborn Son: Thank You For Teaching Me to Be a Mother

Dear Firstborn Son: ...more
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Leftover Peeps? Make S'mores!

S'mores are a classic treat that has all the best dessert flavors. With Easter around the corner, we decided to put a fun twist on a classic dessert using Peeps instead of traditional marshmallows. RECIPE: Peeps S'mores Yields 6 s'mores Ingredients 12 Graham crackers 6 Hershey's milk chocolate squares 6 Marshmallow Peeps Directions...more
Thank you!  My mom keeps buying my kids peeps for Easter, even though my girls don't like them. ...more

My #MomFails Don't Make Me a Bad Mom

When people tell me I'm a good mom, I smile sheepishly. Internally, I'm basking in the maternal glory of such a compliment. I don't need validation, but it's nice to receive. None of us know what we're doing, but on most days I feel like I'm parenting in a generally right direction. I try to parent with grace, intention and love. There are plenty of moments, though, in which I fail. ...more

Self-Care Isn't Selfish

I bought a tin of Marcona almonds, which are fried in olive oil and sprinkled with salt, priced at $8 for four ounces of nuts. That same week, I treated myself to a manicure and overpriced pressed juice. I regret nothing. These are minor indulgences, which remind me of my former life, back before I became a mom. More importantly, I've chosen to keep them as part of my life now, toddler and all. It wasn't always this way. ...more
It is so critical to make time for ourselves. The two hours I devote to a long run on Saturdays ...more