Educating Tweens and Teens on Pop Culture: The Movies I INSIST My Kids See

It took me a long time to gather my thoughts for this list of essential movies I want my children to see before I can consider their pop culture foundation complete. A long  time. I mean, with all the junk that can be dumped into an impressionable young mind, I had to very seriously consider what junk I wanted throw in there, besides the usual dysfunction. ...more
yesnofilms I didn't see it until after I turned 30!more

Is the New DaVinci's Demons Too Gory Or Is TV Finally Growing Up?

I almost stopped watching DaVinci's Demons after last season. Further, I was surprised to learn there was a second season. But I went there, anyway, and now this week Starz announced a greenlight for a third season.  Here's a snippet from my review last year: ...more
They've done some things with heads this season. That's all I'll say. Regardless of that, ...more

Dear Internet: You've Lost Your Balance

Can we talk, Internet? Just you and I?...more
James Struthers  Well said. I agree completely.more

Greener Grass

The Five Stages of Driving Home at Bedtime with Children

 We've all been at this place before. We had a little too much fun at Grammy's, or the park, had a late dinner, and are now watching, in fear, as the clock winds down to Code Red, the point at which your children turn into sniveling, screaming, overtired little monsters.  You must get them home, but you know it won't be pretty.I'm here to walk you through the chaos, and provide some (questionably) helpful suggestions* to get you and your family home as safely as possible.*This is not real advice. Duh....more

Memorable Moments in TV History Before Social Media Spoilers

Google defines the term spoiler as a person or thing that spoils something.  Most often your TV show. ...more
I will add Rosalind Shays walking into the elevator shaft on LA Law.more

Mommies Drop Crumbs, Too

My parents never apologized much. Maybe it was the generation, or the world being a slightly different existential place, but when I was a child, adults seemed to me so distant, so far away that they cast very long shadows.It was hard to imagine caregivers and adults were actually human. They rarely showed emotion, and they were always right. You didn't ask why, and you didn't talk back. It was the rule....more

The Makeup Bag, or I'm the Worst Gender-Neutral Parent Ever, Part II

You might remember my writing a little piece called The Purse almost a year ago, discussing my feelings around my son wandering the living room with a purple beflowered handbag, filled to the brim with Matchbox cars.Well, today, I'm here with the sequel....more
Why you put make-up on Mommy?   Because it makes mommies feel pretty. And while you wouldn't ...more

On Love and Loss: Hearts on a String

"She says it's important," my husband said, pushing the phone towards me."It's not important," I said, sidestepping my daughter, trying to reach the wall, hammer and nail in hand."She said to put you on the phone," he urged.I took the phone from his outstretched hand."What is it?" I said, peppered with the frustration of my daughter shrieking in the background."Gram passed away today," she said, emotionless."Oh. Okay. Wait - What?" I asked incredulously. My husband and daughter had left the room....more

Let's Go Viral!

Are you viral? You know, not in a meningeal way. I mean, how's your content, your life? Is it compelling enough to blaze the fiber optic trails and onto the eyes of your adoring friends and family? Does it stand up to the finicky eye of the Internet? Do your kids sing just off- (or on-) key enough to capture the hearts of unsuspecting strangers? Are these questions ever ones you imagined asking yourself? Well, you've been caught in the algorithm, folks, and now it matters. ...more